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☆ Read Ö The Conspiracy Game (Tully Harper, #1) by Adam Holt ☆ Astronaut Recommended Sci Fi No Glittery Vampires Allowed Mike Harper Is Just Another Astronaut Looking For Water On Mars Then He Encounters The Device That Almost Takes His Life Instead, It Makes Him A Living Legend, But It Also Means Time Away From Earthand His Only SonNot So Fast This Time Tully Harper Won T Be Left Behind This Summer Tully Puts Away His Video Games And Plans A Mission Of His Own To Sneak Into Space And Survive To Do That He Will Need Plenty Of Help From Little Bacon, His Pint Sized Android, And His Two Best Friends Along The Way, They Will Uncover The Conspiracy Game And Change The Fate Of The Solar System The Conspiracy Game Is The First In The Tully Harper Series, Which Continues With The Rath Chaos Tully S Enthusiasm For Space Travel And Commitment To His Friends Sends This Story Deep Into Our Solar System It S A Quirky, Fun Book That Also Manages To Treat Space Travel Seriously Astronaut Jerry Ross, Author Of Spacewalker fun and exciting story about space and trust in relationships So perfect I need the next book ASAPI loved Tully his character was so great Even though Trackman and Sawyer were who they were I really liked the characters and how they evolved the way they did, but I m super weird Just like after I read The Diviners by Libba Bray and I said I loved Naughty John Anyway overall amazing book Everyone read it Us Friendswood kids gotta stick together.

The Conspiracy Game is the self published freshman effort by Adam Holt, and is Book One in his Tully Harper series Tully Harper is the son of Mike Harper an astronaut for the Space Alliance While on Mars looking for water, Mike discovers an alien object christened the Harper Device Hoping this device will provide unlimited power among other things, the Space Alliance decides to bring the object back to earth where it proceeds to mess with the weather on the planet It is decided the Harper device is too dangerous to remain on Earth and Mike Harper is called on with his crew to take the device to the Moon Meanwhile, his son Tully, and his friends Sunjay and Tabitha, plan to sneak on to Tully s father s ship to help him after the Harper device starts communicating with Tully This was a good freshman effort by Mr Holt It provided a solid base of science in an easily digestible manner The characters were engaging for the most part The plot was good and kept me reading The problem with the book was for each of the good aspects, there was a niggling but for each one.
The characters were engaging for the most part, but tended to be a bit one dimensional, lacking in the nuances of motivation All the characters were either good or bad, no shades I kept waiting for Trackman and Sawyer to grow as characters but unfortunately, they never moved past the moustache twirling bad guy There was potential for , especially with the android Sawyer, but it never materialized.
The plot was good and kept me reading, but it really seemed to bog down for most of the middle of the book The first fifty pages and the last seventy five make the novel.
I can see real potential for Adam Holt as an author Although this was not a great first novel, I m not ready to write him off I suspect I ll see great things from him the future.
5 of 5 stars I m rounding this up to a 3.
5 starsI was surprised to really like this book My stars for the following reasons Stuff I liked Entertaining and instructive I learned a few tricks about astronauts and travelling in space Even the composition of a comet I liked that the author integrated a lot of research in the story rather than pouring out all the science facts as a manual Characters They had distinct voices and the dialogue was smooth and entertaining Tully s reactions and thoughts were in sync and well described They sounded genuinely teens without the swearwords and teentalk Tully and Tabitha grow close together which paves the way for the second book Tully grows as a character and he learns to control his emotions World building All the little gadgets, video games, I guess, are quite futuristic Love the idea of hoverboards And the navigation inside the space station is entertaining too Basketball is so much better without gravity Eating your food too you can shoot the food right to the mouth floating food I have a soft spot for Doctor Who and Stargate series, so the other world aliens spaceship and time travel pick my interest From the Earth world to spaceships weird to have aqua stuff crawling on their skin Hard to imagine Style I really like the fact that everything scifi actual or futuristic is explained in very simple language How it could have been better or things that bugged me Believability Travelling in space is not as easy as the author made it sound Really that easy to sneak into space in an animal suit Pacing Goals The first half of the book, up to around page 150, is entertaining but also aimless I wondered whether there was a plot or a story Nice to have an opening frame and a long backstory but much better to have Tully get on with his life in The Adversity and sparse the backstory The Harper Device, whether it s good or bad is forgotten for these first pages There is some tension, such as falling from a roof, being caught plotting etc.
, but not enough conflict and goals The why okay, Tully did not want to be left behind I did not feel a great deal of fatherly love between father and son Astronaut Harper barely spends time with his son The grey Characters seem to be either white or black I would have loved to see a darker side of Tully an angry side of him for the lack of attention from Dad or something similar growing up and becoming as responsible as an adult controlling his emotions is not too bad but it s less riveting All characters could benefit from having a flaw Lincoln for example, I expected to be the good but alas I was disappointed my tender image of StarTrek s Data who yearns to be human is completely ruined I would have liked to see a good side of Trackman and to see him introduced much earlier The visions they are not really explained how does the Harper Device KNOW the future Big fan of Doctor Who and time travel but is there some kind of time loop and portal that the Harper Device can access To travel from one spaceship to another, they actually have to rely on Tully s dreams visions Big leap there, no pun intended The visions act as spoilers or clues clueless clues Didn t like those Felt like deus ex machina Like the Harper Device shaped destiny or something Would I recommend this book A definite yes I really think we needscience fiction books for young adults for fans of Enders Game and Kincaid s Insignia The main issue with the book was a slow start I m happy I stuck to it and the ending totally redeems it and it is absolutely gripping I am looking forward to book number 2 and Tabitha s fate and all the aliens aquarium thingies.
Thank you to the author for giving me this opportunity to write a review on this wonderful book which I won on Goodreads giveaway.