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[ Pdf Shadowfall ¼ womens-studies PDF ] by James Clemens Ç I bought this book from a public library for 1 I was immediately enticed by the bookcover and intrigued by its synopsis After reading it, I could finally say that this was a gem This was my first reading of this author s writing, James Clemens a.
a James Rollins Now I could understand why he s so popular on mystery thriller genre This book started on a good note of mystery, and it unraveled in a manner that would keep your attention hyped up I d like to thank the person who donated this book to Clark County Public Library on West Sahara Without your generosity, I would not know the great mind and work of this author in fantasy.
Here s my own summation The story evolved on two main characters Tylar de Noche and Dart Tylar was a former Shadowknight He was stripped of his knight power due to crime he had committed For his punishment, he was banished to slavery and lived in Summering Isles for five years as street rat On the other hand, Dart was an orphan who was raised in Conclave a school training younglings to be handmaiden or Hand to Gods of Myrillia Her lineage was unknown until she crossed the path that intertwined with Tylar The fate of Myrillia depended on them The story entailed a little of romance, lots of fighting, dying, betrayal, magic, and family relationship Pupp and Dart were a heart melting duo.
wow What a ride This book is brilliant Shadowknights, Gods, fantasy realms, Graces I loved it I m not a fantasy reader normaly, but when I found out, that James Clemens is another penname of James Rollins, I d gave it a try, and now I want to read Myrillia books I love the Sigma series, the Blood books and now the Myrillia books as well Mr Clemens you are a Magical autor and gave me wonderful hours of pure joy Thanks Full review originally at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW ANALYSIS We begin with Shadowfall, the first chronicle of the Godslayer wherein we are introduced to Tylar De Noche, a fallen shadowknight and also a cripple, broken in mind, body and spirit After some shady dealings in his past, he has had to pay an exorbitant price that has taken a toll on his life, relationship and mental status He happens to witness something so bizarre that it basically triggers another painful turn of events that will have ramifications all across Myrillia From here on we are given a look into another POV character, a young girl named Dart who is an orphan and has been bullied all throughout her life She s in an orphanage in Chrismferry where an odious attack turns her life upside down and sets her on the path to find out her true heritage Lastly there s Kathryn Ser Vail who shares an agonizing connection to Tylar and soon will be pulled into the intrigue and machinations surrounding Tylar.
Why do I love this book and series so much, in two words FANTASTICAL WORLDBUILDING From the first chapter, the author quickly and surely immerses the reader in a world that is beyond a doubt one of the most fascination ones created by using Gods Sure Steven Erikson s Malazan series does similar things and but James Clemens makes his books much accessible than Erikson though some might complain that his writing is too straight forward But for most fantasy readers, this world will be like no other they have experienced before James Clemens is the nom de plume for renowned thriller writer James Rollins and as was the case with his adventure thriller books, James always creates memorable setting for his books Myrillia encompasses a huge chunk of his imagination and further highlights are revealed when the readers are told about the world via its policing system the Shadowknights The Shadowknights are an organization to themselves who help the Gods with their lands and also help protect the innocent populace against the ravages of fiends and rogue Gods from the hinterlands Then there s the whole aspect of being a hand to the Gods , which will be exciting for the readers to discover.
The story basically is a thriller masquerading itself as a dark, epic fantasy Beginning from the prologue and first chapter one, things are constantly cascading towards the impressive climax Things of course are bit clearcut with Tylar but with the other POV characters, the author takes some myriad turns Also one thing about this story is that it is vehemently dark, what I mean about that is that both male and female characters face the threat of physical, psychological and sexual abuse For those who can t stand violence or rape scenes please be forewarned this book has one that which while not gratuitous, will cause uncomfortableness that I believe is the intent of the author.
Lastly once you finish Shadowfall, you ll be hard pressed to seek out the sequel Hinterland as the amount of secrets and plot twists that are revealed in the first volume make the second volume a must read Dark, imaginative and disturbing are the three words that come to my mind when I think about Shadowfall and as far as adjectives go, these are great ones to describe a series that seriously defines the God Punk subgenre and is critically unknown among fantasy fandom.
I m totally clueless not knowing this Author writes in Fantasy as well, and it s a really good one too Shadowfall is a story of Tylar de Noche, a former Shadowknight convicted of murders Now crippled and disgraced will redeem himself with the Graces of the goddess Meeryn and her naethryn Shadowfall is a novel written with multiple mysteries, and with each discovery flowed smoothly with the characters created within.
I just finished reading Shadowfall Book One in the Godslayer Chronicles, by James Clemens What a truly dark, foreboding, albeit magical world this book is At times it was hard to distinguish hero from protagonist by their actions Just a literary reminder that there is good and evil inside all of us Which way we turn is a dilemma we face every day A lot of writers think writing a fantasy story is easy Come on, it s fantasy You can make anything up But, a good writer knows that what you make up has to be believable James Clemens has created a world in Shadowfall that I want to visit I could see every detail of the people, places and objects he described I could see Tylar de Noche, a disgraced Shadowknight, and his broken, deformed body I could feel the cool breezes blowing across the nine lands of Myrillia I could taste and smell the aromas that wafted up from the kitchen windows in cities we traveled through I say we like I m a character in the book In any novel I read, especially Jim s, I feel as if I am a part of the storyline I am a silent, unseen character hiding in the dark shadows waiting to come racing to the rescue the moment anyone cries for my help Alas, considering the number of books I have read, I feel I am destined to remain in the shadows unseen and unknown Shadowfall takes us on a journey across Myrillia as Tylar chases down a Godslayer, a being capable of killing an immortal Tylar has one power on his side he has been blessed by a dying goddess Our Hero undertakes this journey with Delia, a priestess, and Rogger, a thief The trio s quest is to find, and for Tylar to destroy, this monster before it destroys Myrillia James has the ability to move us through action sequences at breakneck speed where characters are dodging swords, jumping over obstacles and sliding just out of reach of that hand holding a knife There were times I had to stop, turn on a light, and check to see if I had any life threatening wounds I can reassure you that I escaped unscathed James is one of the most prolific writers of today He creates astoundingly real places I want to visit and surprisingly believable people that I want to get to know He has the magical power through his writing that allows me to escape, for the length of a book, and travel through the dark intricacies of his mind And, I always know after escaping through one of his adventurous stories, that by the last page, I will be gently deposited back to the safety of my couch at home This book runs the full gamut of emotions happy, sad, frightening, heartbreaking and uplifting If you haven t read this book, do yourself a favor Get this book it may be hard to find, it is one of his older books 2005 , find a cozy corner, crack it open, sit back and enjoy You won t regret it I am eagerly looking forward to Hinterland Book Two of The Godslayer Chronicles.

