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[Lydia Parks] ☆ Shadow Lover [irish-literature PDF] Read Online ↠´ In College, Psychologist Serena Brockman Dreamed Of A Secret Lover Who Watched Over Her And Would One Day Bring Her Into His Shadow World Since Then, She Has Spent Her Life Convincing Others That Such Mythical Creatures Aren T Real Until The Night Her Shadow Lover Reappears In His True Form A VampireGriffin Has Experienced Centuries Of Pain And Loneliness, Only Broken By The Sight Of Serena Years Ago But To Protect His Existence, He Must Erase Serena S Memory Of Him When She Is At Her Most Vulnerable At The Height Of Sexual Pleasure

I was a bit put off in the beginning of the story Griffin seemed like such a jerk But it did get better These books are a bit erotica than story so I tend to skim it a bit to get to the story It did get interesting in the last few chapters view spoiler I like that he didn t change her right off when she asked He let her have a life and waited until she was really ready hide spoiler Two pages in and this was so sketchy I couldn t go any further Hero abducts heroine to sex her up upcreepy stalker much Then turns out he did it because she looks like someone else Yeah the creep factor was just too much for me Dnf