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Trailer ¿ Rainbow High PDF by ✓ Alex Sanchez Another excellent book by Alex Sanchez, continuing the story from Rainbow Boys This one gets a bit darker, though not too much My biggest quibble with the book is its treatment of a secondary character, Jeremy, who is HIV positive Nelson, one of the three main characters, dates this character and not a single character in the novel is supportive Everybody keeps insisting that Nelson should remain friends with Jeremy, but not date him Sodoes this mean that nobody should ever date or fall in love with someone who is HIV positive Yes, I know it s risky, and maybe it is too much for a teenager to deal with, but I can t really get behind ostracizing people, simply because they were unlucky or made a bad decision during a sexual encounter The book really seems to imply that HIV positive people should only date other HIV positive people, and everybody else should restrict their interractions with them to non sexual friendship Safe sex is considered not safe enough.
Otherwise, the book is great and I ve fallen in love with the characters A number of topics important to gay teens are touched upon this book in the series largely deals with the consequences of coming out to the community and I highly recommend it.
I will be continuing the series I like how it really shows how the adult s response to gay kids makes a huge difference Kyle is still clueless with biphobia and Jason knows nothing to correct him yet Jason skates through a lot of shit til the end Nelson is a drama llama as always but does make progress.
FYI One Third Of Gay Men Haven t Heard Of A Drug That Helps Prevent HIV While Listening Senior Yr Starts with Nelson writing paper about what happened in the first book.
going back to the doc soon Out w Jeremy twice.
Then Kyle s recap Then Jason.
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Yep about healthcareHahah Jason Melissa Adorbs.
Kyle is such a romantic homemaker type oh jeez jazz hands good coach tho WTF Mueller Too attached by far.
Nelson is totally the typical ignorant no one dies from it , but everyone else is still on that panic shit Want to make them watch How to Survive a Plague Stupid Kyle, it s not homophobic Bi people are still bi when dating the same sex, Kyle objects to using the same shower as someone who proclaims they re gay Oh no No no no no no noWellOH SHIT The balls have dropped Haha mom A Between the good and the extraordinary No bias thereBecause you MADE him I m impressed, coach D awwwwwwwww the pounding of balls hehehehehehe I m your teammate and gay, proud to be both cheer DAMN Nicely done Awwwpanic hahaha AWWWW 3 3 lol cdsHe didn t say you could tell everyone.
Oh god, girls wanting a gay best friend being a jock trumps being gay Oh poor Kyle Jason is such a golden boy Gay, but holds up toxic masculinity publically Counting on you to make us look good Fuck you Ouch He gets bullied and bashed, Jason gets congrats and support Then denies himOwie.
That s fucked up Hahaha Nelson Love ya Oooooohhhh nice insight Nelson.
Nelson is SO insecure don t look positive WTF you ignorant slut So needy.
Totally a so if your friends would jump off a bridge messageDamn, bus seating is painful Nice CindyUgh homophobic jerks Herd bullshit Worthless coach He s still a dude gasp brought this on yourself FUCK YOUDouble Fuck you promise to behave bitch you first So desperateYay OMFG 3Bout time.
Aw Nelson Yep the news hasn t changed EwwwwwYou are a flake Oh god, he really just skates along Lucky jerk.
Homophobia is rooted in sexism.
Ugh toxic masculinity alpha shit D awwwwwwwww da babies.
OMFG NOOOOOO BULLSHITawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwDoes the cat have a name even AwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwI think I know what the meeting is about Rex is the kitty s name Mirror ball Never heard it called that always a disco ball Huh Fucking footballers Yay coach Alrighty thenWait, NO MEETING I want to know what happens The story continues Picking up where book one ended we follow Nelson, Kyle and Jason as they navigate their way through senior year of High School Nelson really needs to give up the smokes Sheesh 3.
75 for kickass dads.
This book had a lot of the same problems as the first one in the series people giving speeches that sounded like they were lifted directly from public information films, the plots being an uneasy mixture of the soapy and the attempts at realism, the characters constantly falling out with each other every couple of pages There were a fewproblems in this one while the lesbian characters in the first book were tertiary at best, their total exclusion in this one was noticed and felt rather to its detriment, and I felt the story lost credibility when the school s star athlete comes out of the closet and literally nobody has a problem with it Admittedly it cost him his college scholarship, but the fact that the whole team comes around to his sexuality right away didn t ring true That said, I read the whole thing very quickly and ordered the sequel from , so it must be doing something right.
Initial Thoughts Some of the language is a bit 80 s or 90 s ish, which really takes you out of the book at times, especially when you realize it was published in 2003 Yes, some of the 90 s might have still been around by then, but not this much Also, the first couple of chapters actas a PSA than a storyline, which is a bit disappointing Also, do high school jocks really act like that The idea of Jason being interviewed by the local news station because he came out I understand that he is on the varsity basketball team, and it would have been a bit of a big deal around that time, but I don t quite see this as being all that realistic.
