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☆ Boardwalk Summer Û Download by ↠´ Meredith Jaeger Boardwalk Summer is a lovely beach read full of family secrets Alternating between the 1940 s and the early 2000 s, Boardwalk Summer is the story of Marisol s quest to save the historic gazebo on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk As she researches the rich history of the boardwalk, she uncovers some secrets hidden by her grandfather years ago The story is filled with Old Hollywood and history of the Santa Cruz beach.
5 5Before I get into my thoughts on the book I m so excited to share that my friend Jamie and I are starting a new collaboration and it starts today Jamie is an avid reviewer on Goodreads and Instagram and we both read super fast and have very similar taste in books, though we don t always agree Boardwalk Summer is the first of our many planned buddy reads where I ll be sharing my thoughts as usual but you ll get the added bonus of hearing what Jamie thought as well Hope you guys enjoy this and say hi to Jamie on Instagram if you don t already know her Do you ever start a book and know pretty quickly that it ll be one that you ll love Maybe it s the authors writing style or maybe it s the subject matter or you connect immediately with a character, or maybe it s a little bit of everything When this does happen it s kind of magical and I had the good fortune to have that experience when I read just two chapters of this beauty This flips between Violet in 1940 and Mari in 2007 and goes back and forth every chapter I was quickly invested in Violet s story, not only because her personal plot line was fascinating but also because nothing draws me in faster from a historical perspective than old school Hollywood glamour, I swear I swoon Mari was the type of character that I easily liked, she s a strong single mother who s proud of her family heritage with a side of spicy spitfire and a loving but tough mama bear as well I did guess a few things very early on but then Jaeger totally caught me off guard with a surprising plot turn that I totally never saw coming but loved all the same.
This was very well written and well researched, Jaeger brought the city of Santa Cruz to life both in the past and the recent present, it sounds like such a charming town and one I m longing to visit now She also has a social conscience that is evident and I appreciated the issues she explored The history, culture and idyllic sounding boardwalk itself all blended together to create the type of setting that truly transports the reader There was wayof a mysterious aspect to the story than I had anticipated and there was also some sweet romance too Both lead characters were strong, fearless women and were well developed, I really cared about both of them in the end and was sad to turn the final page.
Boardwalk Summer in three words Mesmerizing, Fascinating and Gorgeous.
What Happened On That Long Ago Summer In This Riveting Novel From The Author Of The Dressmaker S Dowry, An Aspiring Hollywood Actress Makes A Shocking Choice In , And Seventy Years Later, A Young Mother Sets Out To Discover What Happened Summer,When Violet Harcourt Is Crowned Miss Bathing Beauty In Her Hometown Of Santa Cruz, She S Determined To See Herself On The Silver Screen But Violet S Pageant Victory Comes With A Price Cracks Appear In Her Seemingly Perfect Marriage And She Quickly Discovers Hollywood Is Not The Glittering Escape She Dreamed Of So She Makes A Shocking Choice, Leaving Her Name In Headlines And Creating A Mystery Surrounding Her FateSummer,Single Mother Marisol Cruz Lives In A Charming Seaside Cottage That Belonged To Her Grandfather, Ricardo, Once A Famed Performer On The Beach Boardwalk Drawn To The Local History Of Her Town, Mari Discovers Her Grandfather S Connection To A Beauty Queen Who Died Too Young She Embarks On A Journey That Uncovers His Lifelong Secret Ricardo S Connection To Violet A Story Of Tragedy And Courage That Will Forever Transform Her Mari, Violet, and Ricardo have a connection.
No one knew about the connection until Mari decided to do some research.
Boardwalk Summer smoothly goes back and forth from 1940 to 2010 Violet is married, enters a beauty pageant in 1940, wins the pageant, but then relinquishes the win because only unmarried women are allowed to enter She also gives up the crown because her abusive, controlling husband was furious Violet then does a few unlikely and out of character things.
Mari is an unmarried mother in 2010 who works as a waitress even though she has a history degree Her history degree has her uncovering information about Violet and the history of a gazebo where her grandparents met while dancing The gazebo is currently slated to be torn down, but Mari just can t let that happen Her research leads to unpleasant secrets about the connection between Violet and Ricardo as well as many other family secrets.
Ricardo is Mari s grandfather who used to perform on the Boardwalk He and Violet were friends.
Boardwalk Summer was a beautiful read for me The story line and the characters are heartwarming and unique.
Mari was precious along with her entire family Violet was sweet, but naive You can t help but feel pangs of pity as well as love for both of them.
Historical fiction fans, those that enjoy family sagas, and anyone who loves an endearing story about families and their family history will enjoy BOARDWALK SUMMER.
Don t miss reading Ms Jaeger s newest gem Loved it Tissues needed not for sadness, but for the happiness I felt for the characters 5 5This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.
Meredith Jaeger creates a compelling story that channels both the glamour and big dreams of old Hollywood with the charm and thrills of Santa Cruz s boardwalk as two daring women risk everything to find love Past and present meld together in unexpected ways to create a rollercoaster of mystery and adventure.
