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[ Read Online The Spite Game ¼ divination PDF ] by Anna Snoekstra ↠´ Boom In my long list of my Top 18 Reads of 2018 I read this cover to cover over a few hours, one of those great books that lets you delve into it until you come back up for air Riveting.
I don t know what genre this falls into It s got early YA elements in it as teenagers are the focus but as the characters grow into young women it sof a psychological thriller with some dark overtones.
You know that gang of girls in high school that other girls yearned to be friends with The ones that even if they treated you like shit, sometimes they were nice to you and you grabbed onto that like a lifeline Yeah, let some of them here.
This book features the darkest, mean side of girls that sadly is very real out there The ones who target the weak, the different, the pudgy girl in PE who doesn t want to get changed as she knows they ll laugh at her rolls of fat she can t shift.
I don t know about you but I knew a bunch of girls who made my life hell in high school the ones who wanted to FB friend me like nothing happened years later.
umm no I fantasised about their demise, sweet revenge, making them feel like crap like I did.
This book both had me loving the main character Ava and then fearing her, having her confuse me then wanting to hug her In fact all characters are really well done I really felt I got to know each one, dark sides and all It s a book that both fascinated me and kept me desperate for the next chapterIt was fresh and different I ve read a lot of psych thrillers this year, all good but this has been put in the long list of my Top 18 books of 2018I like the author s writing style, I love the imagination put into it, the twists that are subtle yet shocking at the same time Nothing fluffy about this tale at all It s really a book that hooks you in.
Mean girls.
Just what do their lives hold beyond high school What do the ones who suffered with their bullying and psychological torment wonder about them now Do THEY feel guilt Dear reader, you ll need to get it to find out.
Don t be fooled this is no typical bullying tale Oh no, it s SO muchthan that I highly recommend this one I think any reader could enjoy it and many, like me will read it in one sitting Tell me how the ending made you feel once you read it okay 5 stars, get this on your to read list for sure Many thanks to the publisher, Mira books for an ARC All review opinions are my own and totally unbiased.
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com BookloverCatladywww.
com promotethatbook Favorite Quotes As far as the social strata went, we were barely in the equation We were cooler than the kids with chronic acne who played cards in the back of the library, but not by much I felt ready I wanted to see the true potential of my life, to have fun and get drunk and kiss boys and skip school I wanted to see what I was capable of I was just waiting for my in.
There had been always been an ache in my chest I hadn t known it was there until now, when it was gone I knew all I had to do was relax, not say or do the wrong thing, and every moment would be entirely perfect As long as I didn t muck it up, things would stay golden I wanted to pause this moment, because I knew, inevitably, I d somehow do something to ruin it.
I don t think I m the right person to ask about being normal, but I ve always thought the best way to live is to embrace your crazy I ll tell you now it s always a hell of a lotfun.
I had worried so much about being a psycho, but maybe I shouldn t have I d be happier if I was one, that was for sure If I was a psycho, I d do something to Mel I d get even I d been worrying so much that there was something terribly wrong with me But maybe the thing that was wrong with me was the only thing that was right.
My Review As someone who was bullied in high school, I can honestly attest to the brilliance and keenly observant insights tucked into this author s well crafted tale High school was over forty years ago for me, but the painful sting of personal humiliation remains ever so sharp, regardless of the massive amount of years and tons of dust in between I was absorbed by this emotive and cunningly written tale The cleverly constructed narrative was laced with captivating and compelling characters and active with engaging, dynamic, and heart squeezing scenarios I required considerable motivation and enticement to put my Kindle down for those pesky chores like eating, sleeping, and adulting I know it may not the politically correct or altruistic thing to confess, but I reveled in the ending with a glorious fist pump.
My reviews can also be seen at Everyone does bad things when no one is watching The book begins with the main character, Ava telling us that we may not want to hear her story, but if we want her confession then we will have to listen We are told what she was like before, back when she was normal She never thought she would end up where she is now She says that it all started in the girls changing room.
Ava just wanted to be friends with the popular girls She always felt like she was in the background When Saanvi, Cass, and their ringleader Mel Melissa Moore started paying attention to her, Ava was thrilled But was it really friendship Some of the things they did and said were terrible But no matter how badly they treated Ava, she kept coming back for .
All these years later, Ava still can t get over what they did to her Will Ava get revenge on the people who made her life a living hell This was a quick read but one I find hard to classify I don t think it s really a thriller or suspense novel, although there were definitely some chilling moments It does have a lot of psychological elements to it, which I always enjoy However, I think I just expected something a bit different after reading the synopsis.
Most of the story is told through flashbacks and Ava s point of view I wasn t always sure which timeframe I was reading I eventually caught on, but there were a few times I felt like I was reading the end of something without knowing what happened in the middle Although there were a couple of things that bothered me, I was still intrigued and curious to see how everything was going to come together in the end.
Overall, I thought The Spite Game was an interesting read A fast and creepy revenge story with the kind of characters many readers love to hate I am looking forward to seeing what Anna Snoekstra writes next.
I d like to thank Mira books for a copy of this novel All opinions stated are my own.
I have really enjoyed previous books by Anna Snoekstra and this one jumped out at me and I couldn t wait to read it It did not let me down, although it wasn,t as good as her previous book Little Secrets It was a fun, fast but at times disturbing read with some very nasty characters.
