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º Discreet Young Gentleman Ì Download by ä M.J. Pearson All Hell Breaks Loose When Dean Smith, Earl Of Carwick, Is Tricked Into Being Discovered In The Company Of Rob, A Handsome Male Prostitute Now Dean Needs To Repair His Broken Engagement To A Wealthy Heiress And Rob Is The Only One Who Can Identify The Man Who Set Him Up, Proving To Dean S Fianc E That Things Weren T As They AppearedThe Trip From Worcester To Bath Turns Into A Journey Of Self Discovery, As Dean Finds Himself Becoming Increasingly Attracted To Rob His Charming Companion Stirs Feelings Dean Has Long Kept Repressed, But Acting On Them Would Make True The Accusations That Destroyed His Engagement Torn Between Duty And Desire, Dean S Destiny Lies In The Hands Of A Discreet Young Gentleman I have been wanting to read this for a very long time The title That cover THAT CRAZY BULGE IN THE GUYS PANTS All three of these things bring up so many questions How exactly are these men being discreet when they are in such an overtly sensual pose Is that package a codpiece or is it real And the biggest question of all, will the dude s schlong smother a buffalo view spoiler THANKS TO ELLEN FOR THIS GLORIOUS DESCRIPTOR THAT SHALL BE USED FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF TIME TO MEASURE PEENS hide spoiler this cover I mean, what is this life even it s like the 70 s just splattered come on an x men comic and yet here it is, on my shelf, like emergency chocolate in the pantry, behind the three year old box of grape nuts Edit OH MY GOD There s a YouTube trailer for this book featuring Barbie and Ken dolls Seriously Complete with cast such as Dance Club Kayla and Mod Hair Ken AND there s a Making Of Behind the Scenes website talking about the YouTube project HOLY SHITE I 3 you, M.
J Pearson Seriously, people, YOU NEED TO read THIS original Review Soooooooo sweet Such a cute and heart warming story with likable and sympathetic characters The back stories are remarkably well done for a shorter book it s 170 pages , and the plot ties itself up well and cleanly with a very sweet and sigh worthy ending The cover is totally outrageously breeches ripper ridiculous, but, in truth, this story is pretty light and subtle on the sexytimes Even so, I easily saw the emotions and yearning on the parts of both characters without a lot of physical action needed In terms of heat level, I d put it somewhere between traditional Regency Mary Balogh and Regency historical Julia Quinn So a little warmer than warm with some euphemisms, but thankfully low on the purple prose and also lacking in a good way long descriptions of explicit stuff It was actually quite tasteful Highly recommended P.
S OMG I should know better than to start reading at 11 45PM This message is time stamped at 4 40AM OoP.
S Some of the conversation with Dean s coachman is auf Deutsch It s gratifying to know my German degree is good for something.
which of these gentlemen is meant to be the discreet one dana you read it, you tell me.
This review is definitely a Your Milage May Vary situation I love Regency het romance, and Georgette Heyer was a goddess in dampened muslin and kid slippers.
As an homage to the classic Regency tropes this book made me quite happy As an actual m m romance it would no doubt be a huge let down.
The denouement of the story relies on a plot device view spoiler a ship thought lost, but which instead makes one MC immensely wealthy just in the nick of time hide spoiler This is Covers Week at BIOB, so let s first get to the cover of the m m regency romance Discreet Young Gentleman which has a new cover that I think is pretty awful, especially since it s using a photo of a model who I can now and forever only think of as Tony from Kaje Harper s Life Lessons Here he is on the cover of book 3, Home Work I do like the pastoral road background behind naked thoughtful Tony though, especially since that represents well the long journey upper class Dean takes with hired man Rob as they travel from Dean s country estate to Bath to try to regain the favor of the woman Dean was betrothed to and then hopefully rebuild Dean s finances so he can keep his family home The REAL crime with this cover though is that it is NOT the earlier, original cover a painted, chest heaving dream that should be hung in a museum somewhere, preferably in an exhibit titled Pulp Pleasures and Pants Missiles The Wonderful World of Gay Romance Covers I mean LOOK AT THIS IT IS AWESOME Although I love that the front, fondled guy has the coppery hair of Dean, dark haired fondling guy lookslike a regency Wolverine to me rather than the handsome, lithe Rob Regency Wolverine there s an idea My guess for the cover update to Naked Tony and the Pastoral Road is probably something to do with ebook and reprint rights, etc, which is too bad since that earlier pants poking tryst under the fireglow glory should not be lost in history There should be a monument somewhere so that Regency Wolverine and his breathless companion can be forever caught in mid heave, stared at by curious and quietly aroused tourists who will then throw pennies at it with the unspoken wish that the Gods of Grasping Lust will bestow on them good fortune and drawn out glorious orgasms.
