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5 starsThis will be good for the reluctant readers at school Short Drugs Gangs Colloquial language But will also keep their teachers happy with themes of family, friendship, loyalty, facing challenges, and making difficult choices.
What s worse than hiding a secret Liccle Bit s about to find outVenetia King is the hottest girl at school Too bad Lemar is the second shortest guy in his year Everyone calls him Liccle Bit, and his two best friends, McKay and Jonah, never tire of telling him he has no chance with girls Things aren t much better at home His mum is permanently hassled, his sister a frustrated single mum and his dad moved out years ago Liccle Bit wishes he could do something anything to make life better A new phone would be a startAs a new gang war breaks out on his estate, Lemar discovers that South Crongton s notorious gang leader has taken an interest in him Before he knows what s happening, he s running errands When he puts his own family in danger, Liccle Bit will be forced to question his choices How can he possibly put things right Lemar is the protagonist in this story and the book takes place on the notorious Crongton Estate where there is an ongoing gang turf war The leader of one of the gangs, Manjaro, gets Lemar to run errands and do favours for him for which he gets paid for Lemar starts to question the choices that he s made when boys from the opposing gang turn up dead But as he is in too deep trying to back out of helping Manjaro causes one of his family members to get injured I have to say that this story was really funny and there were several points where I was laughing out loud This isn t the first book I ve read by Alex Wheatle but this is his first YA book and it s a good one I really enjoyed Alex s writing style and the language he uses in the dialogue between Lemar and his friends.
Es war SO cool Ich bin richtig traurig, dass ich Lemar verlassen muss.

I read a review copy of the German edition, that comes out March 7th 3.
5 stars detailed review follows edit meine Rezension auf brause mag I struggled to put this book down Definitely one of my favourite books that I have read this year Cannot wait to read from Alex Wheatle.
This precedes Crongton Knights, so I read them in the wrong order, but it didn t matter, as the books stand alone, even with occasional references in Crongton Knights to events in this novel Once again, this is YA at its best and most believable.
Lemar, aka Liccle Bit, is fourteen, an artist and a big dreamer Family issues leave him heartsore and hurt, while a South Crongton gang leader is paying attention to him Then there s Venetia, the hottest girl at school, who has noticed his talent, and his friends McKay and Jonah who give him no chance with Venetia So life is already confusing, unnerving and sometimes exciting for Liccle Bit, but it s about to become terrifying.
Real, heart wrenching and fast paced, with brilliant dialogue.
Slightly concerned that this is part of my children s literature course considering it s definitely not discussing children s themes Decent enough book, but not really something I d read again.
What S Worse Than Hiding A Secret Liccle Bit S About To Find OutVenetia King Is The Hottest Girl At School Too Bad Lemar Is The Second Shortest Guy In His Year Everyone Calls Him Liccle Bit, And His Two Best Friends, McKay And Jonah, Never Tire Of Telling Him He Has No Chance With Girls Things Aren T Much Better At Home His Mum Is Permanently Hassled, His Sister A Frustrated Single Mum And His Dad Moved Out Years Ago Liccle Bit Wishes He Could Do Something Anything To Make Life Better A New Phone Would Be A StartAs A New Gang War Breaks Out On His Estate, Lemar Discovers That South Crongton S Notorious Gang Leader Has Taken An Interest In Him Before He Knows What S Happening, He S Running Errands When He Puts His Own Family In Danger, Liccle Bit Will Be Forced To Question His Choices How Can He Possibly Put Things Right I quite enjoyed it.
The recommendation from Malorie Blackman was enough for me and this book did not disappoint A funny and heartwarming read Looking forward to getting into the next two books.