We all know the mean girls at school These 3 girls were just hideous But at school Ava wanted nothingthan to be friends with them, the popular girls Time and time again she let them make fun of her and bully her We learn about this time at school through flashbacks Ava is unable to put the past behind her and sets out to get revenge Thanks to Harlequin Mira and NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book to read All opinions are my own and are in no way biased Yeah, this book was not great.
The blurb sounded fantastic, and I decided to read it despite it s OK rating I shouldn t have.
The constantly changing timelines were super confusing If you re going to jump back and forth and forward and back again, you need to at least give the reader SOME idea of what year you re in It was so disjointed and confusing That on top of a very lackluster revenge scheme made me wish I hadn t bothered with it.

A solid 4 stars for me The Spite Game switches frequently from past to present and centers around main character Ava Ava wanted nothingthan to be friends with these three girls in high school girls I think of as the mean girls Girls that torment the weak, the chubby and the different So desperate to be friends with these girls, Ava let s herself get bullied and treated like crap by them Adult Ava wasn t able to let the past go and she sets out to seek revenge on the three girls A very interesting book highly recommended to fans of mystery thriller books.
Ava was terribly bullied in high school by three girls she idolized Melissa, Cass, Saanvi One particular incident so traumatized her that she cannot move on and years later, she finds herself unable to get past it So she watches her former classmates online and in real life and she plots If she can just find a way to get even, Ava thinks, then she can move on with her own life But Ava s stalking threatens to overtake her life and perhaps her sanity She finds herself in a police station, waiting to tell her story to a detective What has Ava doneThe bad thing inside of me took root there Like mold, it grew in that hot moist place You won t want to hear any of this My story I know that But if you want me to confess, then you ll have to listenThis one reminded me of a lesser version of Roz Nay s Our Little Secret, where so much of the tale is our main character telling her woes and recapping her life while in a police station I didn t love Ava or hate her I often felt sorry for her.
Her inability to move past high school basically crippled her entire life, and her revenge mission is all she has This was a weird book It switches in time frequently, going between whatever the present moment is and then Ava remembering moments in high school I found the timeframe to be confusing at times.
Ava s singular focus on her former classmates and getting even could be frustrating at moments, yet the book was also oddly compelling and somewhat addictive It certainly did agood job at capturing the meanness of high school girls What a terrible time that isI was so naive, so ready to give those girls everything my loyalty, my trust, my devoted friendship I was ready to spill every secret I ever had, to follow them to the ends of the earth I guess the last bit turned out to be true, in some waysIt was a creepy read sometimes I guessed the ending a bit early, but that didn t really make it any less enjoyable.
Overall, I found this one a little odd and a little off putting It was a strange read, with a pointed focus on its main character and her own mission Still, it wasrather readable 3.
5 stars Blog Twitter Facebook Google Instagram I received a copy of this novel from the publisher and Netgalley in return for an unbiased review thank you it is available everywhere as of 10 30 2018.
This is a story of a girl, Ava, who gets revenge on a group of people who bullied and played tricks on to her in high school It goes back and forth between past and present I was hoping for a new spin on this narrative but it kept to the same plot devices as other books with revenge plots Ava presents some psychopathic tendencies but so does almost everyone else in the story so the shock value of her deeds are lessened The ending wasn t shocking nor unexpected Those who enjoy revenge plots may like this, but I would recommend passing As an aside, my advanced copy had multiple grammatical and spelling errors Sometimes the completely wrong word was used think instead of thing or a necessary word is missing i.
e as I m hoping these get caught before the final copy gets published.
Well, that was an interesting book Ava was bullied in high school by her friends and slowly, over the years, she s determined to get revenge for herself, make them pay It starts off with little things, just to throw them, but it starts to escalate into something a lotAnd then there s no going backI really enjoyed this book, coming fully invested in Ava s little games It jumps around a bit, which can be a bit disconcerting, but this doesn t ultimately distract from overall gratification It s not totally polished, but then, being from Ava s point of view it shouldn t be She s a flawed character, not really likeable, but her story drags you in If you like psychological dramas from an imperfect characters point of view, this book might suit you 3.
5 stars rounded up.
My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Everyone Does Bad Things When No One Is WatchingMercilessly Bullied In High School, Ava Knows She Needs To Put The Past Behind Her And Move On, But She Can T Not Until She S Exacted Precise, Catastrophic Revenge On The People Who Hurt Her The MostFirst, She Watches Saanvi Flawlessly Chic And Working Hard At A Top Architectural Firm, Saanvi Has It All Together On The Surface But Everyone Does Bad Things When They Think No One Is Watching And Ava Only Wants What S Fair To Destroy Saanvi S Life The Way Her Own Was DestroyedNext, She Watches Cass She S There As Cass Tries On Wedding Dresses, She S There When Cass Picks Out A Cake, She S There When Cass Betrays Her Fianc She S The Reason Cass S Entire Future Comes Crashing Down Finally, Ava Watches Mel Mel Was Always The Ringleader And If Anyone Has To Pay, It S Her But One Tiny Slipup And Ava Realizes The Truth Mel Knows She S Being Watched, And She S Ready To Play Ava S Games To The Bitter End