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Trailer ✓ Standish PDF by í Erastes I loved this book up until a certain point It was nice and romantic and sweet for the 1820 s and then it was ruined for me I hate cheating and when someone meansto you than your own life I do not believe you can or have the desire to cheat I hated this book because of that reason It could have been a wonderful book but it was just a horrible fact that it was ruined I think some people may like this if they can get over the cheating but I could not.
I was surprised by this book I wasn t sure how I d feel about it going in, but I ended up liking it a lotthan I expected myself to This book would rate a higher three but not quite a four It has romance in it, but I wouldn t necessarily call it that To anyone considering picking the book up be aware that there is infidelity.
There are only two things that I really didn t like about the book, but they play a huge part in the book so that s why my rating isn t as high as it would ve otherwise been.
Infidelity is something that I really hate in books, especially when there s a stupid or ridiculous reason for it I could kind of understand Rafe s reason behind his unfaithfulness, but I never found myself forgiving him for it enough that I felt him and Ambrose should be together Rafe was the one who kept seeking out Alvisi, knowing what he was doing was wrong I was absolutely livid that he cheated like, full on he fucked him cheated on Ambrose the very first time that he ventured out of their home post rape Thanks to Alivis s machinations, Ambrose finds them together later, but I thought it was so much worse that Rafe cheated on him while they were actually out together I was justhow could he do that Ambrose got raped because Francis was jealous because he was Rafe s new lover He couldn t even just concentrate on Ambrose for their outing Instead, as soon as Ambrose disappears from his view, he decides it s a great time to go cheat on him.
I was glad that Ambrose had a backbone and left I was a little wary of Fleury and then pleasantly surprised by him I think he was my favourite character in the whole novel and I hated that view spoiler he didn t get the happy ending he so deserved with Ambrose hide spoiler A Great House A Family Dispossessed A Sensitive Young Man A Powerful Landowner An Epic Love That Springs Up Between Two Men Set In The Post Napoleonic Years Of TheS, Standish Is A Tale Of Two Men One Man Discovering His Sexuality And The Other Struggling To Overcome His Traumatic Past Ambrose Standish, A Studious And Fragile Young Man, Has Dreams Of Regaining The Great House His Grandfather Lost In A Card Game When Rafe Goshawk Returns From The Continent To Claim The Estate, Their Meeting Sets Them On A Path Of Desire And Betrayal Which Threatens To Tear Both Of Their Worlds Apart Painting A Picture Of Homosexuality In Georgian England, Standish Is A Love Story Of How The Decisions Of Two Men Affect Their Journey Through Europe And Through Life That was one scary book and I loved it So much angst, hate, violence and betrayal So much love to go with it, too I will be reading this one again pretty soon.
Thanks for the rec, Sandra.
Sometimes, I like a book that makes me go what the heck did I just read , but that s not the case here.
It s full of flowery purple prose and typical romance novel cliches, but view spoiler it doesn t deliver in the happy ending department hide spoiler This book is a good read if you are in the mood for an intense drama about love, sex and loss among a varied collection of gay men in 1820 s England The book is fast paced and engrossing with impressively well defined characters The plot revolves around two men, one a na ve scholar named Ambrose and the other an emotionally damaged aristocrat named Rafe While a love affair is at the heart of this story, it is not really a romance novel the plot is much darker and complex The protagonists are flawed and surprisingly self destructive, but are still redeeming nonetheless Many parts of the book are tenderand downright sexy , but much of it is stark and even blatantly disturbing The author incorporates several well developed supporting players throughout the tale, making the book muchrich and satisfying than I anticipated.
Standish is not an easy read, but I found it to be a rewarding one I normally don t like historical dramas, but I liked this, so I highly recommend giving it a turn.
