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Download Epub Format × Walks Alone PDF by Ì Sandi Rog This is another page turner from Sandi Rog The story line keeps you wanting to turn the page until you get to the end All of her books have been very moving But they are like the books like your mother use to read These are clean and you feel like you are part of the book.
LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book It is definitely my new favorite Native American culture has always intrigued me and this was one of the best if not THE best I ve ever read I honestly didn t want it to end.
What an incredible, heart felt novel Rich with Native American culture, intrigue, and romance, Walks Alone held me captive to the end So many desperate choices necessary for survival had to be made, but the things the hero and heroine feared most also made them stronger in the end The variety of emotions they experienced and the developing love between them compelled me to read on, and than that, they caused my eyes to well with tears a number of times I felt the characters pain and sensed their relief as their many trials made them stronger once they realized they were not alone, but that God was with them all along.
Walks Alone contains a lot of realism and spiritual depth, which made me think about my own faith Most of all, this is a story of unconditional love and finding true freedom in Christ He wants us to come to Him because we love Him, not because we were forced This novel is a beautiful portrayal of Gods love for us and shows us why He gives us the freedom to choose I loved Walks Alone so much that it s making my favorite fiction list for 2012 My heart hurts upon finishing this novel Walks Alone definitely lived up to all the hype it received Sandi Rog did such an excellent job developing the plot After reading Laura Frantz s books, The Frontiersman s Daughter and Courting Morrow Little, I ve come to appreciate the role of Indians in the books I read I loved White Eagle Jean Marc I actually thought about the Last of the Mohicans before I began reading this book To my surprise, the Last of the Mohicans was referenced in Walks Alone It was easy for me to have a visual of White Eagle s character because I pictured Daniel Day Lewis as Hawkeye Nathaniel I loved how Sandi tied in the title of the book with Anna and White Eagle s personal battles I loved the message of never being alone and that God is always with us.
This is a Christian romance that tells the story of Ana and Jean Marc White Eagle White Eagle s mother is an Indian and his father a white man Ana comes to America with her father from Holland During the very long prologue, White Eagle s mother and grandmother are killed during an attack on their village and Ana s father dies She then is forced to live with an abusive Uncle The premise for this book is very interesting, but that is where the interesting part ends The author does not give clear descriptions of very important elements to the characters, setting, and plot Ana is 16 when she meet White Eagle, I think I never really understood how old either of the main characters were The cloudy plot was a huge disapointment Ana is determined to go to Denver City to fulfill her father s dream, but what specific dream did he have There were so many holes in this book The author had potential for a fantastic love story, but lost me with the lack of description I often found myself confused as to the setting of the scene Also, the character traits were back and forth White Eagle was first depicted as a strong Indian warrior, but then promises Ana all the dresses she wants if she stays with him Then there are the supporting characters None were supportive They seemed to have connections with the main characters, but nothing grew from it There was little forshadowing which created very little drama This was a clean romance, but not an enjoyable read There were too many elements lacking.

Walks Alone captivated and mesmerized me at times No wonder it won in the Grace Award 2012 Action Adventure Western Epic Fiction category.
This is a well written epic novel beginning in Holland and ending in the old west Loved the way it opened with the tenderness of Anna s widowed father aboard ship It was hard not to get involved in the father s dream of traveling to Denver City with seven year old Anna to start a new life Unfortunately, Anna s father falls ill in New York City and passes away and she is left in the care her father s brother for six terrible years The scenes with Anna s abusive uncle were brutal and fully engaging After Anna escapes her uncle, she travels westward by train, and finally joins a wagon train where she s not well treated There is a fascinating, though not explicit, bathing scene in a river, where an exhausted Anna allows herself to relax and find relief from the intense and life threatening heat of the prairie.
When half breed Jean Marc comes upon her with a small band of angry braves, the reader is caught between instant knowledge of the hero s strong attraction to her and the extreme danger she s in and is hooked Anna is taken by this brave s strange blue green eyes and can t help wondering how it is that he speaks English better than she does Ms Rog understands Native American life in that era quite well I appreciated her attention to the details of Cheyenne tribal life She did an excellent job of showing the anger and murderous rage of the braves as well as the prejudice of the settlers and their inability to see Native Americans as people, which led to Indian massacres.
Both Anna Walks Alone and Jean Marc White Eagle are flawed and well written White Eagle s poetic declaration of how his love is so large and encompassing that he sees and hears Walks Alone everywhere, even in the wind, was superb He tells her of his pain at having caught her engaging in conversation with his sworn enemy, the man who led the deadly raid against his tribe Through this, the author conveys how painful it is for Father God to witness His children engaging with idols Beautifully done Touches the reader at a deep spiritual level.
My only problem was with Anna s continued insistence on finding herself and her pulling away from White Eagle after their Native American marriage is consummated and then again after his poetic declaration of love I m not sure such personal enlightenment was high on the list in those days However, the author did manage to sweep me back into the story Then the story would move on and carry me through thrilling bandit attacks, chilling raids on White Eagle s tribe by a rogue Cheyenne warrior and his band of braves A fantastic read, which I highly recommend.
OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMYYYYYY GOSHHHHHHH Ok, this book rocked my world My favorite book I have read this year It is totally in my top 5 I really like the whole story line When reading the preview I thought it was going to be just a fun read I mean its just about Indians right WRONG I thought it was just going to be another cheesy romance book which there is nothing wrong with those but this book was really exciting and I was NEVER bored with it I was on the edge of my seat at one point and crying the next I read it in like 32 hours It was that good.
Alexia we need to talk soon I hate not being able to call you.
The book was quite interesting from the historical viewpoint It contained enough action and romance However, the story about the ownership of the hotel in Denver seemed to me highly unrealistic Besides, it remained unclear how Anna s boss had become so well acquainted with Jean Marc and the ending happened to be too rash and sudden The message about God and His plans for every person was employed in the book in a very delicate and wise manner.
Of course, I had to 5 star my own book Why not lol I just hope others will enjoy it.
A Cheyenne Warrior Bent On Vengeance A Pioneer Woman Bent On Fulfilling A Dream Until Their Paths Collide After Fleeing Her Abusive Uncle, Anna Is Determined To Reach The City Of Her Dreams But White Eagle And His Fierce Warriors Take Her Prisoner Anna Attempts A Harrowing Escape, But Her Savage Captor Is Determined To Have Her At All Costs And Forces Her To Be His Wife Has God Forgotten Her, Or Does He Have Plans Of His Own A Man With A Boot In One World And A Moccasin In The Other, White Eagle Is Disillusioned With His Faith After A Minister Leads A Massacre On His Peaceful Tribe Where Is His God He S Definitely Not With The White Men Who Are Slaughtering His People But White Eagle Also Can T Give In To The Idolatry Practiced By His Fellow Tribesmen Only The Truth Can Set Him Free And It S Found In Beautiful Anna S Carpetbag