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[ Pdf Being Draculas Widow ✓ cats PDF ] by Faith Marlow á loved it next, please Valeria was married to Count Dracular, she never wanted to be a monster by monster I mean a vampire Valeria was 1st of 3 wives well four if you want to count the last one whose husband was a vampire slayer and killed the other wives Illona begged Valeria to take care of her son no matter what, and by some crazy reason the slayer didn t kill Valeria, and Valeria went back to the house to save Emil.
14 years later Valeria has cared for Emil like a mother would never letting harm come to him he was sheltered unless you call knowing everything about being a vampire is being sheltered Nephew and aunt as mother and son grew very close they lived in a cabin in the woods far away from anyone She had thought that Emil needed to learn a trade so they moved to Brasov Emil and Valeria went and bought new clothes to fit in and a nice house, Emil thrived there they became known in Brasov for the better Emil got a job at a printing house he really liked his job he was fitting in nicely One day Emil came home from work rather ticked off in he walked and showed a book he had to her it was written by a man name Stoker, he told of a child being brought into Dracular s castle and his real mother left to get eaten by wolves , he asked if he has brothers or sisters Emil was so mad he who adored Ilona called her a whore Valeria slapped him and he told her to get out, she wasn t welcomed.
Valeria retreated to the woods into the snowed in cabin she stayed for quite a while before she even fed she had hit rock bottom, she even visioned the count When she just about had it she thought revenge on the slayer revenge on the author of the book to bring this upon Emil the way he did So she ditched the trunk full of her belongings and made up a knapsack of what she needed and away she went BEGIN AGAIN as Emil told her.
Valeria ended up in France where she met Lamond she met him one night intending to kill him but she soon found that he changed, and they had a whirlwind time in France a little too much fun just what she needed soon Lamond couldn t hold her back she was restless and she needed the revenge would she succeed or will she hunt them down or will she be the hunted This book was amazing Valeria is such a strong character and to see her almost break was heartbreaking Faith makes the task of sucking blood out of a host sensual and breathtaking Faith has a way with words Wow The second installment was just as exciting as the first one loved loved it I hope there might me another one from American b I thought Being Mrs Dracula was brilliantly written, and was than happy to dig into Being Dracula s Widow I was hoping it would be just as good, but got a wonderful surprise when I discovered it was even better Over ten years have passed since that dreadful night where Van Helsing killed her entire family Well, not everyone, because no one was thinking of poor little Emil in the castle Valeria got to him in the nick of time and she has been keeping both of them safe since then The years pass and Emil is growing up to be a young man To make sure Emil gets a career and learns to behave in society, they move to Brasov, where Emil becomes an apprentice at the local publishing house For a while, everything seems to be going fine, right until the moment where Emil comes home one night carrying a book Now this isn t any book, but the very book of Bram Stoker Dracula Somehow he has gotten the whole story from someone as has written it down AND published it You can imagine how Emil reacts to certain parts of the book, parts that Valeria has tried to hide from Emil.
Long story short Valeria finds herself without a home, tossed out and alone Determined to find the ones responsible for the death of her family and for revealing a secret, Valeria sets out to get the revenge she has been craving for years Her first stop is in Paris, Fleur s hometown Just as she is trying to pick up the pieces of her heart and move on, she stumbles over a young man named Lamond The question is, will he be enough to distract her from her vengeance, or will her quest lead her to her doom I can t even begin to describe how amazing Being Dracula s Widow is Valeria was my favorite wife of Dracula To follow her, see her trying to move on after Emil threw her out But she isn t so forgiving Not towards the hunters who killed her sister wives, to the author who wrote the damn book that sold her out, nor toward herself When she meets Lamond he turns her world upside down, and she can feel herself starting to fall for him Unfortunately, she still has some unfinished business with Van Helsing and Harker, not to mention Bram Stoker Seeing how Stokers book was being used as a guideline, a map to find them all that was cool Seriously LOVED the ending.
Faith made a wonderful continuation of Being Mrs Dracula filled with heartache, sorrow, despair, hate, desperation, but also with hope, love, and forgiveness.
Can t wait to read by Faith Ms Marlow is a definite author to watch Her writing is captivating and consistent.
In this story, we get to see how Valeria s life has changed having become the parent to Emil for her love, Ilona We get to watch Emil grow into a young man and discover how the world around him changes his actions When he discovers a book that tells all, he feels he is left with no choice but to disown the one woman that has raised him as her own, Valeria.
Valeria is all alone, something she hasn t experienced in years She s out for her revenge now Hiding in the shadows and scavenging for her meals to not become noticed, she comes upon Lamond while on her mission Her plans to stay alone and deal with her inner demons all change when he becomes a part of her life, the life she thought was completely dead in her world.
There are not enough words as to how I couldn t help but feel everything that Valeria had gone thru and how Ms Marlow did an amazing job on writing this.
I was gifted a copy for an honest review.

This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review Being Dracula s Widow is the sequel to Being Mrs Dracula and continues about 10 years after where we left the characters at the end of book one, those that survived anyhow.
Unlike book one most of this is not written in journal form and predominantly stick with one character s journey which I appreciated Characters that you think you know from the original Dracula story are given new voices and there are some very clever twists sometimes reinterpreting the well known tale and sometimes inventing a new path that could have been followed.
The mix makes for a well written tale that again will appeal to traditional vampire novel lovers This, in my opinion, would definitely need to be read as part of the series but as book 1 is a marvelous read as well that should not be considered a hardship.
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ng When it comes to Dracula or Vlad I will grab the book immediately Now we have a book about the wives Believe me this book is a beautiful detail of the life of the first wife Valeria You will fall in love with her Even through all of her heartaches she tries to hold on to her humanity You will feel like you are part of her world You will hope for her and cry for her and mourn for her losses This story left me begging for A must read Have read both Dracula s Bride and Widow Excellent stories and great companions to the original Bram Stokers Dracula Loved it and recommend highly Valaria I really liked and although she did take out Van Helsing she wasn t just out to kill Great book.
Ms Marlow has done it again She has managed to keep me addicted to this masterpiece and break my heart at the same time I love how Bram Stoker s Dracula was weaved throughout the story and how this phenomenal author made me believe that the story was actually about Dracula s characters I was enchanted and intrigued from beginning to end and I must say this author is making history in 2014 on an old classic This book should be the NEW classic of all time I highly recommend this wickedly heart wrenching and amazingly twisted story to all vampire lovers You will not be disappointed Over A Decade Has Passed Valeria And Emil, Aunt And Nephew, Are Living New Lives In Brasov But When A Book Is Published Bearing Her Late Husband S Name, Valeria S Darkest Secret Is Exposed And Her Happy Life Is Left In Ruins Valeria Sets Out On A Mission To Find Out Who Revealed Her Story To The World But She Meets A Distraction In Paris She Was Not Prepared For, Someone Who Changes Everything Will Valeria Survive Her Own Blood Thirst, Or Will She Allow A New Opportunity For Happiness To Slip Through Her Fingers