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[ Read Online The Heights ã zambia PDF ] by Juliet Bell â I ve been a fan of Wuthering Heights for as long as I can remember and I enjoy finding books books that have a connection to its story or characters I was drawn to The Heights as a modern retelling, but at first I was I bit put off by how much of a re telling it was I was expecting to read a story that was based on the original, not something that mirrored it as closely as The Heights does at the onset At first I thought, Why am I bothering to read this when I can just read the original again It s been a long time since I ve read Wuthering Heights and reading it again during Emily Bronte s 200th birth anniversary year seems like a great idea I hate to give up on a book, though, so I read on.
This version of the story takes place in the 1980s against the backdrop of the closing of the Yorkshire coal mines The Earnshaws are miners, the Lintons are closing the mines down Readers who have read the original novel will recognize the characters most, but not all, have the same names as in Wuthering Heights and there will be no surprises as the story unfolds If you haven t read Wuthering Heights in a long time, you will probably want to read it again after you finish The Heights You will be drawn back to the characters and their tragic circumstances Even though I knew how the story would end, theI read, theI wanted to see how it would play out in this modern time period For me, the wildness and passion of the original was lacking here I never felt the desperate love between Cathy and Heathcliff the way I felt it when I read the original Interestingly, as much as I thought The Heights was too much of a mirror of Wuthering Heights when I began reading, it was scenes that were missing in the re telling that could have brought that passion to light.
The Heights would be a good introduction to Wuthering Heights to readers who haven t read the original Reading The Heights was a reminder to me why Wuthering Heights will likely remain my favorite novel for the rest of my days I can t wait to pick it up again Thanks to Netgalley for providing an advanced reader s copy in exchange for an honest review.
The Heights is a story about love, passion and crimes during the mining strikes in 1980 s in Yorkshire.
This is the story about two families the Earnshaw and the Linton s, how their life became linked in their fate forever, in life and death and how a detective, DC Lockwood, tried to discover the truth about some mystery murders that appeared around these familiesI liked this book because is a first sight view of how the families lived the strikes the fear, the poverty, the loneliness and how the children had to survive the moods of their parents not an easy read, but reading history always makes you think how life can or could change when the time passes.
I am still deciding if I liked the main characters, because Cathy could seem a selfish woman for just wanting a better life but living in poverty and with an abusive brother I don t think it has to be easy and on the other side, Heathcliff just wanted some love in his life But, when he looses hisprecious person in his life, becomes very dangerous and unstable making everyone around him afraid and at risk Their love story makes everyone around them miserable and hopeless.
And I can not say anything good or bad about Lockwood, he just seem the narrator of this tragic story, talking to all the people that could had change the fate of Cathy and Heathcliff, but decided not to take part.
Slow paced but real, we enter to the modern Br nte adaptation of Wuthering Heights I never read the book, but after reading The Heights I am sure I will search for it, trying to see the similitudes.
What would you do for jealousy A five star adaptation of a four star classic 4 5 stars Ducks for avoid rocks thrown by Emily Bront fans This review was originally posted on my book blog The Heights is an excellent modern retelling of Emily Bront s classic tale The transposition of the events of Wuthering Heights to the late twentieth and early twenty first centuries works incredibly well, the time shifts are handled skillfully, and the reassignments of the roles of the secondary characters are ingenious For example, making Lockwood a detective on the verge of retirement gives him a good reason to be unendingly curious about the Earnshaws while also imbuing the whole story with an air of trendy Scandinavian noir The Heights also tells the story with greater immediacy than the original In WH the story is delivered through Lockwood, who is mostly recounting what Nelly Dean has told him, while The Heights gives us firsthand access to events, which serves to heighten suspense and the drama.
When deciding whether to recommend The Heights to readers, the two big questions to answer are 1 Will someone who has read, but didn t particularly enjoy WH, enjoy this book 2 Will someone who hasn t read WH be able to enjoy this book In both cases, the answer depends on what you generally enjoy reading and what you expect to get out of the story WH is one of the gloomiest tales of obsession, vengeance, rage and madness in the English language Nevertheless, it has somehow gained a reputation as a great love story, and this could fool readers into expectingsunshine and rainbows from The Heights, which faithfully captures the sombre mood and grit of the original.
So if you re looking for a dark, twisted story of all consuming passion, add The Heights to your to read list now It doesn t matter if you ve already read WH or not However, if you prefer happier stories with the odd laugh, you might want to stick to Austen and her adaptations And if you re looking for something between Austen and Emily Bront , you can t go wrong with Charlotte Bront s Jane Eyre.
Overall a superb modern retelling of Emily Bront s brooding tale of obsession and madness If dark revenge stories are your thing, add this to your TBR now It took me a little while to settle into this book although I am glad I read to the end, as I gotinvested as it went along It s set during the miner s strike and we get a sense of how tough life was in the mining villages and how tensions grew Heathcliff is a brooding character as in the original novel It actually made me keen to reread the classic.
The Heights by Juliet bell.
This was a slow but good read DCI lockwood has come back to Yorkshire he wants to close a case that happened here when he first became a detective years ago someone put a nail gun in the police van where he was sat in and the nail gun went into him he knows who it is he just have to prove it before he retires I liked the story and the characters but it just didn t keep me reading I had to keep putting it down so took a few days 4.

5The problem I find with these retelling of classic stories,I spend a lot of my time trying to remember the original.
Not so here,I accepted the book for what it was,and where it was,perfectly placed amongst the miners strike,giving a valid reason for the children to be ignored and run wild.
The twists and turns of who was related and how,and how everyone died fitted well.
The only thing I took away from this new story I hadn t before,was quite how ruthless Cathy was leaving me thinking Heathcliff quite the fool to be so obsessed.
