Download Epub Format Ë Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina PDF by ☆ Robert Graves

Download Epub Format Ë Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina PDF by ☆ Robert Graves His name is Tiberius Claudius Drusus Nero Caesar Augustus Germanicus Brittanicus, Emperor of Rome.
I had much affection for the intelligent, bumbling, selfdeprecating, and humorous historianwriter he was portrayed in Robert Graves’s book “I, Claudius”.
The year was A.
In this sequel, Graves picked up the story from the point where Claudius, the 51yearold crippled historian who had infantile paralysis and aphasia, was acclaimed Emperor of Rome against his own desire.
How would he, whom many had dismissed as a fool, fare and survive as Emperor when all his predecessors were either poisoned or assassinated?

Graves said in the Introduction that "no character is invented.
" For readers who love history, this book is so well researched it makes for fascinating and rewarding reading.
It is a long book (555 pages) with many characters, each colorfully depicted.
It also records Claudius’ various public works, reforms, laws, decrees, and conquests.
I have to admit that this detailed rendering of history did not engage me as well as “I, Claudius” did.
Nevertheless, it has many merits and parts of the book kept me sufficiently intrigued.

What interested me most is how the New Testament in the Bible is corroborated by this piece of Roman history.
I learned more about the various kings (e.
, Herod, the Great) and even Salome (Herodias daughter who had John the Baptist’s head served on a platter), as well as the religious practices and events in Jerusalem.
I understood why the crazy Emperor Caligula’s insistence on having his statues installed in the Holy of Holies of the Temple in Jerusalem was an outrageous affront to the Jews.
I found out the fate of Pontius Pilate who had Jesus of Nazareth crucified and marveled at how poetic and divine justice was served.
There is a tongueincheek account of the beginnings of Christianity as a Jewish cult.

The first four chapters present a heartwarming and entertaining account of the friendship between Claudius and Herod Agrippa, the Jewish King.
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