Trailer ☆ She Came at Dawn PDF by ë Katja Michael

Trailer ☆ She Came at Dawn PDF by ë Katja Michael Reading the synopsis looks really clich , when actually is anything but Very deep emotions here, I like it.
I normally do not read lesbian gay novelsI mean sure, I read a guy with two girls but one on one, no So, this pleasantly surprised me Melissa Laila were quite interesting Especially in the beginning Without giving anything away, I was hooked I got happily lost in this story as I kept turning the pages to see how it all ended.
I m a fanfiction reader and a fan of an author Damn Unique whom wrote this beautiful novel Just when i read the first chapter, i fell in love with the story and followed it.
I never believe in love at the first sight And there are so much thing i don t believe in, some because i ve never known about em But this novel enlighten me to feel the existence of things i ve never known or felt It was like a map to the unknown city, it was one of many faces of love It had the same two sides, its ruthlessness and its beauty.
Lets meet Melissa, the it girl with a perfect boyfriend She had the world under her palm of her hand, so boring, no wonder she d toss it for a mysterious raven haired Ducati rider But there was a problem And a bigger problem It was a woman and she was her best friend s girlfriend.
Long time ago, mom told me that I shouldn t bother about love I think every mom of every girl said the same thing, too, and so did Melissa s mom She ought to stick to a man that surely deserves her, but Melissa thinks Laila do read this book, join them in the joyride of love and prove that mommy lied.
One of those books you just can t put down At least that was my case It draws you in, shakes you and tumbles you but, miraculously, does not spit you out You remain inside, caught by the story, by the emotions that are so fiercely depicted Very well done, I must say To collide of two strong natures, stubborn, beautiful, different and yet magnetic to each other I loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter It gives you a glance, a tease, a feel of what approaches.
I can t wrap my head around the high ratings some people have given this book The writing was horrible The dialogue didn t flow whatsoever and the bipolar attitudes of some characters was just plain obnoxious I would recommend passing on this book.

3 stars The vacillation of the straight main character became rather trying, but it is realistic, plausible and age appropriate A well crafted story that I enjoyed and I look forward to other works by this author.
I hated the book I finished it but I didn t enjoy it really, I specially hated Melissa she was so annoying Loved it More please I love this book some little mistakes, but that s no problem.
I really just love it.
What Would You Do If Your Whole Settled Life Would Be Turned Around In One Single Moment, By One Single Person College Student Melissa Has It All Wealthy Parents, A Handsome Boyfriend, Good Friends And The Safety Of Already Being Fully Settled In The Middle Of Her Twenties But When Melissa Gets To Know Her Friend Tom S New Girlfriend, It Changes Everything Laila, A Stunning Beauty With Emerald Eyes, Seems To Be Able To Show Her That There Are Many Other Ways Of Living Than The One Seemingly Hewn In Stone For Melissa The Girls Fall Head Over Heels In Love But Sometimes It S Hard To Follow One S Heart When You Have Everything To Lose