✓ Jackies Erotic Beanstalk (Fairy Tale Erotica, #1) ↠´ Download by Î Julianne Reyer

✓ Jackies Erotic Beanstalk (Fairy Tale Erotica, #1) ↠´ Download by Î Julianne Reyer Adorable and sexy story that reads like a classic fairy tale, but one that s very much only for adults read it for the tentacle vines and was pleasantly surprised by the size difference kink Well written, hot and sweet 3 Book source Free on Jackie is a nymph and she s been sent to find a root to cure her mother who is sick from all the rain Instead, she s tricked into trading the root for some magic beans Luckily for Jackie the magic beans really are magic and she uses the beanstalk they grow to climb straight up to see the Storm Giant who is causing all the rain The Storm Giant is willing to negotiate, but will Jackie survive the terms Well, she survived being violated by the beanstalk on her way up and the Storm Giant says that nymphs have that effect on beings Um, that kinda sucks, putting off a vibe or whatever that makes every living thing want to shag you senseless Sounds exhausting Anyway, Jackie and Ulf, as he s called, have an interesting experience with a twist that makes it possible for a giant and a nymph to do the cloud mambo There are a few errors, but nothing horrendous This is a quick enjoyable bit of monster porn even if the woman is a nymph and not a human.
Jackie Is A Naive Yet Adventurous Nymph Who Is Tricked By A Satyr Into Trading A Rare Root And A Lick Of Her Nectar, For Two Magic Beans But The Beans Are Magical Than Any Of Them Could Have Imagined Will She Be Able To Save Her Forest From The Powerful Forces Above Warning This Naughty Word Short Story Is Intended For Adults Only Contains Explicit Sex, A Playful Nymph, A Satyr With A Sweet Tongue, Spanking, Tentacle Penetration, Hot Sex With A Horny Storm Giant, Size Difference Fetish Adventure, Squirting Nymph Nectar, And A Dizzying Climax Excerpt The Clouds Couldn T Be Much Farther She Could Hear Them Rumbling Just Above Her And See Them Illuminated Through Broken Flashes Of LightningThen Something Strong Grabbed Her Leg She Squeaked In Panic, And Gripped A Vine With All Her Might She Kicked At It In Desperation It Released Her, And She Exhaled In Relief The Last Thing I Need Is To Be Thrown From This High UpShe Climbed Faster And Soon She Felt Arms Reaching For Her As She Grabbed A Vine, It Suddenly Writhed In Her Hand She Recoiled, Almost Losing Her Grip, But Caught Her Arm Over Another Vine It Moved As Well, Threatening To Wrap Around Her Waist She Closed Her Eyes And Sent Soothing Thoughts To The Beanstalk But She Only Got Silence In Return It S Angry With Me For Some Reason I M Sorry For Climbing You, She Said With Empathy As She Jumped From The Twisting Tendril Back To The Trunk I Promise Not To Bother You Again After Today A Tendril Snaked Up Her Thigh She Tried Kicking It Off But Another Wrapped Around Her Arm And Shoulder Oh, Let Me Go, Mean Plant, She Ordered But Vines Tightened Around Her Limbs The Vertigo Returned As Her Body Swung Out Over A Void Of Black Space She Screamed And Lifted Her Head, Trying Not To Look Down Above, She Saw Dark Shadows Coming Down On Her In The Moment Before They Struck, She Recognized The Clouds The Beanstalk Was Raising Her Up Mist Splashed Her Body As She Was Surrounded By Pillows Of Wispy Fluff Then She Was Above Them And The Vine Stopped, Her Toes Inches Above The Clouds Thank You, Mister Beanstalk, She Said With Relief You Can Let Me Down Now She D Finally Reached Her DestinationBut The Plant Gripped Her Tight She Struggled Against Her Restraint And The Tendrils Writhed, Circling Around Her Body As A Cascade Of Strands Wrapped Around Her, She Felt Their Sinuous Pressure At Her Ear She Shook Her Head And A Vine Whipped Around Her Neck, Shooting Into Her Mouth A very funny and erotic retelling of a classic fairy tale.
Very short story, but effective world building within its limited length A fun little twist on the Jack and the Beanstalk tale that is good if you want a quick read The erotic scenes seem a bit shoved in to be honest and the story may have actually been better without them.
I can t help myself This one was fun Giants and wee, little nymphs getting together for some quality one on one time makes me laugh Figuring out the logistics alone is awesome The actual ahem riding EVEN BETTER Kelly Very oddThis book is what it is I don t recommend it It wasn t good erotica A tiny wood nymph has very odd sex with the giant, who also makes the weather.

Too FastReally moved fast so there wasnt must context If there was details then maybe it would be a better book.
Crossposted at BooklikesWell, it s not as bad as 50 Shades The author seems to be able to get the basics of grammar, though there are way too many fragments But there are not those really stupid sentences that popped up too often in 50 Shades I could, for instance, understand Reyer getting her book published by Vintage I still can t understand why they published James 50 Shades.
But basically, it s boring or insulting It s boring cause it is really dull It s insulting because it implies all women are out to get thier mother s boyfriends and if they are stupid or otherwise mentally compromised , it really isn t rape.
Well, dumb blondes, if they actually are real all the blondes I know have intelligence , should be happy Jackie makes them look smart.
I think if Reyer moves away from erotica, her other work might be enjoyable her world building is actually pretty consistent.
Pretty good I enjoyed it, but Im too tired to write a review So, I ll try to write one later this week IT S FREE ON