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[Christy Leigh Stewart] ½ Terminally Beautiful [role-playing-games PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ô I thought the idea behind this novella was promising Having a rehab for someone who is ugly seems like a good setup for a dystopian novel However, I don t think that was the intent in this storyline The world the characters inhabit is dysfuctional, but not unrealistic Perhaps that was the most frightening part Some of the scenes within the facility were extremely disturbing and could fall under the dystopian view, but it just wasn t consistent enough I do think that Anna s character was farintriguing than Diana s and I wish the story had come from his her point of view instead All in all, I think it could turn into a dark peek into body image and social gender roles if fleshed out a little .
As a journalist and advocate for people with serious mental heath issues, I do a lot of research Okay, I confess I have a serious mental illness myself bipolar disorder In twenty five years I have been hospitalized over 50 times, have had 45 electroshock treatments, seen hundreds of so called mental health professionals, and have taken various psychopharmachological cocktails, all to no avail I am what they call treatment resistant I have been bound in leather restraints, forced to take medications against my will, and even kicked out of hospitals because I was too ill to be treated effectively read too difficult to handle I KNOW psychiatric hospitals.
I was asked to review Christy Leigh Stewart s story, Terminally Beautiful Without compunction, I can attest that it is one of the most accurate portrayals of what it is like to be hospitalized with mental issues In beautiful prose, Christy wonderfully describes how broken our mental health system really is I have met individuals who so closely resemble her characters, this could be mistaken for a work of non fiction In fact, she describes some of the tricks I used when I was on the ward Tragically, this story is about adolescents I could tell you tales about how much worse it is in adult settings The fact that our children must endure these conditions is abhorrent The unhelpful, unhealthy, even unethical treatment of our society s teens should shock even the most jaded reader To think that this treatment could aid in an individual s recovery process is absurd I won t spoil the ending of the story you must read it for yourself FEEL it for yourself And be glad as hell it is not you This story should be required reading for anyone who is interested in working in the mental health field Perhaps, if we are lucky, it will be.
Diana Isn T Pretty Like YouShe Isn T Smart Like You, Or Interesting Like YouNo One Loves Her Like We All Love YouYou Don T Need Plastic Surgery On Your Body Or Therapy For Your BrainBut Diana DoesDiana Has To Go To A Rehab For Ugly Girls While You Are Too Beautiful For This BookWe Hope You Never Die Very, very funny book The characters were amazing and immediately relatable I love Stewart s writing style, so full wit and sarcasm, yet she can still pull off those really sad or horrifying moments This book will crawl into your brain and make you think, make you laugh and make you cringe, it s wonderful I read the book today, the same day I received it in the mail Diana is a very ugly girl, she really just wants someone to care about her She is in a facility and makes a trans gender friend and loses another friend to suicide She decides she hated the girl who killed herself anyway and then finally stands up and has enough Her and her trans gender friend leave the facility together and then roofie a guy Diana used to check out on a regular basis at a gas station, however instead of taking advantage of him and her now found voice the hole she has inside is suddenly filled in way that was unexpected as I was reading this book There were quite a few surprises This was a great and fast read, a good pick me up, gross out, wonder about book My only complaint is the length of the it, it could have been fluffed a bit , however the storyline and characters were very unique, I enjoyed reading this book.
When I finished readingTerminally BeautifulI was speechless Then as I tried to think of something to say my mind fired off Mindfuck Disturbing Bizarre Oddly touching and sincere.
The characters inTerminally Beautifulare like living embodiments of deep seated insecurities, neuroses, and psychoses that most people have to some extent, but try to bury and or ignore magnified to the extreme and laid bare for all to see As always, the wit and dark humor often associated with Christy s writing are present, but seemsparse and subtle than in previous works The result is a book farthought provoking than humorous, which isn t a bad thing I feel like this book shows aserious and mature side to Christy s writing, a facet that we haven t seen explored very much in her previous works which were just as enjoyable, but in a different way.
rarely do you come acrossed a book that says so much with so few words this author should havereaders I really like Christy Leigh Stewart s writing and this was no exception to the rule, since it was a very enjoyable and interesting read that moves at break neck speed, careening you off the cliff of comfortability when you least expect it.
My only comment is that I want

This doesn t totally suck.
I love Christy Leigh Stewart s work Terminally Beautiful was everything I appreciate about this author s uncanny and unique style Unique is a word that is often overused, but not as it describes this author and her work.
Diana is a patient at rehab for ugly girls Told in the first person, Diana s thoughts are as edgy and twisty as the concept of this book itself Stewart s prose is often a combination of dark reality, science fiction, and a brilliantly fertile imagination The author takes her readers to an altered universe where they may laugh, cringe, or gasp, as they eagerly turn the page to see what bizarre delights await.
I don t think Christy Leigh Stewart will leave this world and enter the next without a lot of people taking notice of her talent Also, I hope she leaves her brain to science.