Download Epub Format ð Black Knight Squadron PDF by ï John Chapman

Download Epub Format ð Black Knight Squadron PDF by ï John Chapman Black Knight Squadron Book , Foundations Foundations Is The Story Of A Group Of Like Minded Police Officers, SWAT Officers, Armed Citizens, And Military Veterans Who Happen To Be Training Together When The Lights Go Out Like Most Of You Would, They Quickly Know What S Up Unlike Most People, The Black Knight Squadron Has The Training And Resources To Do Something About It On A Large Scale Caught In The Friction Between The Emergency Measures Necessary To Maintain Order And Their Deep Belief In The Constitution, The Black Knight Squadron Must Navigate The Murky Ethical And Constitutional Waters Of A Post Apocalyptic World Using Only Their Faith, Trust In One Another, And The Skills Born Of Years Of Hard Work And Training Can They Keep A Mid Sized City From Ripping Itself Apart They Don T Know, But They Re Going To Try We Live In A Time When Our Inner City Culture Teeters On The Edge Of Savagery When The Lights Go Out In America S Ghettos, It Will Be A Short Descent From The Rule Of Law To The Law Of The Jungle The Black Knight Squadron Saga Of books Are Unique In That All Of The Capabilities And Equipment, And Most Of The People, Are Real While The Black Knight Squadron Saga Is Primarily Intended As An Enjoyable Work Of Fiction, It Also Serves As The Author S Pre Game Exercise For The Apocalypse To Learn About The Black Knight Squadron Series, And To See Content, Including Pictures, Maps, Discussions And Updates, Find Us On Facebook By Searching Blackknightsquadronbooks About The Author Born And Raised In The Tony Suburbs Of Sacramento, California, John Chapman Known To His Friends As Chappy Joined The Navy At After His Enlistment, Chappy Returned Home To Northern California And Embarked On A Law Enforcement Career While Attending College Over Years Later, Chappy Has Served In Patrol, SWAT, Investigations, Training And Admin Assignments Chappy Became A Firearms And Tactics Instructor In , And Has Traveled The US And The World Teaching Armed Citizens, SWAT Teams And Military Units Combat Marksmanship And Tactics Best Known In The Tactical Community As A BCM Gunfighter, SWAT Trainer And Night Vision Instructor, Chappy Continues To Teach, Now Exclusively For Forge Tactical, A Training Firm Serving Law Enforcement And Armed Citizens He Maintains His Police Commission, And Serves As A Police Officer With The Alliance, Ohio Police Department, Where He Serves As A SWAT Team Leader Chappy Also Volunteers His Time To Serve As The Director Of Training For The Ohio Tactical Officers Association, The Largest State Tactical Officers Association In The Country Chappy Lives In Northeast Ohio With His Wonderful And Patient Wife Kris And Their Cat Duce When He S Not Chained To His Desk Writing, He Can Be Found At The Alliance Police Range Shooting, Developing Curriculum, Testing Gear, And Teaching To Learn About Opportunities To Train With Chappy And His Partner John Spears, Visit Forgetactical To Learn About Training Opportunities Open To All Qualified US Citizens, Visit The Alliance Police Training Center Yes, It Really Exists At Alliancepolicetraining Small town police become an army Deputy Fife meets Larry Vickers A national catastrophe occurs, and in less than 24 hours local police from surrounding areas abandon their posts and create a militia This town of 22,000 souls has MRAPs and Vietnam era APCs beacuse black people Could police actually walk away when the going gets tough, and expect to keep the badge Vaguely descriptive writing suddenly becomes detailed when a piece of tacticool gear is the subject Taking a Pat Mac course, and doing drills at the range are apparently all one needs to run a fledgling local government Even the mayor concedes his power to the almighty SWAT Typical LEO circle jerk.

This is a new book written by well known firearms instructor John Chappy Chapman The police officer protagonists in the book experience a sudden EMP The cops form an organized militia to protect the nearby town.
Not surprisingly, Chappy gets the guns and gear correct Those of you who have trained at the Alliance, Ohio police training facility will recognize the setting and a few of the characters.
A very poor work of fictionI hope Chapman is a better instructor that he is a writer Characters have less depth than a John Wayne cardboard cutout If I read one person bro someone they don t even know well enough to know their first name I might scream If you can ignore the horrible writing there is some good information on how to prioritize needs during a serious breakdown in society.