Trailer â The Only Witness (Callahan Confidential #2) PDF by â Laura Scott

Trailer â The Only Witness (Callahan Confidential #2) PDF by â Laura Scott Yet another great book Suspense, romance and a HEA ending The storylines always makes you care about the characters Wholesome read with no cursing.
love it I was hooked from the very beginning I found Miles to be a very complex character since he was introduced in Shielding His Christmas Witness Being able to find out what made him tick was great I also loved Paige and Abby One of my favorite parts of any book I read is when the heroine of the story is a single mother Paige is used to doing things for Abby on her own, but when hers and Abby s lives are threatened, she must rely on Detective Miles Callaghan to keep them safe I loved how Laura Scott kept the action coming Just when you thought they were safe, they d be found and forced to flee My jaw literally dropped when the killer was revealed Usually I m pretty good at guessing who the culprit is, but I didn t see it coming this time.
SILENT LITTLE WITNESS Determined To Question The Ex Wife Of A Murder Suspect, Homicide Detective Miles Callahan Arrives Just In Time To Save Her And Her Daughter From A Shooter Leaving The Scene Of A Crime Goes Against His Training, But Protecting Paige Olson And The Little Girl Is Important Than Following The Rules But Now, On The Run With Mother And Child, Miles Must Figure Out What Happened To Paige S Ex Husband And Why Young Abby Won T Say A Word Her Usually Talkative Child S Silence Has Paige Worried Is It Possible She Witnessed Something While Video Chatting With Her Dad If Only They Can Convince The Little Girl To Talk, Then They Might Just Break The Case Wide Open And Stop The Killer Who S Stalking Them At Every Turn 2.
5 stars for an okay read.
The focus was on the characters than the mystery, and I do like a good clue driven mystery After the first intro, I felt like the story fell flat, and I put it aside for a couple weeks without having much urge to return and read Also, the big reveal was an info dump, which was a major stretch I understand that this publisher sets strict limits on space, and I felt that space could have been used much better to build a exciting mystery A whole lot of words went to the repeated oh, if she will only talk and oh, she needs a counselor stat while they are on the run for their lives.
I will be checking out books by this author, though I own several and probably should have started with book one to get a better feel for the hero and his family.
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free review copy.
The Only Witness starts off very good and I liked the characters I wasn t a huge fan of the mystery, but I can t really explain why.
I liked the romance and I also liked how the child played a key role in the storyalthough I did feel bad for her and what she witnessed The way they comforted her while still trying to find out what she saw, was nice All in all, a good book I enjoyed it and recommend it if you like LIS books I received a complimentary eBook copy for my honest review As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
I love the Callahan family Although it s also the name of my kids school principal, so that sometimes takes my mind off the story This is the second book in the Callahan Confidential series Abby witnesses something and now she won t talk People are after her and her mom Miles is at the right place at the right time.
I like all three of these characters They are well thought out Rating 5Content Clean, violenceSource Netgalley this review is based on my unbiased opinion.
Laura Scott lives in my state of Wisconsin so it s a must that I read her books I have not been disappointed with any of her books yet.

I can t wait for the next installment of Callahan Confidential series Title The Only Witness Callahan Confidential Author Laura ScottPages 220Year February 2017Publisher Love Inspired SuspenseMy rating is 4 out of 5 stars.
Miles Callahan s best friend has just been murdered One of the prime suspects can t be found, so Miles decides to question the suspects ex wife to see if she knows anything He arrives at her house as gunshots are fired He leaps into action, getting the woman and her young daughter out of the house and away from danger He calls his boss to explain but won t bring them in until he discovers what is going on The woman, Paige, and her daughter, Abby, appear to be innocent of any criminal activity Why then is someone out to kill them Miles also has been investigating his father s murder in his off hours Could that have something to do with Paige and Abby He doesn t see how, but he must consider everything He soon learns that Abby has seen something when she was in contact on the internet with her father However, she is too traumatized to verbalize it or anything else On the run from motel to motel, Miles really needs to know what Abby saw to help keep them safe and to help him hunt down a murderer His protective instincts are in full force where Abby and Paige are concerned, and he quickly feels than friendship for Paige But the timing is not right to start a relationship, plus he has told himself again and again he doesn t want to commit to any long term relationship As the killer gets closer, Miles and Paige get closer to each other and solving the mystery.
These are my favorite travel books I keep one in my car or purse, so if I have some spare time waiting on someone, I can pick up a book and read a few chapters The action begins on page one and entices the reader to continue on until the last page Even in the midst of being shot at, Paige is praying She also prays before eating in front of Miles, who has put a distance between himself and God She lives out her faith for anyone to see, and I like that.
Love the Callahan FamilyPaige s five year old daughter was video chatting with her dad when she saw something that really scared her Miles Callahan is investigating the death of his college classmate who worked with Paige s ex husband As he pulls up to Paige s house he see someone lurking around the house He makes his way into the house and get Paige and Abby out just in the nick of time Miles had lost his faith and his desire to have a long term relationship when his college sweetheart died of cancer But God had other plans Even though they were dodging bullets and hiding from the bad guys, Paige never lost her faith and in doing so showed Miles that God has a plan for everything This book has murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, car chases, and finally love and for Miles a return to his faith Cannot wait for the next Callahan book.