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[Megan O'Russell] ✓ The Sirens Realm (The Tethering, #2) [world-of-warcraft PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ú An excellent sequel to the story Great arc and believable characters Cant wait for This is a really great sequel It continues the story right away without a lot of need for recap, but there are enough reminders sprinkled in so that you don t forget where everything left off The characters are familiar with a few new ones thrown into the mix I was thrilled to seeof the centaurs The super complicated relationship between the two main characters doesn t feel at all like drama for the same of drama there are real life dangers that keep away any teen angst element And the Siren s realm was really interesting and creepy but I won t give anything away.
The writing itself is simple and clean I don t remember any goofs The dialogue always feels natural I think any fan of the first book will be very pleased with this sequel It definitely didn t disappoint ME.
Definitely grab these two books for quick Fantasy reads I m interested to see where this goes next, especially after the final scene.
Jacob Loves Emilia Gray, But Things Aren T Always That Simple In The World Of MagickindThe War Has Begun The Dragons Are Gaining Power, And The Gray Clan Stands Alone Desperate To Find A Way To Stop The Pendragon, Emilia Is Forced To Seek Answers From Someone Who Hasn T Been Seen In Seventeen Years Her Mother Embarking On A Magical Journey Filled With Witches, Wizards, Centaurs And A Dangerous And Powerful Siren, Jacob And Emilia Must Take A Leap Of Faith To A Land Neither Could Have Ever Imagined And Hope They Can Then Find Their Way Home I received this book for free as part of Goodreads First Reads giveaways This review may contain spoilers.
Although this book is the second in a series, I found it easy to follow though it was hard not to read about a red haired character named Molly and not picture Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter books films.
I felt a lot of sympathy for Emilia and Jacob in this book, especially at the beginning I liked the fact that, although they were really close friends, it was still hard for Jacob and Emilia to be tethered together I would have liked a bitdetail of how it all worked, though.
I thought the idea of the characters using talismans was a really interesting one I would have liked to knowabout why they had different talismans, though and it was particularly interesting to learn that Jacob s limitations were perhaps different to the other magic users in the book.
I liked Claire an awful lot in this book She was one of those smart mouthed characters who adds a bit of humour and even though some of what she said was cliched, I would have really liked to seeof her in this.
It was good to see how the society of the centaurs differed to what the children were used to By the end of the book, Iz s character had fallen somewhat in my estimation.
I didn t get the opportunity to meet Dexter, but it was good to see how his betrayal had affected Emilia I felt that the emotions between Emilia and Jacob came across as real and sweet There were some hard choices that had to be made but I believed in the relationship between the two characters and also the friendships they formed with others.
I would have liked to see a bitof the people outside of the magic users In some ways, it did seem like Emilia was over using her magic but I thought the author did a good job of showing the differences in the ways Emilia and Jacob viewed and used their magic.
The concept of the Siren s Realm was an interesting one, but I didn t really understand the Siren s motives I would have liked to learn a bitabout her and her world.
At some point in the future, it would be good to read the other books in this series The ending of this one was immediately intriguing and I d like to knowabout the secondary characters, as well as the two main ones.
Well, I must say I am glad there was not a long wait since reading the first book in this series This book was a little different to the first, withemphasis on magic, and I feel the story was toldfrom Emilia s side The second half of the book really amped up the action, which was really enjoyable.
More depth to characters and backstory was introduced, without detriment to the pace of the story There certainly were sufficient twists to keep me happy, with a somewhat unexpected ending Greatly enjoyable.
Sadly I haven t had the pleasure of reading The Tethering, but I think I picked up the story easily enough in The Siren s Realm Due to this, I had no idea how they where tethered, other than a rescue attempt, this did take me a little while to figure out I believe this does stand alone extremely well, but is even better after reading the first book I guess.
The story is well told, and at a very steady pace, neither too fast or slow And the characters, are well thought out and developed Sadly though I didn t really find the story line believable Or Jacob come to that Two teenagers, alone, tethered together, and only platonic Come on we all know there is almost zero chance of that ever happening Maybe I few might but it isn t the norm by a long shot.
Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed the story and I m looking forward to book 3.
A really enjoyable story following directly on from book one where I was left utterly desperate to find out what happened Did not disappoint Except when I got to the end and now have to go through the same emotions while waiting on book three lol I loved the introduction of someof the magical creatures from the world, and also some mystical figures that the reader gets to learn about along with Jacob as the story unfolds Can t wait for

Super interestingI hope there will bein this story It s intriguing and kept me turning the page I am left wanting to know .
Review to come.
After rescuing his best friend from the Dragons, Jacob and Emilia not only have to come to terms with suddenly being forced to grow up but the magical and unbreakable connection between them But time to recover is a luxury they don t have Forced to go into hiding for their own protection, Emilia and Jacob decide to track down the one person that might know how to stop the Pendragon Emilia s long lost mother.
I am really enjoying this series I ve been looking forward to The Siren s Realm ever since I read The Tethering back in February, and it does not disappoint.
Emilia and Jacob are both having to grow up and face the reality of the threats around them, no matter how much Aunt Iz and Molly try to protect them.
Despite the fact that his life has consisted of steady abandonment and being shunned, Jacob is becoming such a strong and caring young man He is dependable and the steady rock for Emilia I felt there was less growth for him in this book, compared to book 1 it wasa case of confirming who he is Along with continued hints towards his magic, which I m excited to readabout I have a feeling he s going to be breaking a few traditional rules and expectations.
I felt this story was muchabout Emilia s personal journey She s emotionally wounded by the betrayal of her boyfriend, Dexter feels victimised by her bastard of a father and guilty about being the cause of so much death and damage by the Dragons She s ready to shut out the rest of the world, and she s losing her grip on her magic It was really lovely to see her find her way and her purpose again.
I loved the relationship between them O Russell has done a fantastic job with how the tethering played out, I think the platonic theme was original, realistic, and I respected Jacob so muchfor his control.
The setting for this book was brilliant, it was much stronger and confident than the first book, O Russell has really hit her stride It is so utterly creative, and you just immerse yourself in this world of magic, and the challenges ahead.
The only low point I had about this book was that, I found especially in the first half, that it was overwhelmed by magic I know it establishes the foundation of this magical world and what witches and wizards find normal, but I found the story slowed a little each time the author paused to throw in one spell or another that solved what a mundane person wouldn t even consider a problem It sometimes felt like magic was used to sweep things along As I say, in the second half, when the story really gets going, you don t notice it.
So all in all, a fab series to get into bring on part 3