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[ Read Online Irish trilogy collection (Gallaghers of Ardmore / Irish Trilogy #1-3) ¿ zen PDF ] by Nora Roberts Ý Jewels Of The Sun Jill Sovis, Engineer Determined To Re Evaluate Her Life, Jude Murray Flees America To Take Refuge In Faerie Hill Cottage, Where She Immerses Herself In The Study Of Irish Folklore, And Discovers Hope For The Future In The Magic Of The Past Tears Of The Moon Melissa Coates, Engineer A Talented Songwriter, Shawn Gallagher Spends His Days Lost In Reverie And Wonder, Oblivious To The Wiles Of Women And The Ways Of The World He Claims That He S Content With His Life, But His Music Tells A Different Story One Of Loneliness And Desperate Longing Heart Of The Sea Jill Sovis, Engineer Darcy Gallagher Has Always Believed In The Pull Of Fate, The Magic Of Legend And The Importance Of Money She Longs To Find A Rich Man Who Will Sweep Her Away Into A World Filled With Glamour And Adventure, And The Exotic Life That Is Her Destiny re read My second bible I m than lucky that it is 3 in 1 Gentle, honest, happy ever after romance Something that puts a big smile on my face and in my heart to live life to the fullest and to continue hope for a true love And the story is very similiar to Ireland of today, from what I understand my mother and I are starting to believe and the Irish blood runs true within me I also have barely slept for the last two days, and probably at least one sleepless night will go by because I can t put the collection down till I finish reading all three of this trilogy a book a night it is captivating and inspires the imagination.
Not too much of a stretchIt s obvious that she s following a formula that has worked for her before I like Nora Roberts but it s nice when an author actually sets themselves to developing g a story outside a formula Sadly this one had none of that.
My favorite seriesThis series is one of the first that I ever read of Nora Roberts and it is the one that made me fall in love with her work I have reread it a lot and it still makes me teary eyed everytime All the couples are fabulous, they have their flaws and their strenghts For the most part they are just ordinarry people who could be any of us My goal is to eventually own all her books in print form It is a slow process.
I first heard this book about 10 years ago, when I bought the trilogy on tape This is my first time to actually read it, and I can hear the story teller in my head with their Irish accents I love when Nora writes than one book about the characters, it gives you time to get to know them, and when one book ends the friends you made will show up in the next book and you can say hi again This particular trilogy is set in Ireland in a charming village where everyone knows everyone, and they all welcome insecure, scared Jude to their midst Jude comes to her own in this book making a journey I myself made From insecure, scared, and unsure of her place in life to a loved happy and very much at home we watch Jude grow The second book centers on two friends we met in the first book and how they journey from lifelong friends to lovers The third is for the sister, and how she changes from romantic matchmaker for everyone else to in love herself, all the while dreaming of a glamorous life anywhere but Ard As an extra treat, woven through all three books is a Faerie Prince hoping these three couples will declare their love and end the curse that has separated him from his one true love I personally think Nora does a wonderful job of taking the usual romance book to a new level by adding a touch of the magic, after all if we are to believe in happily ever after, why not a Faerie Prince as well The descriptions of the characters and the places make you believe you are there in Ard on a beautiful faerie hill, just out of sight of a Pub in Ireland named Gallagher s.
As a bit of trivia, in her Chesapeake Bay Saga in the fourth book Seth is listening to a bit of music he picked up in Ard by Darcy Gallagher You would enjoy that set of books as well if you enjoy this one as much as I do.
Hilariously stereotyped and laughable cliches.
LOVED THEM This was a comfort reread during my cold I haven t reread those book in a decade, I think There was that amazingly long Kobo promotion of books being 40% off until this year and when you consider that these are three books, it worked for me to buy them even though I still own the paper copies Aside I should start getting rid of those I wish we had English UBSes here, I hate throwing a book away even though we have paper recycling but I m the only person of my near acquaintance to read these genres in English and sending them off all over Germany is REALLY expensive as my manga collection keeps growing and needs the space.
This was NR doing paranormally touched contemporaries in Ireland She hadn t touched Ireland as a setting for a contemporary romance series since the Born In books, which for me personally are the pinnacle of her pure contemporary single novel trilogies i.
e not part of a category romance series, and no paranormal touch at all Also no villains or supsense, just plain ole human relationship drama exquisitely done you rarely get parents who have that much influence on a storyline in a NR book.
Having just recently reread the Three Sisters Island books, which would probably one of the closest equivalents there it is an island in front of the coast of Maine plus witches and their curse, here it is a very old Irish fishing village plus a fairy and his curse for this trilogy, I find it fascinating to see that I usually like the first book and first couple best.
Jewels of the SunJude Frances Murray is a competent shy psychologist dominated by her family into teaching at university, on the verge of nervous breakdown as the ongoing result of the break up of her six month old marriage months earlier Her family comes from Ard, the village whose characters, description and history are one of the most shiningly good bits of the whole trilogy I am fairly confident in claiming that NR went to Ireland for this trilogy and had gone there for the Born In trilogy as well Her grandmother, who understands her best, has just inherited a small cottage from a cousin a bit older than herself who has died after a long, fairly content life.
