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· Read ↠´ Incubus by Juliet Dark ☆ Since Accepting A Teaching Position At Remote Fairwick College In Upstate New York, Callie McFay Has Experienced The Same Disturbingly Erotic Dream Every Night A Mist Enters Her Bedroom And Takes The Shape Of A Seductive Stranger Who Ravishes Her In The Most Wholly Satisfying Ways Possible But Callie Soon Realizes That Her Dreams Are Alarmingly Real She Has A Demon Loveran Incubusand He Will Seduce Her, Pleasure Her, And Eventually Suck The Very Life From Her Then Callie Makes Another Startling Discovery Her Incubus Is Not The Only Mythical Creature In Fairwick This book had such promise for me after reading the summary I thought it was going to be a paranormal romance with modern and gothic elements woven into the story, but this book was nothing like I expected.
The book starts out slow for me and doesn t pick up much after that The character of Callie was hard to get attached to in the fact that I couldn t find myself really liking her I am not sure if it was her personality or the overall writing of this character but Callie never evolved into a true character in my mind I also felt the cover to be misleading as well When you look at the cover before reading the summary, you expect it to be young adult That cover just screams that genre to me Then when you read the summary, you realize this is in no way a young adult book The sex scenes involved in this book were poorly executed and just creepy at times Also, unless you are a fan of heavy narrating, be prepared for quite a bit of story with very little dialogue Predictability is very prominent in the story as you will have figured out the plot line very early on So if you are looking for suspense and drama in that aspect, be prepared to be disappointed.
This was one of those books that I had to force myself to finish and it felt like a chore reading it instead of enjoyment This is book is proof that you can t judge a book by its cover, but also by its summary.
I wasn t so excited to start this book Why It may sound shallow but it was the title Yes, I thoughtOh demon lover, typical romance story yawns Boring stuff.
But again shallow, I know the cover was great and I had to make sure it s alright by reading the summary After it passed inspection I requested the galley After a few days I got the confirmation email happy dance and started reading And I had such a wonderful surprise The story was amazing I probably was in the mood for some nice paranormal romance but it turned out to be of an urban fantasy so never mind that and the book seemed to be a gold mine Demon Lover has a bit of a fairytale ish feel to it Fall in love, break the spell, get married, live happily ever after with your 10 kids, one dog, three cats and a pet hamster I m a sucker for these stories, so I was having the time of my life, as you can imagine This lasted for about 25% of the book, the rest ending up mediocre.
I m so angry that the book didn t continue on the Road of Awesomeness it walked on at the beginning I can still see the scene in front of the house, heavy rain falling down and Callie seeing the beautiful demon s face between the droplets It got stuck to my mind sighs But back to reality Why am I so disappointed Good question The book got into too many details It made me feel like I m watching Lost again and I m not happy about this, trust me So many mysteries and very few answers All this made me feel confused and close to getting a headache.
Callie was a normal heroine Nothing much was standing out with her I didn t love nor hate her I actually find it difficult to make an opinion on her, how strange is that Liam duh and Ralph yes, I m talking about the mouse are my favorite characters.
Thinking about it, I didn t actually love aka obsess about any characters in the book I either liked them or was having neutral feelings towards them I was excited about the Incubus at the beginning but since the story morphed into something else he was gone sniff Some characters were nice but some seemed useless Probably there will be books to come and they will have an important part in them But speaking of Demon Lover, they didn t please me I got bored pretty often while reading the book.
Ah and before I forget, scenes with the Incubus please The ending made the book earn an extra star It was too much of a tease but it made me want to read the next book I guess I ll be keeping an eye on this series.

Such a complicated book rating The Demon Lover takes a lover of Gothic fiction, books and old legends and lore and plants her in a small town where most of the residents and co workers at the local college aren t what they seem The slow paced story lands Callie in interesting situations as she s drawn to a rambling, old house filled with the legend of an Incubus, and by the end of the book the reader isn t sure who to trust Truthfully Callie seems TOO trusting of some of the residents I don t particularly care, and not trusting enough of a particular Incubus, but that aside it s a unique story.
First, there s always instant kudos for main characters who are book lovers Not only that, but she has her class watch gothic films like Rebecca, Dracula, and a few others What a fun class that must be There s some red herrings on who is who and what is what I finally guessed one of them accurately, but it goes through my mind on several occasions that someone else may be a villain or friend in disguise For example, hasn t she ever heard not to trust the fae We shall see.
While the premise is strong and the plotline drew me in right away, the slow paced story seemed to lose its direction a few times The author could have combatted this by tying up some loose ends sooner, chopping down on small things that could have been left out of the story, or else adding in a little steam For a story that involves an Incubus, it s disturbingly vague on intimate details, even if you do realize its going on quite a bit But stillGothic vibes galore and paranormally rich, this would have been a four star had it not been for that ending Depressing and slightly lackluster, it soured my enjoyment down a star, but I m curious on the second and how much better I m sure this series will keep getting.
And seriously, I want to be a literature professor of gothic literature No Shakespeare needed for me, thanks Is there even such a thing Some fictional characters have all the luck.
1,5 starsI lost four days of my life with this story I m stubborn , so.
excuse me some ramblings.
I m sorry, but this was one of the most boring books i ve ever read What happened here Where was the story of the demon lover Where was the romance Where was the intensity Each night I woke or thought I awoke to a moonlit room The shadows reached for me and swelled into the dark lover I d feel his weight on my chest and then, just when I thought I d suffocate, he d press his lips to mine and blow his breath into my lungs and we d make love long, deep, utterly spine rocking, toe curling sex that went until the first light of day.
Yeah, hotnot.
And Gothic This o.
0 Where In the salacious descriptions of Dalhia s books That by the way, where not sexy.
or eroticbut ugh.
or meh The title of this book.
lol, well, that was really pushing it Maybe if it had been called My brief encounters with the tides and shadows of lips and fingersi would have been okay with it.
but calling this The demon Lover , well that would ve implied that this would have been the main focus of all the words that i read, until i got to the last page In case, you re missing the point It wasn t This could have been good There the reason why i kept reading it Because i wanted it to get better I really did I wanted to read about the Incubus, and in the end i wanted to hear about Liam The only interesting character in the god damn book Callie was a pretentious character, who in a blink of an eye took to being a magical being, with absolutely no problem whatsoever Hey i m the gatekeeperNo problemHey, the iron rat has just transformed itself into a living beingNo problem Hey, i may be falling in love with Liam, and i don t know if he s really the Incubus, but since my good friends, the witches, say he is, then i m going to hurt him, and sending to a bleak and dark placeand hey, since i m not vain, or anything Right , i have no problem in dying and transforming myself into shadows such as the demon lover Because i don t want him in the flesh and the bone doesn t matter that the poor guy, has been trying to become human once and for all , What i do WANT is, this dark and misterious shadow creature Logic, please Then i have to say, that, just because one is making soup, it doesn t mean that one will have to use all the available ingredients in the world Because, then, the soup, that could have been tasty, becomes.
not eatable, at all.
Capice What was this A zoo of supernaturals Vampires i m sorry, they prefer to be called by nocturnals , witches, demons daimons , Incubus, succubus, brownies, fairies, norsewhateverrats Hey, the rat can type in the computer facepalm and other animals that are the supernaturals familiarsthis was just too muchand not interesting at all.
Even though, the writing was not that bad, and i would like to know what will happen with, you know who, i cannot force myself to read the second one.