Trailer ó Virgil (Marius Brothers #8) PDF by ó Joyee Flynn

Trailer ó Virgil (Marius Brothers #8) PDF by ó Joyee Flynn M Nage Amour ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal M Nage A Trois Romance, M M M, Vampires, Fae, HEA Virgil Has Been Hiding Something But Then Again That Isn T Anything New To Him He Doesn T Fit In With The Family That Doesn T Even Know Who He Really Is Learning Long Ago That He Wasn T Normal, He Strives To Just Fit In Fate Just Doesn T Seem To Have It In The Cards For HimMareo And Foma Have Been Searching For Their Other Mate For Centuries Now That They Think They Ve Found Him, Virgil S Running From Them Panicked That He S Only Staying In Greece A Few Days And Confused By His Reaction, They Decide To Take Desperate Measures After Their Plan Backfires Instead Of Opening Up Virgil To Being Their Mate, Can They Convince Him They Were Only Trying To Help Or Will It Be The Last Straw To Push Virgil Over The Edge And Leave Everything Behind To Start Over Somewhere Else, Saying Good Bye To The Mariuses Forever Note This Book Is Written In First Person Point Of ViewNote This Book Contains Double Anal Penetration Virgil is finally happy We all knew, those who followed the Marius Brothers Series, that of all the brothers vampires, it is Virgil who is different In Virgil Marius Brothers, 8 by Joyee Flynn, Virgil has been hiding something But then again that isn t anything new to him He doesn t fit in with the family that doesn t even know who he really is Learning long ago that he wasn t normal, he strives to just fit in Fate just doesn t seem to have it in the cards for him.
Mareo and Foma have been searching for their other mate for centuries Now that they think they ve found him, Virgil s running from them Panicked that he s only staying in Greece a few days and confused by his reaction, they decide to take desperate measures After their plan backfires instead of opening up Virgil to being their mate, can they convince him they were only trying to help Or will it be the last straw to push Virgil over the edge and leave everything behind to start over somewhere else, saying good bye to the Mariuses forever After reading A Very Marius Christmas, all readers, including yours truly, felt that here was one brother who was lonely, sad, unhappy, jealous, envious, and basically unhappy Okay, so he was happy that he got those gifts that the other brothers got, thanks to the mates, but all was not right.
After reading this, now we know the why of it To be honest, I was quite lost when it was mentioned that view spoiler he was sort of the source of all those formulas that Riley always woke up to hide spoiler Virgil Poor guy I cried for him His own family didn t understand him Considering he had such a big one it had to be awful to be the only one who felt left out On the other hand, he had such a big family and nobody noticed how withdrawn he was I would ve liked to have gotten to know Mareo and Foma a little Also the menage scenes weren t all that great Seemed kind of glossed over Which to be honest, was fine with me since I am not all that interested in menage s What I didn t like Virgil was too forgiving I am going to be moving onto the Beyond the Marius Brothers series, but I wished I knew there was reading order because I think that would have helped me in some books.
I was so excited to read this, it just was a little of a let down Hopefully since it was stated that the Mariuses would be in some of the spinoffs, we will get a little that s actually about Virgil and less about everyone else and politics This could have been a huge ending to a great series and a lead into what s to come, but I feel a bit let down I mean how do you mention a mate has a brother he hasn t seen in ages, then mention you should see him, then never mention it again Please leave comments on Pattycake s 4 sweet pea review at What do you get when you take two VERY large fae warriors, a reclusive vampire, and add a pint of werewolf blood You get one round of HOT, steamy, and passionate sex after another Virgil by Joyee Flynn is the eighth book in the Marius Brothers series This book isn t a standalone, and it s best to read them in sequence The blurb covers the gist of the story, so adding anything would be a spoiler.
This is a character and plot driven tale that concentrates on three men in particular from among the many solid, three dimensional, and fascinating primary and secondary characters who live, love, and fight in the world that Ms Flynn has so skillfully and deftly built Told in first person POV, it alternates between the three MCs The plot flow is a little rough, and one thing that I dislike about this book is that if you re not paying attention, you can get lost The storyline lays out a bit of the backstory, but it can be a little confusing trying to figure out just who all the myriad secondary characters are without a score card.
The author s writing style is humorous, simple, and concise, with a deft ability to combine all the myriad threads of so many races and species, their histories, and personalities into a seamlessly taut whole The sex between the three MCs is HOT, HOT, HOT, and just enough kink to add spice I do love how Ms Flynn weaves angst, anger, action, love, forgiveness, and passion into a cohesive whole The story does have a HEA ending after a pulse pounding rescue If you looking for a story that has hot men, hotter sex, and enough action to satisfy, then this is a book for you.
I have loved all of the Marious brothers stories and couldn t wait to read this one I wasn t disappointed Virgil s was by far the best of them all It was touchingly sweet, heartrending, sexy and romantic I was in tears many times Well written, well paced I couldn t wait to read the climax but was really sad that the journey had to end I will be re reading this one many times in the future I ve already read it twice I did like it The only thing that bothered me was this instant forgiveness Virgil was so hurt and no open to listen no anybody and just one session with Ayden and EVERYTHING is right with his mates I would have taken like a couple of pages at least, to get things right It was to instant forgiveness and love and just jump into sex.
First impression with the lead up to this from a previous book, my first impression was disappointing view spoiler Yes, Virgil was seen previously with two men engaging both at the same bat time, same bat channel and while some of the sex scenes with his mates seemed a tad skimpy on details I found the other issues to drag it down I had mixed reactions to learning that Virgil is as good or better than Riley s genius I know there has to be SOME kind of conflict for them to overcome but I just didn t like where this went Totally cool and awesome that he is one the same wavelength of Riley did not care for the fact that he fixed several of Riley s issues secretly implies that Riley is not all that after the buildup of making him come across as not only the smartest man in the series but a badass thinker in the vamp world THAT I am not down with sharing the spotlight yes, making to look imbecile like, no Then the family dynamic another dislike first of all I would have to go back and re read all the previous Marius books but I don t remember a lot of mention of Virgil at all And for the whole loveable family if you ve read this far then of course you love the family to apparently just not GET Virgil even remotely The WHOLE family was blind to Virgil s genius and didn t praise or try to draw him out This made it disappointing hide spoiler The story picks up from the ending of the series so you need to read in order.
Virgil s self esteem issues really rang true for me I could feel and relate to his sadness that I found myself crying in a couple of places That said, this is not a sad story by any stretch of the imagination.
Loved the fae Virgil is destined to be with They are definitely tasty.