Jude hasn t told her family that she won t go back to teaching but she s jumped at the chance of looking after the cottage probably for half a year , to think of what she wants next and at least start a paper on family history and sagas of Ard and exploring how they are used as metaphors for all kinds of stuff.
Aidan Gallagher runs Ard s traditional pub with his brother Sean and Sister Darcy Their parents raised the kids, but moved to Boston to help his uncle and have decided to stay there All three Gallagher children are around 30 years old, I d say Aidan has seen the most He went walkabout for a few years and has now come back and found that he likes Ard and Gallagher s best The basic set up is that he just thinks Jude is cute and shy But she blossoms in the village, due to becoming friends with Darcy and her childhood bosom buddy Brianna McGee and many others in the village and while she is blooming he can t take his eyes off her.
I love some of Nora s idiosyncratic descriptions I wish she had space for them After this book they become less sigh It s an especially fun quote because good music is a large part of the series.
She sang, mostly to keep herself from screaming every time she came to one of the circles on the highway that the Irish cheerfully called roundabouts Her brain would fizzle, she d forget her left from her right, visualize plowing the Volvo into half a dozen innocent bystanders, and belt out whatever tune jumped into her terrified brain.
On the route south from Dublin to County Waterford, she shouted show tunes, roared out Irish pub songs, and at a narrow escape outside the town of Carlow, screeched out the chorus of Brown Sugar loud enough to make Mick Jagger wince.
4 stars The Fairy Tale Part Fairy Prince Carrick fell in love with farmers daughter Gwen 300 years ago, for real Three times he offered her jewels as a symbol for his feelings, but her father had betrothed her to a human and because he never offered her the words of his love, she doubted and then it was too late So before she died he cursed her to stay in the cottage where Jude now lives until three couples had accepted each other and only then they would see each other again go with it, the fact that everyone else is quite happily dying and lying in the ground with their loved ones going on to Christian afterlife presumably, and that the ghost of Gwen wanders around weeping and in the last book actually being pretty commonsensical, until she is reunited with Carrick well no one said NR was a master fantasy worldbuilder Tears of the MoonBrenna O Toole is one of the most happy of jack of all trades craftsmen I ve ever come across in a NR novel and the oldest daughter of five She works together with her dad in their small building and repairing business and has grown up with the Gallagher children In the first book it was clear she had feelings for Sean for years he s five years older then her but in this volume she manages to think a good bout of sex would get it out of her system She s a go getter and can t understand why full throttle after whatever you want isn t the default for everyone I loved the way her family, especially her younger sister and her mother played into this story.
Sean Gallgher whom NR spelled Shawn for whatever reason is the idea image of the sensitive musician and poet, steeped in the music of his country and never feeling the need to be anywhere else He is nourished here, and in a nice twist he earns his money by cooking traditional dishes to such a quality that the Gallagher pub is not only famous for its sessions of folk music, but his food.
His music is deeply private and will be one of the major bones between him and Bree, when she finally makes a move on him and he opens his eyes to the attraction that has simmered between them for years.
This is three stars view spoiler I do NOT like the way Sean plays Bree effortlessly because he knows and has observed her so well if he did why the heck did her love come as such a surprise He buys a plot so she can build her dream house and he does it before he has even talked to her and admitted his love but HE really uses all his knowledge of her to make her feel like the worst person around when he finds out she sent the song he gifted her with after she asked for it, not because he wanted to give her the music along to a production company for Celtic music Double standard much I am much aware of bs like this these days hide spoiler After pretty much taking a year off from doing reviews and re reading all of my favorites it did take a year I need to start reviewing again I will start with this trilogy because I just finished it for the second time first read two years or so ago and I did not review it the first time I read each book separately but assume they are all complete in this version I loved it the first time and again now I swear I have been to this small town in Ireland in my mind and in my dreams I can SEE it I could walk into Gallagher s Pub and recognize it in a heartbeat Nora Roberts has a way of making the setting of a story into a vision in my mind and the people in them someone I loved meeting This is one of her best, perhaps because I love a bit of magic paranormal blended in with stories of real life human people This trilogy is the story of a local legend of a young woman who fell in love with the Prince of the Fairies 300 years prior They both made the wrong decisions back then that ended with Prince Carrick issuing a curse that caused them to pay dearly for three centuries Gwen has lived as a ghost in her cottage on Fairy Hill while Carrick with his immortal life can do nothing but mourn his lost love and regret his anger But that is the underlying part of the entire trilogy Gwen and Carrick weave in and out, but the active characters are the Gallaghers.
Two brothers and a sister own and run the most amazing and awesome local pub that is always full of wonderful people Their love stories of course are in each book, their personalities are beautifully written as is their relationship with each other No other way to describe it all other than the setting, the people , and the stories are beautiful I have read them twice and probably will in a year or two read them again.