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[Willard Price] ò African Adventure [zambia PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ This Man Has Promised To Kill Hal And Roger Hunt Are On The Trail Of A Vicious Man Eating Leopard Yet They Are Also Being Hunted Themselves, By A Merciless Band Of Killers Known As The Leopard Society Can They Trust Their Own Tracker, Joro, Despite Knowing That He Has Pledged To Lead Them To Their Deaths Willard Price was my favorite author in elementary and junior high school I am 41 now His stories are about a man and his sons focus on the sons who travel the world There is a strong educational and conservationist theme through the series of books without taking away from the adventure.
Like the John Wayne movie The Cowboys, this book will have boy believing he can do anything he sets his mind to.
My older sons loved the few books available in the library, but I never saw them available for sale before I m getting them for my younger boys and future grandchildren.

I read nearly all of the books in this series as a child over and over again They certainly sparked my imagination and my interest in the geography, culture and animals of places I knew very little about.
DEFINITELY not just for boys, since I as a girl and other girls I knew loved the books.