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[ Read Online 3 Seductions and a Wedding º x-men PDF ] by Julie Leto Ñ Cute collection of short stories, all different and yet tied together very nicely I ll have to go read the free short on eHarlequin now to round it all out.
This is a series of short stories around the planning of a wedding Each story is different and hot and sexy for its own reasons This is a perfect way to spend a cold winter night with a hot cup of cocoa.
Why Wait For The Wedding Night Tying The Knot Jessie Might Not Forgive Leo For His Long Ago Betrayal, But After One Scorching Kiss, She Can T Fight The Chemistry Any But A Girl Can T Base Her Future On Great Sex Or Can She Take This Man Can Hunky Drew Convince His Longtime Crush Annie That He S The Man For Her All He Has To Do Is Sweep Her Off Her Feetthen Make Her Forget That He S A Much Younger Man Bedded Bliss When Playboy Billionaire Ajay Is Ready For Real Commitment, He Thinks Sexy, Sensible Mallory Is His Woman Too Bad Her Only Desire Is To Experience His Reputed Prowess In Bed Tying the KnotLeo may have betrayed Jessie, but after one scorching kiss, she can t fight the chemistry any Take This ManDrew tries to convince longtime crush Annie that he s the man for her Even though he is 12 years younger than her.
Bedded BlissAjay, the playboy billionaire, is ready for real commitment Mallory is just coming off a dissed engagement She is afraid to get hurt again.
Everyone mentioned, got together to host a surprise wedding for their best friends Coop and Bianca.
While getting everything together in a week, seemed impossible, it came off without a hitch All thecouples have their little quirks, that makes them real Leto is a very gifted, and talented writer.
5 stars.
DNF An aphrodisiac for an old manThe exquisit and endearing acts and descriptions of loveAre exceptionally well written and they last throughout the book and I loved it.

3 stars for julie leto s 3 Seductions and a Wedding I would recommend this book for a feel good pick me up.
Bianca Brighton and Cooper Rush engaged 10 years, passionately in love, world travelers for their careers and they just haven t found the time to marry, so their friends decide to put a wedding and honeymoon in one week, and as they pair up to make it work, one of each pair uses the time to seduce the other into lifetime commitments.
Their friends Ajay Singh and Mallory Tedesco bosses of their own businesses, and Bianca and Cooper s bosses One in computers, the other in translations Ajay, Indian family, decided not to marry to avoid traditional parental expectations, and has many short term affairs Mallory , dumped by her fianc of 3 years in the news he didn t call her 1st but a fiance she did not have much in common with She suffers from anxiety in crowds and 6 months later, after seeing Ajay s interest, she decides to seduce him during their assignment and they fall in love.
Jessie Martinez and Leo Sharpe college lovers, broke up when Leo bought an engagement ring, got scared, got drunk, and had sex with a woman who came into his bed he thinking it was Jessie and then Jessie catching him in the morning Leo never stopped loving her, but could not gain her forgiveness Jessie s anger toward Leo is less, but she is still hurt but she hasn t been able to find anyone else to love Leo sees their pairing as his opportunity to whisk her away on his boat, seduce her, and show her she still loves him and his plan works.
Drew Brighton and Annie Rush Annie is 36, divorced, and has 2 boys Drew Bianca s brother is 27 and has loved Annie since he was 16 He and his moving company helped her move out of her husband s home and into her own last year, and Drew spent time with her and her boys and he sees their pairing as his time to seduce her and convince her he belongs in their lives and after a weekend of great sex, he fully wins her heart with a gift of a charm bracelet, with perfectly chosen charms that show how well he knows her a lefthanded first baseman s mitt to represent one son, a yoyo to represent the next, a camera to represent her reviving career, and a heart to represent himself.
And by the time of the wedding all are happily in love for their lifetimes ahhhhh What a corker of a book Fabulous Loved the 4 different stories inside, and ended up emailing Ms Leto for Biancas story Hubby particularly loved the love scenes, and its given him a lot of ideas This is my sort of book The love scenes were tastefully done, and was able to read this, snuggled up in bed next to hubby with our toddler jumping on us without losing any of the plots.