It s 1940 and Violet Harcourt has entered the Miss California contest Her ultimate goal is to become an actress in Hollywood But there s one problem You have to be single to be Miss California and well, she isn t She is married to Charles, a good looking and wealthy businessman who seems to be perfect, but underneath the facade is an abusive jerk Once he finds out that Violet is competing, he is going to make her pay Fast forward to 2007 and we meet Mari Cruz, a young single mother who works with the local museum in Santa Cruz Officials want to tear down the town s historic gazebo, but it holds a special place in Mari s heart as it s part of her family s history When studying her family s history as well as the town s, she comes across information about her grandfather and his connection to a beauty queen, Violet Harcourt Violet made headlines when she died an untimely death in Santa Cruz How is her grandfather connected to Violet and what exactly happened to her Boardwalk Summer by Meredith Jaeger has everything that I enjoy in a historical beach read Read the rest of my review here I really enjoyed this book I did not realize until after I finished the book that its author also wrote The Dressmaker s Dowry which I really enjoyed The story alternates between Violet Harcourt in the 1940s and Marisol Mari Cruz in 2007 Violet Harcourt was a beautiful California girl who dreamed of making it big in Hollywood Although married at the time to an abusive, controlling husband, she entered a local beauty pageant in her hometown of Santa Cruz and won This was her ticket to Hollywood Violet found that the glittering world of Hollywood didn t meet her expectations So she made a shocking choice that left people to wonder why this beauty queen died so young.
Then in 2007 single mother Mari, while researching the history of Santa Cruz, also her hometown, comes across the story of Violet s death She discovers that her grandfather Ricardo Cruz, once a famous Boardwalk performer, had a connection to Violet So, of course, she had to find out what their connection was.
Everyone is keeping secrets Violet, Mari, Mari s grandfather Why Who were they protecting And who will be harmed when the secrets are revealed This story of tragedy and courage kept me captivated The characters were endearing well, most of them While there are moments of heartbreak, there are also moments of joy Betrayal overcome by the bond of friendship Cowardice excelled by love It is a beautiful story that will linger with you like water lapping at your toes as the tide comes in.
I received an advance e galley from Edelweiss and HarperCollins, the opinions are my own.
This is a wonderful novel with a dual time line of modern day and 1940 I enjoyed both stories and loved the way that the author ended the novel.
Marisol is a single mother living with her parents in Santa Cruz As she is trying to findabout the history of her town for the historical society, she finds a picture of a woman who was trying to become an actress in 1940 but jumped to her death There is a mystery behind Violet s death and when Marisol finds out that her beloved grandfather was somehow connected, she works to find out the real story about Violet, a Miss California, married to a controlling man who tried to escape her life in Hollywood but ended up as a suicide in Santa Cruz This is a wonderful beach read It has a little mystery, a bit of romance and two women who are trying to make life better for themselves and in Marisol s story, trying to make life better for her community Thanks to librarything for a copy of this book to read and review All opinions are my own.

4 refreshing as a sea breeze stars to Boardwalk Summer Boardwalk Summer has two interesting timelines Violet Harcourt, an aspiring actress and bathing beauty in 1940s Santa Cruz, California, and Marisol Cruz, single mom, living in 2007 Santa Cruz as well Both stories take place during the summer with a stunning beach backdrop and all of the fun and intrigue of the Beach Boardwalk and its performers The book opens with Violet winning Miss Bathing Beauty however, she has kept a big secret Violet is married, which of course is a no no, and in addition, her husband is none too pleased about her choices Her marriage is now in shambles, and Violet feels she has only one way to escape, which is the light mystery at the center of the novel Marisol Cruz has been working as a waitress when she lands a job with the historical society of the boardwalk, somewhere she has dreamed of working her entire life Mari s grandfather was a performer at the boardwalk back in the 1940s, and somehow has a connection to Violet of which Mari works desperately to uncover Boardwalk Summer is the ideal book to throw in your beach bag It is easy reading with characters to love There is a subtle mystery that kept my interest, and I wished I was surrounded by sand and a boardwalk to people watch My favorite aspect of the book was the relationships, especially Mari and Jason s Thank you to Meredith Jaeger, William Morrow Paperbacks, and Edelweiss for the copy to review Boardwalk Summer will be published on June 19, 2018 My reviews can also be found on my blog www.
com I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review as part of a TLC Book Tour.
I absolutely loved everything about this book I was so excited to read this because it takes place in Santa Cruz, California I just so happen to live in nearby San Jose which is mentioned in passing a few times in the book and have been to Santa Cruz and the boardwalk myself It was really cool reading about a place that I was familiar with The beach boardwalk was the place for end of the field trips while I was in school Whenever the Giant Dipper or the carousel was mentioned, I got exited and was like, I ve been on that This book has dual storylines Violet s story which takes place in 1940 and Mari s story which takes place in 2007 I found both stories to be very compelling and I liked how they were connected Usually when it comes to dual storylines, I ll end up liking one storythan the other, but with this book, I loved them both I was so happy to see that Mari was Mexican American It gave the book a realness that was refreshing There are a lot of Mexican Americans in the Bay Area so it was nice to see that representation The whole tearing down the gazebo and building condos storyline in Mari s part was so accurate That happens so much in the Bay Area especially since the Silicon Valley tech boom Developers are constantly trying to tear down things that have been here forever in order to build stuff the city doesn t even need I could relate to Mari s opposition to it so much As for Violet and her storyline, I enjoyed how it portrayed the reality of Hollywood It showed both the glamour and the grime of it It especially important now because of the MeToo movement Overall if you re looking for a California beach read, then look no further, this book is for you And from a local perspective, this was spot on