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[ Read Online The Sucking Pit Ä civil-war-navy PDF ] by Guy N. Smith ✓ Hopwas Wood Is A Place Of Mystery And For Generations, Tales Have Been Told About An Ancient Gypsy Burial Site Deep WithinJenny Lawson Always Knew She Had Romany Blood Flowing Through Her Veins And When Given A Secret Book By Her Dying Uncle Can T Resist The Urge To Mix The Ancient Potions Described Inside In A Matter Of Hours The Virginal Jenny Is Transformed Into A Knife Wielding NymphomaniacEntranced By The Mysterious Cornelius, Jenny Uses All Her Womanly Charms To Persuade The Wood S Owner To Let The Gypsy S Set Up Camp On Their Holy Ground Ex Boyfriend Chris, An Investigative Reporter, Is Horrified By The Changes In The Girl He Once Loved And Embarks On A Quest For The Truth Only To Discover The Terror That Lies Deep Within The Sucking Pit Written in 1975 as Guy N Smith s second book after 1974 s WEREWOLF BY MOONLIGHT The Sucking Pit is a short horror novel that manages to pack almost every one of its 111 pages with sex and violence, violence and sex It s a lurid, unpolished read that was obviously knocked out at speed and without much effort By the time THROWBACK was released ten years later, Smith stood firm as a rather efficient writer, better than many of his contemporaries Back in 1975, his writing seems frequently amateurish, with much of his dialogue particularly wooden and implausible.
The idea of a swampy pit that efficiently eats people is nothing new and Smith, realizing that not much fun can be had with the premise the pit itself is immobile and without character makes the villain of his piece a young, nubile girl possessed by gypsy evil Jenny Lawson is a one dimensional character in fact all of the people in the book lack any sort of characterisation, which is the norm for this genre and her presence in the storyline is merely an excuse for lots and lots of nudity and sex, sequences which are frequently dated and therefore amusing to the modern reader Smith s language is admittedly colourful and the author has a liking for purple prose, which makes this book a very amusing read dialogue from the investigating police, for example, is hilarious.
The storyline if you can really call it that is pretty predictable, with minor characters popping up for a couple of pages before being dispatched Things culminate in an exquisitely gruesome climax, which is pretty exciting with plenty of action for the reader as all hell breaks loose While the supernatural elements of the storyline are kept to a minimum, gorehounds will find much to enjoy in the novel s elaborately gory death scenes, which include a tramp being torn to pieces in a graveyard and a villain having the flesh blown from his body and head by the blast of a double barreled shotgun The Sucking Pit is poorly written but strangely hard to dislike anybody who reads it must surely know what they are getting themselves into, so it s hard to criticise it too much Smith provides ample scenes of sexual activity and gory violence with the focus on the former this time around There s nothing to be found here, and nothing less Genre fans get their money s worth with this one, a book that serves as a nostalgia time capsule for 70s horror.
First published back in 1975, The Sucking Pit was Guy N Smith s second published novel, following the release of his debut novel Werewolf By Moonlight in 1974 The Sucking Pit was soon to be haled as an all time pulp horror classic and subsequently saw itself re issued in 1978 and 1989 Even a board game of the spectacular Sucking Pit adventures was contrived at one stage, but only on a very minimal scale.
Set in the heart of Hopwas Wood, in the rural Midlands, Smith begins his eerie tale of satanic urges On the night that local woodsman Tom Lawson passes away, his beautiful and sweet niece Jenny unearths a little black book that was left behind by Lawson s young gypsy wife who had disappeared one night a while ago Jenny Lawson begins to read the passages contained in this harmless looking book, discovering secrets that should never have seen the light of day The book details of a strange potion to be consumed on the hunter s moon Against her better judgment, Jenny Lawson follows the ancient ritual and consumes the powerful potion.
