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[ Read Online A No Risk Affair ó folk-tales PDF ] by Carole Mortimer â A divorced mother of two she was a teen mom and her much older famous author new neighbor Not my preferred setup but actually I enjoyed this a lot Strange because there wasn t much angst and the Hero in this is actually super sweet, patient, understanding He s just a damn swell fella In fact, he s openly smitten with her from the first page and spends the whole book being kind, passionate, and supportive to her.
The heroine was a bit hard to take at times, very accusing and jealous for no reason at the start, but she had her good moments too, such as her cheerful morning after attitude and taking the initiative to go and hunt down the H at the end I just plain liked this book Even though there wasn t any overblown drama or suffering, it still wasn t boring and got you right in the feels I have a preference for cruel heroes and Sin was the opposite of that, but somehow his honest, ardent love for the heroine won me overI d want to marry you if I had to crawl down the aisle with broken legsD awwDoes that mean you will marry me If you won t mind being married to an idiot I m sorry I called you that even if you can be a little dense at times2cute Wonderful,beautiful and exceptional love story i will never forget.
Robyn Warner are a young singel mother to twins and lives happily in peace til the devilish charmer of an reporter Sin Thornton comes into her live to steal her heart.
Sin really stole my heart with his sexy charm and i just swooned over his oh so obvious love to the heroine,and i just wanted to shake her for not realizing it.
He is a besotted hero and his passionate love for Robyn just made my day.
I so much want to meet a man like that in real life The ex husband was a true selfish bastard and i were just so satisfied when the heroine gave him that slap in the end A great read,filled with warm sexy romance

RE A No Risk Affair once again the boundaries of HPlandia are stretched, we again have a divorced h a 24 yr old mum of twins who works for her ex s Uncle running tours of his National Trust house She has been divorced from her international journalist husband for a few years She married at 18 and after the ex started in with the other women and found the parenting role too much to take, he asked her for a divorce.
CM s scenario is probably the most realistic example of divorce in HPlandia to date Unlike Penny Jordan s Six Month Marriage this is not a reconciliation story with a divorced H and h, and while Anne Mather s Act of Possession h DOES have a different H rather than her ex AM still felt she had to satisfy the conventions and kill the prior husband off before the H and h could have a REAL ie Church wedding In a way it makes sense that it would be a CM book that makes a divorced h okay and doesn t kill anybody off for a church wedding she is still one of the youngest writer s in HPlandia at this time and HP s in the real world are still fighting for market shares withup to date stories The fact that she actually names her H in this one Sin, no eye rolls please 0 , shouldn t make us HPlandian s overlook the fact that slowly but surely, the HP s are changing and the HPUniverse is moving on with the times CM actually brings in a new trope in this one too A trope that we will ALL come to know very well over the years and is one of the most frequent plot drivers used today More on this later tho The story starts with the h meeting her new temporary neighbor for the first time He thinks she is a teenager and flirts with her while he is asking if her mum is home and can spare a cup of milk The h gets that he thinks she is a kid and to really set him up, she invites him to dinner later He accepts and it is off to work she goes.
There we meet the really obnoxious daughter of the Uncle she is 19 and all atwitter at the new man coming to stay at the estate Turns out our H is a former international war journalist who has turned novelist and is here to interview the Uncle about his long and distinguished military career The obnox daughter is also convinced she can lure the H with her wicked charms, and she is generally completely horrible to the h to boot and really despises her kids The h hangs on to her temper as best she can, but the strom s abrewin and most sensible kitties would take shelter.
The H shows up for dinner only to be greeted by two young fraternal twins, they are thrilled to meet him and he happily plays with them after acknowledging he has been had He isn t upset about the h s little deception, he seems rather happy that such a hot mum and two entertaining kids are right next door The h is attracted but wary and the H is doing all he can to encourage that.
Thus starts the rapid courtship by the H, he is always popping over and doing things with the twins that has to include mum naturally, and though the obnox daughter tries to entice him, he apparently isn t in the market for a 19 year old s charms He also manipulates the h into working with him while interviewing the Uncle and the h decides it might be a good idear for a brief fling as she is missing thephysical aspects of marriage.
Then the ex husband calls up wanting the kids for the weekend and this sends the h into a panic and incidentally starts a trope that will become an HPLandia pillar, that of a non married parent wanting custody of a child The h really doesn t like her ex and he never comes to see his kids, or pays support for them either , but she has heard rumors that he is considering a new wife and her brain goes into overdrive She winds up in bed with our H, who takes it upon himself to find out what the ex is up to We don t get the actual scene, but the upshot is the ex is remarrying and the H informs the ex that he is marrying the h to discourage any attempts to gain custody by claiming unfit motherhood The h is flabbergasted and the twins are not happy about the ex dad or the potential new mum The h and H are fighting about their engagement and it doesn t help that the Uncle is convinced that the ex wants to resume the marriage The h throws the H out and he leaves, while the h is missing him and worried about a custody battle Things don t improve when the obnox daughter throws her two cents in and the h tells her off but good The daughter becomes a bit less obnoxious and the h firms up her backbone.
Finally, the h goes to confront her ex and finds out that he was using his kids to determine if his potential wife was into parenthood Since the visit was pretty much a failure all around, the ex is cutting his losses on gaining part of his Uncle s estate and moving to America with his new, well connected lady He doesn t want the kids and he doesn t particularly care if he ever sees them again His using the kids as a litmus test infuriates the h and she gives him a well deserved punch in the face Then she runs to the H and declares she loves him and he loves her back, loves her kids and just wants them to be a big happy family together.
Cue the rosy sunset and the happy scene, all is well in HPlandia again Not only is a divorced h becoming acceptable, we now get the basic source for hundreds of enjoyable hours of blackmail, coercion and forced marriages custody contentions over children whose parents aren t married This one is a real landmark in HPlandia and also a fairly quick but sweet story, give it a chance and just remember when you re reading the latest blackmail forced marriage over a child trope it was written here first, and with some refinements and twists has become an HP staple.
This has all the elements of a good Carole Mortimer book There s the young mother, the ex husband who s such a lousy father, a good looking neighbour, and the other woman Robyn is working for her ex s uncle, the other woman is her husband s cousin, and the neighbour is Sinclair who is a journalist just like her ex The whole story is based around Robyn s mistrust of the commitment a roving journalist could make Sinclair, poor fellow, is not given a voice, but you get the feeling he would rush her off her feet if only she could get over her trust issues.
An oldie but goody.
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Slightly better than the previous book I read by her.
Sin Had Robyn Running ScaredMarried At Eighteen, The Neglected Mother Of Twins At Nineteen, Divorced At Twenty Two, Robyn Had Faced A Lot In Her Marriage To A No Good, Selfish CharmerSo Right From The Start She Tried To Discourage Easygoing Author Sinclair Thornton From Invading Her Life The Twins Have Enough Problems Adjusting To One Part Time Father, She Informed Him A Second One Would Be Just Too Much Robyn Wanted His Caresses Without Emotional Intimacy, But Sin Wouldn T Be Satisfied Until She Went All The Way