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[Roxane Dhand] ✓ The Pearler's Wife [fairy-tales PDF] Ebook Epub Download À I enjoy reading books set in my home state, so I was excited to read The Pearler s Wife which primarily takes place in the north west of Western Australia in a fictional town based on the pearling town of Broome It s set in the early 1900s and combines an arranged marriage with skulduggery, secrets, ruthless actions and a touch of romance It s a lotjam packed that the serenity of the cover suggests It took me a little while to get into the novel, but ultimately I was engrossed in the secret undercurrents of a small town far removed from the law and social niceties.
The central character is Maisie, sent to marry a distant cousin at his request Maisie s not entirely happy about it but it appears that her family is determined to see her leave England With a large amount of luggage, she s on a boat to Australia with her chaperone Mrs Wallace, who resides on a station in the north of Western Australia On board, Maisie learns some things about her new home and notices with interest the British navy s divers who will be joining her in Buccaneer Bay to try to displace the Asian pearling crews Maisie is particularly intrigued by one diver, William Cooper and they eventually become friends That s lucky, because Maisie s new husband Maitland isn t anything to write home about He s rude, a heavy drinker and has very little interest in Maisie She gradually works out she s there for appearance s sake and tries to settle into this hot, wet town She finds friendships in her house staff but female friends are hard to find But Maisie gradually finds out some of the secrets Maitland has been keeping from her There are issues on the personal front, but most of all the pearling merchants are trying to sabotage the British divers any way they can I did find The Pearler s Wife a little hard going at first, particularly the part where Maisie docked in Fremantle Being familiar with that area, it didn t really ring true for me with the constant mentions of Port Fremantle it s always been Fremantle, the port bit is just the passenger terminal and some of the language used by Mrs Wallace felt like contrived Aussie slang like when she was speaking about the Aboriginal people I felt the story greatly improved once the story moved to Buccaneer Bay Even though it s a fictional town, you could easily feel and relate to the town of Broome from the description of the Japanese cemetery to Anastasia s Pool There was a lotaction in the story than I expected and really liked I honestly thought it would be a love story, but it isn t The descriptions of life in town and the lawlessness of a remote area were very well done You could feel the humidity and the desperation of the townspeople who tried to create a little England in the middle of nowhere Even though he s meant to be the villain, I quite enjoyed Maitland s exploits and plots He s bluntly evil, out to become the best no matter what it takes His friend Blair, the town mayor, was nearly as bad with his lies Did they both get what they deserved in the end The Pearler s Wife is a powerhouse of a read, full of drama read it and be swept away Thank you to Penguin for the copy of this book My review is honest.
http samstillreading.
com A very slow start.
I wasn t sure I d be able to stick with this novel because the first quarter of the book was so flat and boring Once I was halfway things picked up the characters cane to life , the main character grew her backbone I enjoyed the twists and small plot mysteries throughout I felt they worked very well.
My only reason for the loss of a star I felt the author spent a lot of time describing character interactions with very little dialogue which as a reader I think sometimes the dialogue would of flowed better and beenappropriate.
A Distant Land A Dangerous Husband A Forbidden LoveThe Year IsNineteen Year Old Maisie Porter Watches From The Deck As England Fades From View Her Destination Is Buccaneer Bay In Australia S Far North West Her Fate Marriage To Distant Cousin Maitland Sinclair, A Man She Has Never MetWhen Maisie Arrives In Her New Home, She Finds A Stifling Small Town Bound By Victorian Morals Shocked At Her New Husband S Callous Behaviour Towards Her, She Is Increasingly Drawn To The Intriguing William Cooper, A British Diver She Met On Board Ship It Soon Becomes Clear That Secrets Surround Her Husband, As Turbulent As The Waters That Crash Against The Bay Secrets That Somehow Link To Her Own Family And Secrets That Put Cooper And His Fellow British Divers In Great Danger From The Drawing Rooms Of London To The Latticed Verandas And Gambling Dens Of Buccaneer Bay, The Pearler S Wife Is A Sweeping, Epic Read, Inspired By A Lost Moment In History Ach, tie vir eliai Jei taip nepasitik iau Balt lank leidykla, tikriausiai ir neb iau atkreipusi d mesio i knyg Labai primin Dinah Jefferies knyg vaizd , o ios ra ytojos knygos, nors ir tos pa ios leidyklos, visgi, man s nesu av jo Ta iau v l ta u uomina apie tikrus faktus nugal jo ir surizikavau Visad smagu skaityti ne apie romanti kai nugludintus kra tus, o pasinerti literat ri kai neaplankytas vietas kart tur jau biliet 1912 met Australij.