Jenny quickly forgets her old life and now overcome with unquenchable urges, pursues a newly found sexual appetite that the book and its potion have brought to the surface from deep within her Romany blood Leaving behind her old boyfriend Chris Latimer, Jenny finds herself drawn to the giant gypsy traveler Cornelius.
Lawson s unstoppable appetite for power is boiling away Cornelius simply fans the flames as they embark on a bloodthirsty quest for power and sexual gratification Their one true goal is to regain the ancient Romany burial site of their ancestors Deep within the dark depths of Hanging Wood lies a treacherous and seemingly bottomless bog This fathomless pit holds the dark and ancient secrets of the Romany s Nothing that falls in ever manages to escape its deadly sinking depths The bog has a name The Sucking Pit.
Only one man stands in the way of Cornelius s corrupt plan that is centered around the eerie quagmire That man is Lawson s ex boyfriend Chris Latimer, who without giving up all hope on Lawson after her sudden change in character, sets to unearth the dark secrets that surround Lawson s newly acquired company and their attraction to the unforgiving Sucking Pit.
Lasting for a mere 111 pages 158 pages in the larger print re release the novel would possibly be better suited as being classed as a novella From the outset, Smith dives in delivering the set up for a classic pulp horror tale, slotting in plenty of potential for over the top violence and sexual deviancy With the plot quickly established, Smith delivers the goods in abundance The characterization is somewhat predictable and clich d in places, with the characters filling their roles within the unfolding tale to a clearly set criteria Rammed with sex and outrageous violence with a fair old wedge of the occult thrown in for good measure, The Sucking Pit has all the winning ingredients for a great pulp horror novel and a further introduction to what Smith will later have to offer the world Guy doesn t fail in delivering this to us with the sort of non stop action packed pulp horror fest we want from him as we lap up this wildly over the top tale For its simplicities and grossly clich d aspects, The Sucking Pit is far from one of Guy s involved and haunting novels However, the tale is not without its pulp horror charm, unleashing an unashamed abundance of all things nasty with those unmistakable occult undertones that were so predominant in the 70 s pulp horror novels Jenny Lawson s unquenchable desire for non stop sex adds the much needed injection of lurid behavior The murder of a local tramp is deliciously gory, bringing with it a monumental insight into the things to come from this ridiculously prolific writer.
For page after page of pure pulp horror entertainment, this short and sweet novel delivers exactly what you want The novel was later followed up by its 1984 sequel The Walking Dead.
This was quite possibly the trashiest horror novel I ve ever read Luckily for me I happen to like trashy horror novels No it s not porn, but it s easily the most sexual book I ve ever read and no I have not and don t want to read any of the Fifty Shades books But with a name like The Sucking Pit, I guess I shouldn t be surprised Every time I told my wife I was reading a book called The Sucking Pit we both laughed.
I found myself wondering what the hell I was reading than a few times The main character had sex with three different guys in the first 40 pages There s also a huge quicksand muddy pit The Sucking Pit in the woods where she disposes of the bodies of people she and her huge gypsy boyfriend kill People also seem to meet and immediately fall desperately in love with each other throughout the book I know it sounds insane, and it is.
Was it bad though Well, it s no prize winner, but it was short and kept my interest the whole time I can t say the same for at least a dozen Stephen King books, and I love King books It s junkfood horror for sure, but hey, sometimes that s all you need Speaking of junkfood horror, next up with Guy N Smith is The Slime Beast which I think sounds trashy and awesome To horror aficionados, Guy N Smith s The Sucking Pit is legend It is a short sharp and compelling horror novella that still packs a decent punch The story is jam packed with gypsies, cops, reporters, ruthless land owners, magic potions or curses, private detectives, and The Sucking Pit itself like a black hole whatever goes in does not come out It only took me 44 years to catch up with this little gem A good short novel is always a great experience It s reminiscent of a Robert Bloch or a John Skipp Excellent.