Okay, I have not finished this book, and I will not finish this book It has finally taken a turn to the absolutely what the hell realm of thinking I understand that this book takes place in the early 2000 s, so there were still a lot of small minded people around, and that there weren t as many ways to keep gay teens from getting picked on heck, we still can t keep anyone from not getting picked on but the way that this book portrays itAt first, I could have believed it But then, by the point that we get to Kyle s swim meet and the bull that Charlie puts Kyle through, and the fact that that sorry excuse of a Coach doesn t do anything except for blame everything on Kyle I mean What on earth Everyone is 100% Jason for coming out Why not Kyle Why can t the Coach say, Hey, look Charlie, you are all chummy chummy with Jason, why aren t you with Kyle What makes them so different But does she do that No She goes and tells Kyle that all of the teasing and everything is all his fault and that he is the one being disrespectful because he isn t just sitting there and taking it and he has the gall to stand up for his basic human rights As I said, I understand that this was written in 2003, but holy crap, Batman This is just stupid Having two radically different reactions, in the same book, in the same high school, for two sports team members is just insane Also, the whole Jason getting seen as a great Role Model and there being media coverage over it and everything Who cares if a high school varsity sports star is gay I don t see why that would be making the local news This book blows everything out of proportion Including the stuff with Nelson and Jeremy s relationship Jeremy s character gets super paranoid, when all he has to say to Nelson is Look, I don t like you joking about those sort of things, this is a serious issue He doesn t need to go screaming at Nelson about stuff Nelson is a little annoying, but bearably so I just by the time I got to page 180, I just could not take it any It might pick up after this, I don t know But honestly, I don t really care any.
The first book was good Good characters, believable situations.
This second one The characters have been thrown into insane situations that make no freaking sense if both situations are in the same universe.
Why is Charlie all right with Jason being gay and not Kyle Is it really just for image Not quite as great as book one, but still a fantastic sequel Sanchez certainly makes you feel for his characters.
Jason Carrillo, The Best Looking Athlete In School, Has Had His Eyes On The Prize From Day One A Scholarship For College But Then His Eyes Turn To Love And Kyle Kyle Meeks, Swim Team Star And All Around Good Guy, Is Finally In The Relationship He Wanted Being In Love Feels So Good, In Fact, That He Can T Imagine Giving It Up To Go To Princeton Something He S Worked For His Entire Life Nelson Glassman, Outgoing And Defiant, Might Be HIV Positive Jeremy, The Boy He Loves, Is HIV Positive Although Nelson Fears Testing Positive, If He Is Infected Jeremy Might Stop Protecting Him And Pushing Him Away They Can Be Together High Shool S Almost Over Graduation Is Ahead Life S A Bowl Of Cherries, Right Right From the first page you can envision the plight of the homosexual teenager This novel followed four boys men through their high school struggle The way Alex Sanchez set up the novel with simplistic visual rhetoric was very easy to follow and intriguing At the top of each chapter all of the main character s names were shown, but the one that was being highlighted in this section was in bold print This reduced any confusion and showed how their lives were intertwined Rainbow High was my first read in this genre I learned that coming out as a gay teenager is a private decision And, there can be repercussions for the person coming out For instance, in the novel, Jason decided to tell his coach about his decision and ended up losing his scholarship Jason was portrayed as the all american high school jock Jason had a girl friend for two years before admitting he was gay What I found the most intriguing was the treatment of Jason after coming out He was not treated as badly as the other boys becuase of his sports background On page 145 of the text it states being a jock trumps being gay However, when his father found out about his lifestyle he bolted On the other hand, Kyle was a competitive swimmer for his school When his teammates found out he was gay, they did not want him to share the lockerroom showers with him He felt the isolation and taunting But, his parents were comfortable with his decision His main issue was the tug of war between his relationship and college He was accepted to his dad s alma mater, Princeton Kyle and Jason were together as a couple Nelson was the most outward in his behaviors and attitude Nelson was hooked up with Jeremy, who was HIV His main struggle was the safe sex issue His mother adored Jeremy until she sound out about his diagnosis She felt her son was being foolish In the end, they end up as friends This book woke me up to the fact that this is some people s reality I have gay relatives, friends, and acquaintances, but I have never known the darker side of this struggle Discrimination does exist All of the boys had to experience their own struggle but they found comfort and solice in a school club, Rainbow Club All people deserve a safe place to talk and listen I still have not wrapped my head around how this could be used in the classroom, but the fact that I read it was a start.
I started Rainbow High yesterday and like its predecessor Rainbow Boys I couldn t stop I was up till after 2 a.
m reading last night, another excellent read from Alex Sanchez.
The three boys, Nelson Glassman, Kyle Meeks, and Jason Carrillo are completing their senior year of high school and continue to deal with homophobia coming out and the threat of HIV.
Nelson is anxious to have a relationship, a little too anxious, and puts himself at risk at the end of Rainbow Boys Now he must deal with the consequences of his rush and all the worry and anxiety that is HIV Add to this is his new boyfriend is HIV and his mother is less than pleased that he could be putting his life at risk after the scare of his first time Kyle has his own issues as he helps Nelson it raises his fear that Jason could have been infected in his last relationship.
Jason is dealing with coming out to his parents, his friends, his ex, his team, and eventually the school Will he find the support he needs, will Kyle as he deals with some of the same issues with his team Coaches, parents, and friends have some very different and typical reactions to these events The boys also have to deal with selecting their future career path through college and university What will happen to their budding relationships if they are not able to attend educational institutions together Again I look forward to reading the next in the series.
More of the same, which is good, because I totally got attached to Kyle, Jason, and Nelson I didn t find it QUITE as compelling as the first, though I thought the Jeremy plotline was handled nicely, and the college stuff was good I mean, I am an aged woman now, but back in the day it totally made sense to alter college plans for the people in your life, and it was nice seeing this angle.
I liked everything with Jason s coming out at school, but not entirely sure I bought the coach being as cool as he was That said, who am I to pish posh unlikely allies Today my state s courts upheld a terrible ruling, and I ll take slightly wish fulfillment y over hate any day.