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[Gina Wilkins] ☆ The Date Next Door (Silhouette Special Edition #1799) [read-for-college PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Attending Her Neighbor S High School Reunion Wasn T Exactly Nicole Sawyer S Idea Of A Good Time But Widower Joel Brannon Had Asked Her Along To Help Fend Off His Classmates Prying Questions, And She Couldn T Seem To Refuse Him Anything Except After A Few Slow Dances Not To Mention Moonlight Kisses Nic Wanted Than A Stolen Weekend With A Man She Knew Wasn T Ready For A RelationshipOr Was He Joel Had Loved And Lost, But He Wasn T Quite Ready To Give Up On The Possibility That He D Find Love Again Because The Walls Time Had Built Around His Broken Heart Came Dangerously Close To Collapsing Whenever Nic Was Near

The date next door is about a police officer named Nicole who lives next to a doctor named Joel Joel had lost his wife a long time ago and he has a high school reunion coming and he invited Nicole to go The last reunion he went by himself and his friends didn t talking about his wife who was also his classmate in high school so he wanted to bring Nicole along to make his friend feel comfortable After a couple of dances, Nicole is acutally falling in love with her neighbor They became close and she got to know abot him and his wife This book tells me that there is someone out there for everyone If they haven t found it yet, don t worry They will soon find it but they just have to look deeper Sometimes the person was always there but they just didn t notice it I think this book is a great book because it tells us that we should cherish what we have a move away from the past and enjoy the future.