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In Brief A decent fantasy novel with a good mystery and an interesting premise.
Shadowfall takes place in a world where the gods are bound to specific lands, and their bodily fluids drive the magic of the world The story follows three different protagonists a fallen knight who witnesses the murder of a goddess and gets wrapped up in larger events, a young girl who acts as a handmaiden to one of the gods, and another knight dealing with the politics of her order These three explore different aspects of a much greater mystery, and eventually meet.
What Worked For Me I found all of the protagonists to be likable enough people They never drove me to roll my eyes and sigh, like so many other fantasy heroes The writing was easy to follow, with the occasional artistic flourish, although nothing that really wowed me I appreciated the author including the darker aspects of the story without reducing it to something akin to creepy torture porn.
What Didn t Work For Me The story moved a little too slowly for me I m not sure how the author could have remedied that Perhaps a little bit less downtime between dramatic events It s not a huge quibble, really, but by the time I hit the last third of the book I really just wanted to get it over with.
Overall Like I said, I found Shadowfall to be a perfectly good fantasy novel The characters bring the mystery to a good endpoint, with plenty of twists along the way Actually, the book so finished to my liking that I don t feel very compelled to hunt down its sequel Perhaps if I see it in the bookstore one day I ll pick it up, but I ve many things in my queue.
In Myrillia the gods live between the humans A hundred of them settled and claimed their land, and made their Grace flow into it The solitaries live far away, in barbaric land Then, one day, one of the Hundred is killed And Tylar de Noche is falsely accused of the slaying of a god.
We follow Tylar in his journey to clean his name The story starts off very slow, especially since there are a lot of characters introduced pretty early on The strength of this book is that it ties up all these characters so neatly in the end, without giving too much away for the sequel, Hinterland There were a lot of twists I did not see coming I loved how corruption is so wide spread and that not even the gods are spared The desperation was so heartfelt it made me uncomfortable.
Of course, you cannot write a review about Shadowfall without mentioning the magic system It s awesome It is different, it is gross, and it even is well thought through I did wonder a few times why Tylar wasn t just throwing his blood at his enemies It should work, right Tylar undergoes a great transformation He is turned from a broken man into a perfect knight, and his mind slowly grows into it It goes very gently and with little steps at a time he is accepting his new fate I also really liked how things aren t easily resolved between Tylar and Kathryn It made this book feel so credible And that s quite an achievement in a book where it is common to be covered in someone s faeces.
A man witnesses the murder of a god and is falsely accused of doing the deed He must prove his innocence and, of course, uncovers a deeper, darker plot.
The setting is that of a world inhabited by gods, substantial beings that people can see and interact with The chief difference between gods and mortals, other than basic immortality, is that their bodily fluids are magical ALL their fluids, including yellow and black bile In fact, most of the world s technology is based on the utilization of these fluids.
The story focuses on a very few key characters and settings, which is a nice break from sprawling epics that tend to have dozens to keep track of The main characters all have major flaws and watching them deal with their problems is fairly entertaining, as is discovering what s really happening behind the scenes The one complaint I have about this book is that it spends a lot of time on all the gods body fluids Yes, it s important but after the fifth time you read about the stench emanating from the guy who has his hands smeared with black bile in order to do something magical, you don t need the imagery any.
Other than that, I enjoyed the book The premise is interesting, and the magic system, while occasionally a bit nauseating, is quite unique I look forward to reading about the characters in future volumes.
Four Millennia Have Passed Since The Hundred Immortal Gods Came To Myrillia Out Of Chaos They Created The Nine Lands, Blessed With Their Graces And Protected From The Nightmarish Hinterlands, Where Rogue Gods Stalked Across A Barbarous Wilderness In All This Time Nothing Has Disturbed The Peace Of The Nine LandsUntil Now For The Impossiblethe Unthinkablehas Happened Meeryn, Goddess Of The Summering Isles, Has Been MurderedThe Only Witness Was Tylar De Noche, A Crippled And Disgraced Former Shadowknight Who Lives In Agonizing Shame Of His Past He Saw The Dark Entity That Killed Meeryn And As He Held The Dying Goddess, Her Last Breath Bestowed A Powerful Blessing On Him A Mark That Healed His Broken Body A Mark That Many See As Proof That He Killed A God A Mark That Unleashed A Powerful Force Of Darkness Within HimChased Across Myrillia By Enemies Both Human And Ethereal, Aided Only By Outcasts Like Himself, Tylar Must Uncover And Face Down A Being Powerful Enought To Kill An Immortal The True Godslayer If He Fails, All Of Myrillia Will Fall Into Shadow