¶ Blood and Freedom · Download by ß Gordon Greenwood

¶ Blood and Freedom · Download by ß Gordon Greenwood Expert Sniper McNeill Loses Everything He Holds Dear In A Horrific Terrorist Attack Numbed By Grief, He Becomes A Mercenary And Is Plunged Into The Brutal Serb Croat Conflict McNeill Doesn T Care Whose Side He Is On His Objective Is To Follow Orders And Take His Targets Down, And Nothing Will Stand In His WayBut In A Bizarre Sequence Of Events, McNeill Is Thrown Together With Alina, Daughter Of The Corrupt, Power Hungry General Tomelsky And Heavily Pregnant Some Highly Sensitive Documents Have Fallen Into Their Hands And Tomelsky Will Stop At Nothing To Get Them, And Neither Will The Loyal Team Of Crack Assassins He Despatches To Track Them Down Then There S The Small Matter Of A Newborn Baby To Take Care Of Caught In The Crossfire, It S A Race Against Time For McNeill And Alina To Escape The War Zone And Fight Their Way To Freedom Gordon Greenwood Has Spent Much Of His Career In The Transport Industry, As A Driver And As Transport Manager For Firms In Britain And Ireland He Has Bred And Reared Greyhounds And Is Also A Qualified Counsellor Gordon Has Two Daughters And Lives In County Wexford, Eire