Download Epub Format Ó Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks PDF by ¸ Brad Dukes

Download Epub Format Ó Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks PDF by ¸ Brad Dukes Reflections An Oral History Of Twin Peaks Examines David Lynch And Mark Frost S Legendary Television Series That Aired On The ABC Network From As The Mystery Of Who Killed Laura Palmer Played Out On Television Sets Across The World, Another Compelling Drama Was Unfolding In The Everyday Lives Of The Show S Cast And Crew Twenty Five Years Later, Reflections Goes Behind The Curtain Of Twin Peaks And Documents The Series Unlikely Beginnings, Widespread Success, And Peculiar Collapse Featuring First Hand Accounts From Series Cocreator Mark Frost And Cast Members Including Kyle MacLachlan, Joan Chen, Sherilyn Fenn, Piper Laurie, Michael Ontkean, Ray Wise, Billy Zane, And Many Reflections Explores The Magic And Mystique Of A True Television Phenomenon, Twin Peaks N o sei o que foi melhor no livro ver que ele o resultado de in meras pessoas apaixonadas por Twin Peaks atores, editores, produtores, diretores, Brad Dukes e, claro, o povo da DarkSide que visivelmente entende do assunto ou ver o quanto d pra aprender e entender uma das s ries mais importantes, inovadoras e criativas da televis o Cinco estrelas e cora es.
Uma das grandes derrapadas da edi o brasileira diz respeito ao t tulo deveriam ter ficado com o original Uma hist ria oral de Twin Peaks apresenta melhor a proposta do livro uma cole o de entrevistas com atores, diretores e produtores, arranjadas por Brad Dukes em cap tulos tem ticos um material muito interessante, se voc um daqueles f s que se importa com min cias da produ o das suas obras favoritas, mas imagino que n o seja o tipo de livro que v agradar a todos, especialmente pelo car ter da hist ria oral , mesmo n o h uma narrativa jornal stica para servir de moldura Pausa para um coment rio f til o projeto gr fico da Darkside costuma ser de cair o queixo, e n o decepcionou com essa edi o Comprei a vers o em capa dura porque queria ter um pedacinho do Black Lodge em casa Isso soou meio mal, provavelmente n o uma boa ideia ter um pedacinho do Black Lodge em casa CUIDADO, CRIAN AS mas ainda assim Se voc nerd de Twin Peaks, vai amar Se voc s se lembra de quando a Globo passava os epis dios de madrugada e fora de ordem nos anos 90 bem, talvez esse n o seja um livro pra voc A outra derrapada foi a escolha do termo Dama do Cepo para a vers o da Log Lady S rio, gente, DAMA DO CEPO Se fosse pra te indicar um livro relativo a Twin Peaks, eu indicaria o livro do Mark Frost que saiu pela Companhia das Letras, mas n o tem como n o amar este livro tamb m Cheio de curiosidades de bastidores e detalhes que me passaram desapercebidos em cena, l lo foi uma jornada t o mantenedora de curiosidade quanto o pr prio seriado.
This book is a must have for any Peaksian This has been my 1 favourite TV show for over twenty years, and even I was surprised by some of the anecdotes told within This will certainly entertain any fan, and put you straight in the mood for a marathon re watch I m waiting for the delivery of the Blu Ray Missing Pieces Collection.
I was disappointed, however, that Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me was only briefly covered it is part of Twin Peaks history and I would have liked some of the cast and crew s personal insights into the film.
Oh, and Lara Flynn Boyle s absence in the making of this book was glaring It s been 25 years, and she s still being an arsewipe.
I love reading this book and learning the behind the scenes story of TWIN PEAKS This book is done similarly to CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES in that it follows a roughly chronological narrative and is made up of many, many interviews from people directly involved in the production, allowing for multiple perspectives of most events If there is any fault I can find in the book, it is the scant attention paid to TWIN PEAKS FIRE WALK WITH ME My curiosity was satisfied in most other areas, though, and there are many entertaining anecdotes about the production of the series Definitely recommended for fans of the show.
