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Download Epub Format ☆ Blood of Angels PDF by Ï Michael Marshall Marshall s conclusion to the Staw Men is interesting and complex like to its two predeccesors, but its not as compelling as either Marshall does a masterful job of continuing to weave the past and present histories of all the key players He demands that you care for the welfare of one of the key charactures That is the only part of the book that kept my interest I didn t find the Straw Men s conspiratory narritive to be as stiring as it was in the previous two novels.
the only stupid to read this one before reading the other in straw man series so couldn t connect to characters still very nicely written exciting.
Popular Ebook, Blood of Angels Author Michael Marshall This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Blood of Angels, Essay By Michael Marshall Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You Once upon a time, Michael Marshall Smith was a fresh, exciting voice in the genres of the fantastic He announced his arrival with Only Forward, an electrifying debut that spiked its science fiction thrills with a dash of Barkerish horror and Pythonesque humor His follow up, Spares, wasn t too shabby either, and he racked up a handful of award winning short stories.
Then he shaved off the end of his name and took a dive into the lucrative mediocrity of the serial killer novel His first foray, The Straw Men, isn t bad actually a step up from the standard Dean Koontz drivel That was followed by The Upright Man, a sequel of diminishing returns And Blood of Angels makes a trilogy, a conclusion at least as far as I m concerned so haphazardly constructed that I m surprised the book didn t crumble apart in my hands as I turned the pages.
Marshall s loose coalition of current and former law enforcement officials and conspiracy nuts continues to battle an underground cabal of serial killers that has orchestrated all of human history coz if there s one thing we all know about the psycho killer it s that he s a team player At this point, the trilogy s central idea, never that strong to begin with, feels played out, whatever creative juice it had long since dried up Blood of Angels doesn t even qualify as a good junk food read It feels exhausted and listless, an empty exercise, a thriller sans thrills A subplot concerning teenage whiteboy suburban drug dealers serves only to further gum up an already logy narrative.
In addition to the lackluster storytelling, there are numerous flubs probably attributable to the author being British and the editor not paying attention Doritos and Fritos are referred to as potato chips El Lay kids sling London slang All weapons are labeled generic guns Ostensibly professional federal agents carry said guns in their pockets instead of securely fastened in a holster where any joker couldn t snatch them away A character in the back of a cop car casually tosses stuff into the front seat I could be accused of nitpicking, but it s those kind of little details that contribute to a sense of realism, to the reader s suspension of disbelief, and this book needs all of that it can get.
As Blood of Angels meanders along to its weak kneed whimper of a finish, it continues to pile up typos and lapses in logic Marshall writes as if he s in a rush to finish and go do something fun I oriented myself in relation to the body by from the direction of curve in the revealed sections of seven ribs He and his editor obviously weren t much interested in the project than I was.
read this as an interlude to the science book I am plowing through Years ago I read The Straw Men, which was tremendously horrifying and well done The second in the series Lonely Dead was ok, and this was a little better than that, but not as strong as the Straw Men.
I like the wacky worldwide conspiracy side of this series, and that makes a re appearance here The notion that beneath suburban normality lurks a group of people completely outside of normal societal norms is interesting This is well plotted and the settings are intriguing Gets a bit far fetched at the end but if you read the Straw Men, then you need to finish the trilogy, in my view.
I felt this was a strong conclusion to The Straw Men series After escaping from authorities, The Upright Man is on the loose Ward Hopkins and his FBI agent girlfriend just want to remain isolated and avoid the problems of the world Charles Monroe, Nina s boss, pulls Nina back into reality when he wants her to help solve a case where a man is found murdered with his hand cut off and the suspect is a woman Nina reluctantly decides to return to work and what ensues is murder and mayhem Meanwhile, Lee John Hudek is climbing his way up the ladder in the drug trade He just isn t aware of the plans that the Straw Men s leader has in store for him on his upward journey Finally, a 60 something year old man enjoys his life as a photographer but is tasked to complete an unthinkable act He can t refuse though because The Upright Man knows the secrets of his past.
Marshall once again manages to take 3 distinct story lines and merge them into one very readable novel I noticed many reviewers grew tired of the series by the final installment I liked it however I thought the plot was solid and the character development was even better than in the prior 2 books To be fair though, yes, this book is laced with conspiracy theories but I thought they were a unique spin on reality.
This is the third book in the Straw Men series and whilst not as good as the first, I found it better than the middle on The Lonely Dead.
Like the middle book this has some sections where two characters in the know riff on about conspiracy theories and crazy ideas, leaving both the reader and in fact the main character not much the wiser, but much shorter in this book and not so fantastical In fact the new story line of LA teenage small time drug dealers, showing how Straw man recruitment takes place, did for me clear up a lot of the crazier conspiracy part of book 1, ie how Paul seemingly managed to be present at all known atrocities in America As a side note it s clear that this is written by a British author I can t quite imagine a US author taking such a bleak look at the history of American serial killers and random killings.
If you like you serial killer stories violent with a heap of conspiracy theory, then this series of three is clearly for you.

This is the 3rd and final book in the trilogy that started with The Straw Men , and while I had high hopes for it after not having liked The Upright Man , I have to say that I was disappointed.
Yet again the author takes 3 seemingly unconnected storylines and brings them together into a conspiracy theory which, this time, manages to involve, of course, September 11 I m always leary of any book that contains the stupid theory that September 11 wasn t exactly was it was, and I have to admit that as soon as I read this bit in this book, I totally disconnected from the story which, by the way, continues to harp on the very ancient non civilization of The Straw Men and the fact that they might have caused the annihilation of every great civilization in our past history, and that the Church and the Masons, amongst others, are the only organizations standing in their way This book, in my view, would have been much better if it had focused on the story of Jim John, the crazy old serial killer Mixing the serial killers and the Straw Men bit is too far fetched, like 2 types of books rolled into one by incongruous links, even though the Straw Men are serial killers themselves, although on a larger, terrorist scale Since they ve managed to get the run of the mill serial killers to be their go getters and their errand and delivery boys, they ve created their own society, which is, supposedly, what they re against in the first place They also all seem to live together in rich enclaves while enslaving the mere mortals around them into doing their bidding, whether they realize it or not This makes no sense whatsoever in the context of the conspiracy being described here.
What is truly horrifying is the internal struggle of Jim John as he tries to resist the killer impulses in him, as he observes how easy it would be for someone to snatch kids out of their own backyards, supermarket parking lot how easy it is for parents not to know what is happening in their teens lives just because they have decided to trust that their kids are good kids and that bad things only happen to someone else This is the true horror the banal suddenly becoming horror and the fact that it can befall any of us, at any instant.
Michael Marshall is a great writer His plots are always unique and unpredictable and complex This trilogy has turned the serial killer thriller on it s head, and Marshall finishes it on a great note It could have been better, but it could have been worse The writing is tight, as is the plot It gets a little silly at times with the history of the Straw Men, but other than that this is a top notch crime thriller with plenty of action and some quality writing Highly recommended.