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¿ The Sheikh's Virgin Princess · Download by ¶ Sarah Morgan A good story An Alpha H and a strong h who is definately not a doormat but a woman who was capable of thinking looking after herself I did feel that he should have come clean about who he was when she explained what her uncle was capable of but then I suppose by not confessing that he was the Sultan brought angst to the story.
I also had a bit of a problem with the title.
Karim is a Sultan so why is he referred to as a Sheikh Rather bland 3 star book Really seemed to drag It had a good story line, but everything seemed to fall flat and it took me almost 3 days to finish this short read A princess running for her life and a handsome sultan in disguise Sounded better than it was What s with the Sultan Sheikh thing Very enjoyable read with loving characters I wanted a better epilogue though.
Not bad The plot was interesting, but the romance could have used passion and angst injected into it I felt Alexa and Karim s feelings for each other never reached gut wrenching levels even though the chemistry between them was decent Adding to this lukewarm pot were two big plot holes that had me stretching my suspension of disbelief to the limit view spoiler 1 How could Alexa and her uncle not know what the Sultan Karim looked like, especially since he was a figurehead and her future husband They had access to media and the Internet 2 I also found it difficult to believe Alexa survived all those past assassination attempts She would have been an easy target at age 8 and beyond, with no true allies on her side I guess we are supposed to believe Alexa was just a resourceful and smart child woman Not to mention extraordinarily lucky hide spoiler This book inspired me to create an account, so that I could post a review What a fantastic book I got completely caught up in the story and could feel myself connecting emotionally to the characters and the story Alexa is incredibly brave, modern and down to earth I love her vulnerability and her strength Karim is also great He s arrogant and strong, but also completely at the whim of his attraction to Alexa Such a great book Love their trip through the desert and wish it could ve lasted longer I love that, even though Alexa was a virgin, she was not incredibly naive, incredibly young or incredibly vulnerable She was a spitfire, without being over the top aggressive or contrary.
The only thing I wish this book had is an Epilogue giving insight into their lives maybe 5 years down the line, showing progress in Ravinia, children, etc Since their relationship spanned a short time frame over the length of the book, this added chapter would ve been nice Overall, GREAT BOOK I ve been reading Harlequin Presents books since I was 13 almost 18 years ago and Sarah Morgan is one of my favorite authors.
Enjoyed the strong heroine than anything Also the threat, adventure and unpredictable plot added extra spice to the story Strongly Recommended.
Karim, Sultan Of Zangrar, Sought A Gentle, Obedient Bride What He Got Was A Defiant, Feisty Wife With Fire In Her Eyes She Couldn T Be A Virgin She Was A Rebel Princess Who Wouldn T Be Tamed She Was Hiding Secrets, Refusing To Do His Bidding The Marriage Contract Couldn T Be Broken Their Wedding Vows Had To Be Sealed And Then The Sultan Discovered Princess Alexandra Was In Fact An Innocent This was a fabulous read This story is filled with suspense, intrigue, adventure and sizzling romance Everything you could want in a romance novel Both hero and heroine are strong and independent Alexandra, the heroine is an exceptionally likeable charachter I think she s up there with my favourite romance heroines.
Strong princess in peril from her evil uncle Regent There were so many interesting plot points to this book, from the fact that only the princess , not the Sultan could call off the marriage to Princess Alexandra sparring against her prospective bodyguard and holding her own The way that her dangerous past was slowly revealed to the reader, and then to Bodyguard Karim Sultan Karim added a lot of tension.
However, I disliked that Karim didn t see anything wrong with lying to Alexa when it was so important to her to be able to trust him Also, I thought the ending was a little abrupt and he ll uncle spend the rest of his life in prison What about all those who had supported him and who had threatened the princess under his command Sarah Morgan s modern day fairytale is one of the best stories I ve read in this Harlequin line in years.
Imagine if you will, a princess of a faraway land called Rovina and then a Sultan of an even further away country, Zangrar These two people are betrothed to each other through and agreement between their fathers One is desperate for the union the other isn t.
Both hero and heroine are both stubborn and determined to get what they want As the story moves along, one finds their feelings changing, even though they are keeping things from each other during their travels courtship.
What I liked about this book The heroine though a virgin OMG there are still 24 year old virgins wasn t wishy washy as many female characters are in this predicament She was strong and tried to fight her own demons to protect herself from the danger she was in.
The hero was really the perfect prince charming.
Another plus is that the sex scenes didn t come before they were needed and they were tastefully done No throbbing spearheads of longing, thank God This book actually gave me faith that there are really some good authors writing for this line I find it heard to trust books with titles that always contain one of the following words, Virgin, Mistress, Bride, Millionaire Billionaire, Tycoon Also insert the nationality of your choice in with the Millionaire Tycoons, usually Greek or Italian.
This was a really fun and enjoyable read The perfect book to while away a boring afternoon I ll look for of Sarah Morgan s Presents novels soon.