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[Kelly O'Rourke] ☆ The Mad House (Halloween, Book 3) [brazil PDF] Ebook Epub Download õ Christine Ray S Summer Has Been Nothing But Lame Dates And Boring Camping Trips She Wants At Least One Interesting Adventure Before It S Over Then She Sees The Ad Volunteer Film Crew Needed For Documentary On Haunted Sites Spend The Night At Smith Grove Mental Hospitalif You Dare She Definitely Dares That Place Is The Ultimate Scary Site Michael Myers Himself Was Locked Up There For Fifteen Years What An Adventure But What She And Her New Filmmaking Friends Don T Know Is That Michael Myers Still Has A Room At Smith Grove And Visiting Hours Are Over Based On One Of The Most Popular Horror Franchises Of All Time Instant Logo And Name Recognition In The Series, Following The Scream Factory And The Old Myers Place I have only read this and Scream Factory but this was definitely the best out of the two What started out with the apparent intention of being a longer series of books ultimately met its end in The Mad House, the third book in this Halloween series for young adult readers The three novels particularly the first and third do leave some unanswered questions, but they make for engaging reading, and I d have liked to see at least a few additional installments for fans of the Halloween franchise Perhaps my most pressing question about the books is this Where is Dr Loomis on these three occasions when Michael Myers returns to Haddonfield to continue his series of grisly murders The good doctor is nowhere to be found in the pages of The Scream Factory, The Old Myers Place or The Mad House, a strange development when considering that he has been Michael Myers s most consistently successful adversary Of course, it s possible that the books are completely ignoring the fourth, fifth and sixth movies and assuming that Loomis died in the explosion at the end of Halloween II, and that Michael Myers walked away from it despite the police officially ruling that he had been burned to cinders Or they could be going by the explanation given in Halloween H2O Twenty Years Later, that Loomis survived the explosion but died a natural death in the 1990s Since these books were all published before that seventh film of the franchise, it s conceivable to think that Michael Myers could have caught up to Laurie Strode at Hillcrest Academy as depicted in Halloween H2O on the Halloween following the one during which the events of The Mad House took place Of course, that wouldn t quite explain why Laurie is under the impression that Michael Myers has been presumed dead for twenty years in Halloween H2O, since his killing sprees in these three books have clearly been attributed to him and even though Laurie is in a witness relocation program she surely would have heard what happened But I wouldn t expect the movie producers to have taken pains to line up continuity with an independent book series, and I have to hand it to author Kelly O Rourke on doing everything in her power to get her continuity ducks in a row before beginning this series of books, if my suppositions are correct The Mad House takes place mostly at Smith s Grove Sanitarium called Smith Grove Mental Hospital in the story, though I m unsure of any possible reason for the subtle change , where the catatonic Michael Myers lived from age six after murdering his older sister, Judith to age twenty one, when he escaped in 1978 to hunt down his other sister, Laurie In a style somewhat reminiscent of 2002 s Halloween Resurrection, a young filmmaker Eddie is interested in shooting a documentary at Smith s Grove, and lobbies a group of teenagers from his school, Haddonfield High, to help in the making of the film Though Michael Myers had returned to Haddonfield only one year previous, and evaded police custody after the ensuing bloodbath, Eddie and his friends aren t really concerned that they might be in danger from him at the sanitarium Why would Michael Myers choose to return to Smith s Grove, of all places In fact, the documentary that Eddie plans to shoot isn t even about Michael Myers Eddie has his sights set on a ghost story, as the angry spirit of a psychotic former doctor from Smith s Grove has been rud to haunt the abandoned institution, and Eddie wants to see if he can catch the vengeful wraith on camera Michael Myers has returned to Smith s Grove though, of course, to wait in vain for his parents to finally pick him up just as he so waited every day for the fifteen years that he lived in the facility When the sanctity of his silent vigil is breached by the coming of Eddie and his assistant filmmakers, Michael Myers will embark on one last killing spree and leave us in suspense up through the final moments as to who might be lucky enough to survive to the end of the book I would easily give this book one and a half stars, and it s very close as to whether I want to round that in between rating up or down The idea of a book series about Michael Myers has excellent potential I wonder if one day it may be revived, and the soulless Boogeyman will return to kill in print once again I d be happy to see them give the concept another go.
Very enjoyable, better than the F13th YA series from around the same time at least these ones feature the real killer.