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ð Read ↠´ מרכבות באיילון by Limor Moyal ↠´ To be honest, I don t read much gay fiction and I didn t really know what to expect from this book One of my friends recommended it to me and raved about it so I thought that I would give it a try I found that the book has deep meaning and I connected with the characters Dan just got out of a bad marriage and is going through a painful divorce Having a romance is one of the last things on his mind and he is still trying to get through the days as a single man He volunteers to take his mind off of things Through the volunteer work, he meets Tom, who is serving in the IDF He was born in Israel and has a connection since he was born there The two end up being roommates and Dan starts to see what he was missing in his life The sex scenes were beautifully written and I could feel the emotion from the characters They felt like the perfect match to me and I loved reading this novel I hope that there will be a sequel in the making Every Year, Young Men Come From All Over The World To Join The IDF And Fight For Israel They Leave Everything Behind And Becoming What Known As Lone SoldiersTom, A Young Man From Kansas, Has Traveled To Israel To Fight For His People He Came To Fight, He Came To Escape Dan Green Has It All He Owns Greentech Technologies, Lives In A Small Mention Near Tel Aviv, And Looks Like A Movie Star But His Blue Eyes, Hiding A Storm That Threatens To Smash Him The End Of His Marriage To Lena, His Memories Of His Late Father, His Disappointment With Himself And His Internal Wars, Pushing Him Towards The Edge Dan And Tom Cross Paths At A Crucial Point In Their Lives None Of Them Thought That What Began As Volunteering Mission, Will Change Everything They Thought They Knew This Is A Journey Of Exploration And Discovery About Asking The Right Questions And Finding The Answers In Traffic Jams Of Ayalon Highway, The Bustle Of The City, On The Battlefield, And Deep In Their Dreams Together They Peel Layers Of Pain, And Find Themselves Wow, this book blew me away I was expecting your typical gay romance but Chariots on the Highway was SO muchDon t get me wrong the romantic side of this book was inspiring and HOT, but it was also one of the most profound and emotional wrought books I have read in a while, gay or straight The writing and emotions were so raw that it really impacts the reader and makes them feel quite a broad spectrum of emotion This book was well written, with interesting three dimensional characters, and a unique storyline I highly recommend it Dan and Tom were great heroes, and the aspect of being an Israeli soldier truly made this book different in an amazing way.
First i have to say I m drooling over Dan s filled mushrooms and i want the recipe ASAPWhat an amazing book I enjoyed everything about it The slow burn, the contrast between Dan and Tom, the Israeli setting and even the battle field momentsChariots on the Highway is a unique read it start slowly as a sort of family drama with psychological elements, evolving to a gay for you romance, and then you get the military part that boiled your blood and if that s not enough a deep insight on Jewish religion and how it affects gays in Israel wonderful read.
Well well well Chariots on the Highway what can I say PERFECTION I was one of the luckiest beta readers that got the chance to get to know Dan Tom s story from a few months ago and I have to say THEIR AMAZIMG STORY STILL LIVES IN MY HEART Its not that often that a story can take you places that you ve never been before, but that story sure hasUps and downs of feelings and events that left me hooked from the title till the final word just like any highway, you just can t put your eyes off of the road.
I hope the the writer is going to continue their story, because I sure would like to know what happens next Thank You Limor for an overwhelming ride For a book converted from Hebrew and then edited in English I think it s a great read Good strong writing, plot and MC s Translating a book and then putting it together in another language is no easy feat Great job all round.
It s also interesting to see a M M story set in Israel and how the different culture works.
I read the first chapter, and I was hooked I stayed up all night reading I just couldn t put it down This is one of those rare books that you wouldn t change a single thing, even if you could Dan and Tome are wonderfully drawn characters I will say some scenes hit me pretty emotionally just cause I related to them on a personal level so at times I had a tough time getting through them without tearing up I highly recommend this book its honestly an incredible read.

I m torn when it comes to this book.
I loved Dan and Tom as a couple I have a soft spot for friends to lovers stories And I loved the friendship between them as well as the romantic relationship It was lovely and I would have lovedof the two of them together.
I also really loved the setting, Israel And I loved learningabout the culture.
I m also a huge fan of military stories, so that was something I really enjoyed about this book, too And the sex scenes were really steamy and emotional, which I love I think what added to the sex scenes for me was already loving these guys and just wanting them to be together The one thing that brought this book down for me was the fact Tom was with someone else for part of this book It added some angst to the story that I didn t really like.
An uplifting and optimistic read Marianne Faithful, The Arctic Monkeys and Johnny Cash are just three of the diverse musicians whose songs provide a soundtrack to this original and imaginative novel Dan is a successful businessman man in his thirties Recently divorced, he feels something is missing from his life Sharron, his P.
A, suggests he take in a lone soldier foreign soldiers serving in the Israeli Defense Force who need a home a refuge from the stresses of army life Reserved and cynical, Dan is at first unsure, but feeling lonely, he agrees to take Tom, a soldier in his twenties from Texas Tom and Dan quickly become friends Although at first seeming to have little in common, they feel at ease with each other, spending time chatting about their days, cooking and listening to music Tom takes an interest in Dan s life, encouraging him to visit his brother, Adam, who has cerebral palsy Dan opens up to Tom about his childhood and his difficult relationship with his father Tom is evasive about his past and his reasons for coming to Israel, and Dan is intrigued Their friendship develops into something deeper, although Tom assumes Dan is not interested and starts seeing someone else Dan is confused His stepmother, Flora, a hippyish woman in her sixties, a perceptive and understanding woman, encourages Dan to realise the depth of his feelings For someone who has never been to Israel and knows little about Jewish culture and traditions, the story was very interesting At one point Dan has a conversation in which he discusses Orthordox Jews and their beliefs, and I found this very thought provoking The scenes where Tom takes part in the military operation are dramatic and tense The fear of the soldiers is conveyed well and the writing is descriptive and detailed The theme of highways is used in the book in several ways Dan travels regularly along the Ayalon highway to and from his work He has a dream of a chariot on the highway and Flora writes a letter to Dan, in which she tells him that life is so much easier if you have a passenger with you as you travel along life s highway I found this letter to be very touching and the writing evocative and poetical with Flora s concern and love for Dan shining through This is an uplifting and optimistic read, a novel which sends out a message of hope in the belief that love really will conquer all.