The one thing I can say for this book is that it kept me reading it to the last page However, I wasn t satisfied by the end and tossed it down in a bit of a huff I was trepidatious when I decided to read this book due to it being a historical I always find that these stories can only end with a happy for now ending unless they fudge history a bit Or are extremely clever When Standish opens on the quintessential historical romance set up and characters, I was relieved I was going to be just fine with a fudged history Not to say that Erastes didn t do a bang up job of capturing the feeling and setting of the time That was very nicely done, I thought I assumed, though, that we were going to trip through the time period s land mines on a cloud of fuzzy romance, which I was fine with I was good for the first fifty pages And then, quite suddenly, both main characters did a complete 180 in their personality It didn t feel right I began to roll my eyes and sigh with all the flowery words of devotion pouring out of the characters mouths instead of the cutting wit they had previously been trading It became too sappy for my tastes, but I stuck with it Just when I thought I had had enough, the author tossed in a neat turn The author does this several times throughout the book But in the end, I couldn t help but feel as if it had just beenof a pitchman s shout of But wait I was dissatisfied with the characters, losing any sort of emotional involvement I had in Rafe early on when he behaved callously to a character that did not deserve it nor was his reaction expected after all of Rafe s flowery memories of him I did not like the resolution of several of the characters There seemed to be a convoluted moral there that did not come across And I was completely dissatisfied with another personality change in the main characters just before the overly dramatic ending Ambrose s character was the most stable and the most likable in the book He stuck to his beliefs until just before the end The writing style was different, a bit loose, with varying POVs that flowed throughout each other I wasn t sure about it, at first, but it wasn t awful The setting and the time period were portrayed well, if a bit fuzzy in some places The fuzziness I forgave for the most part, mainly because the facts were good, even when the characters behavior seemed to ignore those facts I also forgave the typos, though due only to not having paid for the book I borrowed it.
This was my first book by Erastes and I may try another But I can t say Standish was my cup of tea.

I always love a book that makes me feel a whole spectrum of emotions and this novel did all that andThis would be my fourth book of Erastes and she didn t fail to deliver a quality historical romance of high caliber.
Fair warning to my fellow readers who don t want to read about cheating, rape, child abuse and graphic elements because this will be a very unpleasant experience if you re not inclined to read such scenes Having said that, I feel that without these painful elements, it would not have made the strong impact that it did, which I am sure, will haunt me for the next few days.
This book is so rich in detail that it had the author been so inclined could have been divided into several spin offs However, the author s integrity to weave one solid story made me admire her all theThe relationship development was spot on and the back story of each secondary character was so well crafted that it made me love both antagonists and protagonists alike view spoiler I even felt a great deal of empathy for Francis death and my heart broke when Padraig displayed the pinnacle of selfless love and let Ambrose go Even the three young boys who were hanged at Newgate shred my heart to pieces hide spoiler What can I say I love it And hate it Standish is a book that once you start reading it, you can put it down, but it s also a book not easy to love It s dark, hard, absolutely not about handsome men in frilly dresses who fall in love and easily walk together toward the sunset I love Standish the book because Erastes makes me feel the emotions of Rafe, the main characters, and the joy of Ambrose, his lover I hate Standish cause Erastes describes the real world, where the true love is never simple, and where an happily ever after is not so common You want the perfect hero, dark, tortured but always on the right side of things Then don t read Standish Rafe is everything but perfect Is a man led by the passion, and sometimes the passion guides him to the wrong path And Ambrose, the other hero, is sometimes fragile, sometimes strong, but always human And like everyone he wants love, and like everyone it would not be simple for him to reach it, and maybe love will be where he is not searching Ambrose and Rafe see each other like Ganymede and Zeus Ganymede, the guy who, with his beauty, stole the role of God s cupbearer to Ebe Ganymede served ambrosia to Zeus, so also the name of Ambrose recall this legend He is the object and nourishment of the love of Rafe In a romance perfect world Rafe must save Ambrose from every trouble and perilious in the real world we have the tragedy, but also the love that forgives anything When I m happy I want the laugh, when I m sad I want to cry Standish stays in between And let me say it s not a romance, if we consider the normal level of the romance But it s a beautiful romance, when we consider that in this category we can put some very lost pearl So thanks to Erastes for this book, I will put it in my bookshelf, but think I will take it often.
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dp 1933720093 What a story This is harrowing love story between the young scholar Ambrose Standish and the wealthy Rafe Goshawk Erastes describes in great detail setting of ninteenth century England, their saga travels from the affluence of the centerpiece of the story, the English country house Standish, to the other end of the specturum and awful conditions one of the MC s had to survive in England Not your typical love story, and so heartbreaking through much of the book This relationship between two men who deply love each other but their lack of communication, jealousy, betrayal, and secrets are their downfall The effects and how individually they survive and what kind of person they become I did have a few issues with the story, one charater in particular as well as their motives, additionally I had some problems with actions of one of the MC s This was not an easy read, hard to put down, and kept me thinking.