Meisei tik devyniolika met , ta iau t vas j jau i siun ia vedyboms Tek s ji u turtuolio pusbrolio Meitlando, kuris ver iasi perlais Jo vald ioje daugyb nar , kurie kasdien leid iasi pavojingas j rines keliones vardan sm l to lobio Laive, kuriuo Meis keliauja Australijon, plaukia ir Karali kojo j r laivyno naras Kuperis Gra us vyras krenta Meisei ak , o ji net ne taria, kad likimas juos suves dar ne kart Atvykus pas b sim vyr , puotos ir malonumai nelaukia iurk tus, smurtaujantis ir visi kai nesvetingas Meitlandas Meis vos pastebi jo galvoje vien pinigai, perlai ir pergal s iltai ir prabangiai gyvenusi mergina supranta, jog jos gyvenimas pasikeit tvarkinga ir civilizuota Anglija liko u mar tyje Jai reikia i mokti prisitaikyti prie laukini Australijos s lyg.
Tai buvo toks vienas i t roman Viena i t apie mergin u kuri nusprend kiti, kuri atvyko kit al ir tapo niek o mona Meis nebuvo originaliausias persona as, u tat Meitlando istorija patiko Patiko ir perl nar apra ymai, darbo subtilyb s Kaip perlai atsiranda visi ino, ta iau kaip juos traukdavo senov je, kokia tada buvo j vert , kok versl jie k r ne Tai labai paprasta knyga, kuri prasid jo gan nuobod iai ir nuo vidurio dar si vis domesn Istorijos kulminacija buvo domiausia dalis Visa kita ka kur matyta, ka kur gird ta Tikiu, jog romanas patiks romantikams, m gstantiems atsipalaiduoti su jaukia meil s istorija, pakeliauti po senovin pasaul ir patirti rami nuotyki.
5 , This was an introduction to me on the pearling industry in Australia in the early 1900 s An industry apparently rife with prejudice against the Asian immigrants that came to work Maisie Porter an 18 year old was sent there from England to marry her wealthy distant cousin Maitland , a pearling magnate On board the ship however she met William Cooper Cooper was on his way to Australia following a directive from the Australian government to replace the Asian pearling crews with white men This was a good read although by the end I hoped there would be a book 2 to finish up some loose ends that wanted completion.
A commendable first novel I bought this in the lovely book shop in Broome as it seemed an appropriate choice The descriptions of Buccaneer Bay Broome , the pearling industry and the weather during the Wet, are brilliantly done The characters are well drawn although some parts of the plot seem a tad melodramatic I love that the basis of the story is a little known, but pivotal, moment in the history of pearling.
I got the feeling this book was written from a snug parlour, by the fire, in England after reading some historical accounts of Pearling history in Broome And guess what The final chapter of the book confirms that was the case The story lacks authenticity of experiencing life in that town during summers The Wet there are so many things glaringly wrong I think the author had something, but overall it really neededwork severaldrafts and a lotauthenticity in language of the times Dialogue between characters was poorly executed often leaving me wondering what had just been said Relationships were not realistic, characters were not consistent And what the heck was that ending Evidently the author was as sick of it all as I was and could not be bothered drawing her story to a conclusion.
If I were rating this as a school assignment, I would say Could do better.
From reading the blurb to this story, I expected a story of a naive English girl, being forced to marry a cruel man in a wild and unforgiving setting While this is true, what I didn t expect was the racist language that dominates the story and the barbaric treatment of the indigenous population I accept that this is probably an accurate representation of the culture at this time, but I found it offensive and not the escapist read that I imagined If you can get past this, there is a story of forbidden romance The character development of Maisie, as she comes to terms with her life and stands up to her husband is interesting, and she becomes a strong character and likeable woman, but this is not a book I could recommend.
I received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

An assured debut by author Roxane Dhand, The Pearler s Wife is a sweeping romance set in a little known corner of Australian history, the pearling industry in the far north of Western Australia The heroine, nineteen year old Maisie, is sent to Australia from England to marry a man she has never met Her new home is called Buccaneer Bay, which sounds like something out of a pirate novel but is in fact a real place the Buccaneer Archipelago was named after the English buccaneer and privateer William Dampier, who charted the area in 1688.
Maisie s new husband is a cruel and ruthless man who treats his employees with reckless disregard Lonely and bored, Maisie finds herself drawn to a British diver named William Cooper The sensual tension between them, and the slow realisation of dangerous secrets hidden by her husband, add slow burning suspense to the narrative The claustrophobic setting of a small pearling town in 1912 is superbly evoked, and the story is full of action, drama and romance, making it perfect escape reading for a long, hot summer.
Visit the locations in the novelWhat a fascinating read It s all based around a history I knew little about the birth and development of the pearl industry in Australia This was a tough time as the natives and Asian workers who had been the best divers for years, were replaced by the white men brought over from England especially to take charge of this new source of wealth Of course, because of this, the novel has to evoke the racism and awful treatment of the workers and families of the time who were of a certain colour But it s an important story to tell.
The main plot of a girl who is forced to go to Australia to marry a distant cousin creates a thread which weaves throughout the novel to heighten the emotions of a girl on her own Her marriage is a sham and she has to navigate this environment with a heavy heart I was with her all the way and it was a fascinating journey to go on.
The language evokes a time and place of pearl diving and the art and efforts behind it There s a dark side to even the brightest pearl however but the picture overall, gleams with honesty and rich history.