Also, the title font is awesome it s like someone stole a title card from an 80 s cartoon geared towards girls like My Little Pony or Jem, and was all, THIS This brings the right amount of DAZZLE for our story of a stick in the mud Earl and his journey of torment as he tries REALLY REALLY HARD to not fall for the harlot hotness that is his traveling companion.
Okay okay What about the story I ve read a few regency rentboy stories, and I have to say, this one is nicely different Dean is still the somewhat tortured high class character, and Rob is a prostitute trapped with a mindset that he s good for little else than sex, but beyond that, the story takes a much different turn and tone than others that I ve read.
It is mostly the journey here that is the focus, as Dean coerces Rob to help him regain his lost honor and his ex fianc s favor, but they find their trip prolonged by mishaps, and then Dean finds himself prolonging it further to provide history loving Rob a chance to explore some of the sites along the way, including a plethora of haunted inns and abbeys This time forces Dean to ponder things he really didn t want to ponder, like how much he enjoys Rob s company, how he desperately doesn t want to think of Rob with his patrons , and how his life could have been different if he wasn t in this financial pickle.
Dean was a hard character to like at first he s moody and restrained and kind of a pill, but very slowly he thaws under Rob s sunny, inquisitive demeanor, and just as Rob learnsabout the layers underneath Dean s cool fa ade, so does the reader, and I warmedup to him in the last third as he becamefumblingly aware of his mistakes and what he wants.
I was gearing for a lower rating, since the story is drawn out, mostly UST, and I can only read about Dean s self denial for so long, but the ending was nice, and really picked things up for me There is also an interlude story that Rob tells to Dean at one point as he explains why he often sleeps with older men a story of one of his past lovers, and I won t lie, it was one of the most romantic things I ve read in a while If you enjoy m m historicals, especially the regency variety, then it s easy for me to recommend this one It is nicely different, and oddly, it feltequal , even with the characters different stations, and Dean s unhappy judgment of Rob s profession.
Also, if you like dolls in peril, you may enjoy this trailer for the book Pearson is also a very good writer, and it was easy to sink into her world here and follow along I ve only read one other book by her, the regency melodrama The Price of Temptation also with an awesome original cover , but I felt this one was a stronger story She s only written three books under this name at least , with the last one out in 2010, which is too bad She s quite good, and I hope she returns to writing Her website has a 2014 status update of working on a new book, so I think that sounds very promising and am looking forward to it.
dismayed That s Tony from This is what MUST have happened Publisher Okay, we need the perfect book cover for this story It s a historical romance novel set in England.
Cover Artist How about this Publisher No, no, no That won t work at all This book is all about a journey that our couple is taking together They aren t laying around They are traveling through the English countryside There is a lot of information about the places they pass through, the history and the architecture.
Cover Artist How about this one then Publisher No, no, no That s not it either There needs to be something that shows the angst of our couple as they are both stuck in circumstances beyond their control and both see themselves in a distorted manner Through their journey, they start to heal each other and find redemption in their love story.
Cover Artist Aww, sounds like maybe aartistic approach is what you are looking for.
Publisher That s all wrong There is also a big historical aspect in this story Each town they visit has historical significance from the War of the Roses or the Napoleonic War There are amazing and colorful stories told throughout the book, with quite a few local ghost stories thrown in.
Cover Artist Hmm, okay, history ghosts How about this one Publisher No, no, no That doesn t even show us the beautiful romance between the two men It s a love story that builds slowly as a friendship first, developing over time as they get to know and appreciate each other Cover Artist Okay wait, what Did you say two MEN I finally understand what you need.
Publisher Perfect Print a million copies This book was read for the Mac Halo group book challenge Pick a book for the cover.
Dean Smith the Earl of Carwick s family is eccentric to say the least They communicate major news, like deaths, in a three month round robin newsletter, to save postage Dean discovers that although he s inherited what should have been a financial windfall, his uncle, the last Earl, remitted rent on various properties for a decade or , for reasons like an affection for apple cider Desperate for money to hang onto his inheritance, Dean has become engaged to a wealthy girl he at least likes, even if he s not in love It s the way things are done But from the moment Rob shows up dressed as a highwayman and stops his carriage, Dean s life careens out of control It may be the best thing that could have happened to him, however much it feels like a disaster.
This book was sweet, amusing, with a fairly well done historical context although the initial premise was a bit convoluted andcute than plausible But I liked Dean, and loved Rob and not just because he s wearing Tony s face on the new cover If you just accept some of the basic set up, then this is an absorbing, fast read with two guys falling for each other, much against their will Rob s willingness to forgive Dean s moments of pulling away is pretty remarkable, but as a prostitute, even an exclusive one, he s probably dealt withunkindness than that The adventures are amusing, the details are imaginative More of the angst in this story would have been on Rob s side, and since this is told from Dean s POV, it is mainly smooth and fun with enough touches of emotion not to be fluffy.