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[Julia Cho] Ó The Language Archive [art-books-monographs PDF] Read Online ð Quietly beautiful and profound play about love and language This is definitely one of the most beautiful plays I have ever read and I would love to see it performed.
This was great Funny, emotional, unique I m about to be involved in a production of this and I can t wait

I ve watched this play at least 10 times due to the fact that I worked on a production of this, and here are some unwanted observations from yours truly.
Cons1 Julia Cho likes to use overblown metaphors.
2 One of the main characters tells a suicidal man that he should go deeper into his sadness Kind of like Inception, but for sadness 3 The concept of the language of love is kind of.
uh, I don t know, hard to do well without making it sound kinda cliche.
Pros1 Despite its faults, this play can be charming, and almost heartfelt with the right actors.
2 Has some good insights on unrequited love at times 3 A short lesson in Esperanto.
Lyrical, funny and beautiful Very satisfying.
i read this my first time going to the drama bookstore in NY and when i looked up from the pages, everything was beautiful and worth finding what can i say julia cho s an instant favorite for me.
This is a beautiful play about love, heartbreak, and language Love as something unique, shared between two people as an act of faith and creation as something intangible as something that morphs and changes and lasts or doesn t It s very sincere, but hit me at a good time.
25 Beautiful writing by a master of the craft This work shimmers with humor and wisdom.
George Is A Man Consumed With Preserving And Documenting The Dying Languages Of Far Flung Cultures Closer To Home, Though, Language Is Failing Him He Doesn T Know What To Say To His Wife, Mary, To Keep Her From Leaving Him, And He Doesn T Recognize The Deep Feelings That His Lab Assistant, Emma, Has For Him This play is phenomenal.
We meet a linguist the moment before his wife decides to leave him and learn about love, pain, and language through all of his experiences that follow her announcement It s a truly beautiful play that looks at heartbreak and love through many different lenses without every feeling like it is about love The play examines love as much as it does sadness and independence and pursuing dreams.
There are so many powerful quotes in this play and several images that will stick with you long after you ve finished reading.