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[Henry Mancini] Ó Sounds and Scores: Practical Guide to Professional Orchestration [theology PDF] Read Online Æ I found it very helpful The fact that the book came with recorded examples on CD made the book worth the money A Practical Guide To Professional Orchestration Featuring Recorded Musical Examples Performed By Henry Mancini Included In The Book Are Sections On The Woodwinds, Brass, The Rhythm Section, And The String Section A Recording Is Included To Follow Along With The Printed Scores Very good book

OK, People, listen up This IS NOT a text book on elementary arranging or on music theory This is a totally outstanding instruction manual on how and why Mancini wrote and arranged HIS music so the reader could understand his methods This book assumes you have studied music and elementary arranging, and know how to play an instrument and put spots on charts If you have listened to Mancini s work and want to know how and why he did what he did, for example why Walk On The Wild Side, or any of his other works, sounds so cool, then this is the book for you Well worth the price.
I bought this book before learning any of the technical aspects of arranging, and it left me wantingAfter I found the books that cover the techniques of arranging, I went back to this book and found it waybeneficial.
You get to 1 read Mr Mancini s commentary about a particular score example, then 2 listen to a CD of the example while looking at the score Not every example comes with an audio track, but the CD has well over 50 tracks, so you still get an abundance of examples to see AND hear To be able to see the brass sax French horn voicings at the end of Peter Gunn Theme and the string and horn parts in Mr Lucky is pretty amazing.
So, if you know basic techniques of writing for several instruments and sections, and you d like to see and hear how a master of the craft puts it all to use, consider this book a worthwhile investment.
If only it had the vocal arrangement to Bachelor In Paradise , but that s just me being greedy.