There s a lot of interesting material here For anyone interested in the production history of Twin Peaks, this is a must read, because it has so many interviews and behind the scenes facts from cast, crew, and network executives that to my knowledge have never been published altogether before Dukes does a particularly great job of explaining all of the complexities and choices that led to the show s short lifespan.
My biggest issue with the book is that there doesn t seem to be much rhyme or reason to what s included, other than these are the parts of Twin Peaks history that Brad Dukes finds most interesting The focus is a bit scattered at times, and as much time is spent talking about Frank Silva s strange turn as Killer BOB as is spent discussing the Lucy Andy Dick love triangle And don t get me wrong I LOVE the Lucy Andy Dick love triangle But in the broad perspective of the show, are those stories truly equally important I don t think so.
I also found it very strange that, in the two pages that Dukes devotes to Fire Walk With Me he almost exclusively features quotes from people who had nothing to do with the film I don t really care what Sherilyn Fenn thinks about FWWM, I care what Sheryl Lee thinks of it How do you not include quotes from the star of the film, when she s a vocal presence elsewhere and has gone on record many times about the film It s a strange choice that I don t really understand.
All that said, it s a very entertaining read I think I d get out of a collection of critical essays, but as an oral history, there s a lot here that s interesting and valuable, and the context it provides is terrific.
Over a period of years Brad Dukes has interviewed many of the key people behind Twin Peaks including actors, directors, writers, crew and TV executives.
This book is the result, with interview excerpts grouped in loosely themed chapters telling the full story of Twin Peaks from its beginnings as Northwest Passage, through its two seasons, to its untimely end, taking in network politics, personal differences and dilution of the original vision of its creators Mark Frost and David Lynch as the show went on.
Essentially a collection of reminiscences and anecdotes, it s interesting to hear the different points of view of the people directly involved in making this classic series, and there are masses of trivia for Twin Peaks fact fans Add it the collection of photographs, many previously unseen, and this is really an essential book for any Twin Peaks or David Lynch fan Highly recommended.
This was a really great read, and a wonderful insight into the show I love so much.
Brad Dukes s book is a collection of snippets from interviews he conducted over the years with various people who were involved with Twin Peaks, including people who worked at ABC during the time of the show s creation and run, the actors, the directors, the writers, even Angelo Badalamenti who composed that music.
I found out a lot of great information from behind the scenes of various episodes I loved, and it was great to truly understand how close knit the cast were, especially during the filming of season one I laughed out loud many times reading this book at the hijinks that were had, and was genuinely touched by different interviewees responses to the people they worked with, and the project as a whole.
Unfortunately I think that this book is lacking in the fact that it doesn t comment on Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me I could understand it being left out if the title of this book centered on the TV show, but FWWM is still a part of the Twin Peaks universe, and I felt like it could have had at least a chapter devoted to it I also felt the absence of certain key still living cast members, such as Lara Flynn Boyle, Michael J Anderson, and Everett McGill, amongst others.
Overall though this is fantastic for fans of the show, and a really entertaining read I m glad I took my time with it.
I m always interesting in reading about this show and there are some tidbits here that were unexpected and quite interesting I heard the author discuss it on a podcast where he admitted to not being a fan of Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me That s fine But to not include perspective on it for this book is a tragic shortcoming The author spends significant time with some of the most regrettable and forgettable moments from the series I didn t need that much from Wendy Robie or Kimmy Robertson.
Also, there are major players from the series who are missing without any significant explanation Peggy Lipton, Everett McGill, Lara Flynn Boyle, and Michael J Anderson, to name a few Anderson is particularly curious, since he has granted many interviews in recent months and The Man From Another Place is so iconic to the series.
Another shortcoming is its lack of critical perspective I m hoping next year s release, Wrapped in Plastic, is satisfying and useful as a reference, and as something that digs deeper into the phenomenon and the influential nature of the entire world of Twin Peaks.