So, the story of Wuthering Heights set against a 1980s background the miners strike and the closure of the pits, The Heights a run down housing estate, young Linton a graphic designer, a modern twist to whatever Heathcliff got up to during his disappearance with a 2008 investigation into what really happened Yes, it works I did enjoy it, and to do so you really don t need to be a fan or to be familiar with the original story.
But if you do know it well, you ll find the same broad story outline, but with some very clever little twists I really liked what they did with Ellen Dean, an unreliable narrator for quite different reasons, and some of the little touches like the lock of hair, the Lintons dog and the fate of Isabella I couldn t entirely forgive giving Heathcliff a surname but then I can be a bit of a purist But the legacy of mental and physical cruelty is still here, the class and gender divide the former perhapstranslatable to the 80s setting than the latter , the magnificence of the moors, and the starkly gothic and heart rending story of vengeance and obsession The additions and context worked well too the investigator s background and his preoccupation with the family For the most part, the 80s setting was well drawn, although I could perhaps have done without some of the contemporary touches like mentions of Madonna and TV programmes which jarred a little.
Perhaps it s wrong to review this one purely as a retelling of the original story Had I come to this book with no knowledge of the original, I think I actually might have enjoyed it anyway perhaps, as a powerful story with a story of doomed obsessive love at its centre None of the characters are particularly likeable, but are well drawn, and the passion is most definitely there and perhaps, as a first time reader, it might have been easier to engage with Lockwood s murder investigation rather than looking for the echoes of the original The story s latter stages are immensely sad and very well done And the writing The story is well told, and immensely readable maybe a little flat in places, perhaps the product of its setting, and sometimes a little matter of fact when I was looking for the heaving passion of the original Or maybe that passion was always just the product of my own imagination So I think I m saying that the jury s out It s a retelling of a magnificent story that I think was always going to work best in its Victorian setting, where its themes really do belong But do try this one it s brave and a very different interpretation, and you might just enjoy it.
A classic novel reimagined in a modern day setting, is perhaps not a new venture, but definitely an interesting one As a reader you can either spend your time comparing one story to the other or you can cast aside the old and read the new with fresh eyes Ask yourself if the new tale pulls you in or whether the old takes on a new life in the sort of futuristic setting.
Revamping an old tale, especially a classic one can be difficult Generally the original source is one of great inspiration, which Wuthering Heights certainly is The trick is keeping the essence of the story intact.
If you re familiar with both the original book and the very first films you may recognise some moments in the book Here and there Bell replicates certain special scenes, perhaps in an attempt to connect the old with the new An ode to Wuthering Heights if you will.
In The Heights, the modern day Cathy and Heathcliff live in a dump of a house, are subject to regular visits from social services, and their family is in the midst of the miner s strike and the battle between Thatcher and Scargill Poverty, hunger, abuse and dysfunctional family dynamics are mirrored in this new retelling.
Wuthering Heights is often mislabelled as a great romance, in fact it is a tale of obsession A destructive and possessive obsession between a neglected young man turned vengeful, and a young woman with a strong streak of narcissism.
Cathy is conniving and selfish, as per usual She attaches herself to the first viable escape option she encounters She cares nothing for those she leaves behind They are but mere steps on her climb out of the hole she lives in She doesn t even turn to notice that her companion in arms no longer walks beside her.
The narrator comes in the form of DCI Lockwood, who takes us through the story under the guise of solving crimes and finding some peace of mind when it comes to his own past with Heathcliff.
It perhaps lacks the intense obsession of the original book, however if you read this as a contemporary piece of fiction instead of the classic, everything is as it should be The reality of the cold brusque 20th century in a town stripped of its identity, ravaged by poverty and conflict, the characters reflect the changes in modern society There is no romanticism, instead in its place walk the Heathcliff and Cathy of today and not of times long gone I received an ARC courtesy of the publisher.
Taking the plot line from Wuthering Heights and transferring it to the 1980s miners strike where the Earnshaws work the pit and the Lintons arrive to close it down, could have given new life to this classic Sadly, though, the writing lets it down Everything is on the surface with no nuance or subtlety For example, when Cathy learns her father is dead, it was the most horrible news there could be Later, in order to convey the relationship between Isabelle Linton and Heathcliffe, we re told a packet of condoms was now hidden in the back of the top drawer of her bedside table Tonight it was supposed to happen for the first time Her and Heathcliff She loved him so much and he did want her, she was sure of it Nice idea, but the pedestrian prose can t carry the story.
In Yorkshire Post S Pick Of The Best books Two Hundred Years Since Emily Bront S Birth Comes The Heights A Modern Re Telling Of Wuthering Heights Set In S YorkshireThe Searchers Took Several Hours To Find The Body, Even Though They Knew Roughly Where To Look The Whole Hillside Had Collapsed, And There Was Water Running Off The Moors And Over The Slick Black Rubble The Boy, They Knew, Was Beyond Their HelpThis Was A Recovery, Not A RescueA Grim Discovery Brings DCI Lockwood To Gimmerton S Heights Estate A Bleak Patch Of Yorkshire He Thought He D Left Behind For Good There, He Must Do The Unthinkable, And Ask Questions About The Notorious Earnshaw FamilyDecades May Have Passed Since Maggie Closed The Pits And The Earnshaws Ran Riot But Old Wounds Remain Raw And, Against His Better Judgement, DCI Lockwood Is Soon Drawn Into A StoryA Story Of An Untameable Boy, Terrible Rage, And Two Families Ripped Apart A Story Of Passion, Obsession, And Dark Acts Of Revenge And Of Beautiful Cathy Earnshaw Who Now Lies Buried Under Cold White Marble In The Shadow Of The Moors