The Sucking Pit ist ein Sumpfloch in einem Wald, in dem Zigeuner schon seit Zeiten ihre Toten bestatten Als Guy N Smith das B chlein schrieb, gab es noch keine Diskussion dar ber, ob die Bezeichnung Zigeuner eine Diskriminierung darstellt F r Smith sind die Zigeuner Teil der Horror Requisite und ihr Anf hrer ist dem Klischee entsprechend gro , kr ftig, hat gelockte Haare und goldene Ohrringe und kann sich mit dem Leibhaftigen oder einem seiner Stellvertreter in Verbindung setzen Zigeuner an sich sind schauergeschichtenerprobt, und wenn sie sich auch noch zusammenrotten, ist die Landbev lkerung besorgt Zigeuner verf gen ber geheimes Wissen Sie k nnen magische Tr nke brauen, die den Charakter ver ndern und ungeheure Kr fte und vor allem ein gesteigertes sexuelles Verlangen bewirken So jedenfalls die fiktive Realit t hier.
Solch einen Trank braut sich die junge und attraktive Jennifer, nachdem ihr Onkel, in dessen Adern Zigeunerblut floss, verstorben ist Unter dem Einfluss des Tranks gibt sie ihre b rgerliche Existenz auf, verbringt nun ihre Tage in der H tte des Onkels, der als Waldaufseher f r den Landeigent mer t tig war, verf hrt selbigen und l sst sich als dessen Geliebte aushalten Das Interesse an ihrem ehemaligen Verlobten hat ihr neues sexbesessenes Ich v llig verloren, stattdessen f hlt sie sich zum Zigeuneroberhaupt Cornelius hingezogen Der Plan ist, das Waldst ck k nftig allen Zigeunern frei zug nglich zu machen und dort ein Zigeunerreich zu errichten Doch die sexuelle H rigkeit des Landlords hat ihre Grenzen und einem Mord folgt bald der n chste.
Sex und Mord, das sind die hochdosierten Hauptingredienzien des magischen Tranks, den Smith dem Leser braut, und nat rlich gibt es auch wieder die damsel in distress und einen heldenhaften jungen Mann, der allen F hrnissen zum Trotz seine neue Liebe findet.
The Sucking Pit steckt voller Klischees und entspricht nicht den heutigen Vorstellungen von politischer Korrektheit Aber es liest sich schnell, unterhaltsam und spannend Damit qualifiziert es sich als guilty pleasure , und um das Ma voll zu machen wurden der signierten und limitierten Ausgabe einige freiz gige Zeichnungen spendiert.
The Sucking Pit the Romany people s burial place and The Mighty One s power stronghold And Jenny Lawson s scene of demise Also, the general area where people change overnight and fall in love, mutually, in short, short periods of time Unbelievably short.
I was not a fan of this story, and I m glad it was short It had potential, but the characters were just all unbelievable, especially their emotions The pit wasn t the only thing that was sucking It s Guy N Smith, you know exactly what you re gonna get, and he doesn t disappoint I picked this up from the man himself at his annual convention a few years back, and needed a shorter read to chew through before my holiday When it started up, you kinda wonder how on earth the titular sucking pit will come into it, but it s used well Very much of a different age, but still entertaining nonetheless If you fancy an initial GNS read, away from the usual suspects of the Crabs books, this is as good a place as any to start.
He enjoys tobacco He loves guns He does not like street lights Truly, Guy N Smith is a man of many facets, but he s best known for his crabs From 1976 until 2012 he wrote Night of the Crabs, Killer Crabs, The Origin of the Crabs, Crabs on the Rampage, Crabs Moon, Crabs The Human Sacrifice, and Killer Crabs The Return Along with about 93 other books But apart from being a prolific writer of all things crab, what does Guy N Smith have to offer the modern reader After all, you have to respect an author with the balls to put suck right there in the title of one of his books.
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This reads like an unfinished draft of a pulp novel A writer going through the motions, who only seems to get interested when he s writing about insatiable women offering their bodies at the end of pretty much every conversation It s all too perfunctory and unengaging to be offended by anyway.