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ñ The Santangeli Marriage ñ Download by ¶ Sara Craven Orphan Marisa Was Raised By The Wealthy Santangeli Family Their Only Demand Was That She Marry Their SonItalian Billionaire And Renowned Playboy Lorenzo Santangeli Is Expecting To Receive His Money S Worth From His Innocent Wife On Their Wedding Night But Marisa Flees How Can She Share A Bed With The Man Who Married Her Solely To Produce An Heir Lorenzo Vows To Bring His Virgin Bride Home You Do Not Say No To A Santangeli Once She S Back She Ll Be His Completely, And He Is Determined To Enjoy Every Minute Of It 2 1 2 stars A similar feel to the last Sara Craven I read, His Wedding Night Heir At least in this one she has some reason to not be trustful of him when the marriage starts, he really did have a mistress He gets his feelings hurt and treats her appallingly badly on their wedding night He then realizes that he has done a pretty unforgivable thing and compounds his error by leaving her alone instead of trying to fix it Here again she is spiteful to her husband in order to protect herself and only earns worse pain for herself as her husband retreats hurt He never figures out that a lot of her sniping is jealousy She is a little wiser though because she realizes that she is just hurting herself and goes to him and makes the marriage work while accepting that while he might not love her he does of course that at least if she acts like a wife she will have some part of him A lot of flashbacks here And thankfully a realistic ending that isn t resolved with a cute but improbable baby.
Sara Craven s The Santangeli Marriage has some of my most detested tropes, both thematically adultery, manwhore gets the virgin and style wise flashbacks, dual POVs It is a testament to the author skills as a story teller that this book did not make me want to throw up It was, instead, oddly compelling Though I did not connect with the protagonists of this tortured marriage of convenience story, I stood back and admired the way SC managed to set up the story and both characters in the first two chapters, without resorting to massive info dump, how she smoothly transitioned from present to past without abruptly pushing me out of the story, and how she conveyed similar scenes from the dueling perspectives of the protagonists without seeming repetitive.
Her books may not be my cuppa in general but I understand why she is the reigning queen of HPlandia with a devoted following I could not put this book down, which is rare for me as I have the attention span of a squirrel The ending was extremely romantic and poignant view spoiler h runs away when she finds out she is infertile and H finds her at her secret spot of a beautiful,haunted villa on the Amalfi Coast hat he has always known about and secretly bought for her, to declare his unconditional love hide spoiler Give this a total skip I can t get over how much crap she puts up with and then goes back to that piece of slime So what she can t have kids she is still a human and he should treat her better and be so forceful Another rich guy who can t keep it in his pants For once I wish the woman would cheat and he would have to deal with it Always the woman who forgives and forget Well she should have forgotten him and taken him for a total ride in court to expose him Besides, what was there for you to explain apart from the fact that you re a serial womaniser who can t keep his zip fastened That s why I ve hated H and why I didn t believe him when he said Because all the love that I have is for you I see no one else, hear no other voice, want only you He was shagging a married woman while he was supposedly in love with h Sara Craven was great writer and angst was good but unfortunately H was not redeemed There should be epic grovel Instead SC tried to convince the readers that like h and H s step motherish woman thought it was h s fault Que tipa tan idiota, tan fastidiosa, tan tediosa, tan quejona y tan imb cil De verdad que me arruin todo el libro Se supone que Marisa y Renzo se casan por un acuerdo t cito entre sus familias, pero ella resentida, hace todo lo posible por tirarle a la cara que l la compr que l la oblig que l la utiliz.
QUE ESTR S Sin importarle que Renzo haga de todo porque ella se sienta c moda, le da espacio, la trata bien, pero ella es la v ctima No dioj, no puedo con tanta martil.
Another I m a bit torn on rating 3.
5 stars I suppose.
I ve complained quite a bit about the sameness of many S.
C books and this one didn t follow the usual path No misguided vengeance for one thing, although I do love vengeance stories There was the typical SC flashback style of storytelling and a heroine who is determined to lie still and think of England because she doesn t want to be vulnerable I really do get that in the vengeance stories, but despite some very understandable reasoning being vulnerable to a womanizer the h did annoy me somewhat with her flip flopping She was very young 19 when they married and it showed She behaved like a moody teen and a foot stomping martyr at times I was torn between sympathy and wanting to tell her to suck it up No one held a gun to her head and she decided to play martyr, instead of expecting a medal and acting so bitter she should have stuck to her word and quit sulking and kicking her feet She couldn t have it both ways.
The H had negatives too of course, mostly the typical HP tycoon crap though I was a bit shocked that he had an affair with a married woman during the separation I don t like affairs during the separation period, but have learned to take them as par for the course in HP land Still double adultery I thought these guys were usually above messing with married women After all, they supposedly have an old school attitude toward the institution Meaning they can overlook a man getting some on the side, but have firm sanctimonious double standards about taking another man s property.
The ending was definitely a different SC HEA ending at least from my experience I was actually a little emotionally affected and was shocked that view spoiler there was no epilogue where the h has a miracle pregnancy Usually HP s that deal with fertility issues wrap a nice bow around it at the end So even though the H wants the h regardless, there s always that epilogue to sort of reverse the meaning behind the H s commitment spoiler hide spoiler OMG That was just awful I m sorry, but it was I wasn t sure heroine could be stupid or unbearable And so full of misconceptions I was really sorry for the hero The only reason I finished it was cause I couldn t bear to leave it hanging on me haunting I couldn t believe you could be such a hypocrite as heroine was or be so inconsistent Renzo said it right he couldn t leave her for one second for her not to invent another truth in her head The whole ordeal was like pure torture And those awful relatives first that Julia and then grandmother I wonder if they were not afraid to go to sleep, bit their tongues and die from poisoning Poor Lorenzo He definitely deserved better especially as author failed to show us why he fall in love with Marisa in the first place I think if was despite his better judgment.
This was a fairly angsty book The hero did something that angered me, but I was able to keep reading it The heroine didn t always act very mature herself But there are circumstances that made me want to keep reading and see them for flawed human beings It started when Marisa and Lorenzo s mothers were friends in boarding school They promised that their children would marry each other Years later, both Marisa and Lorenzo have this promise hanging over each other s heads Not to mention that Marisa feels indebted to Lorenzo s family for taking care of her when she is orphaned She doesn t find this out until her nasty cousin and guardian tells her after she has gone on a date with another man.
I could understand Marisa s resentment towards Lorenzo Who wants to marry a guy who clearly doesn t want her but is doing so because of a promise made between their mothers Lorenzo tries to woo her in a distant fashion, but he doesn t really show the warmth and reassurance a young, awkward girl would need Things just get worse when they get married Pretty soon, they are living apart.
That s when Lorenzo does the stupid thing that made me want to slap him He sleeps with a married lady out of hurt pride because Marisa won t take his calls or answer his letters I tried to be fair and put myself in his place, but I felt it was wrong to cheat on his wife He should have just went to England to find her and work things out Finally he does this when his father has a health scare and he gets a report that Marisa might be seeing her boss So he convinces Marisa to come back home as his wife Things really don t get better from here They are both stubborn and emotional, and don t know how to communicate It was quite frustrating to read Then we find out that Marisa might not be able to fulfill her obligations in the first place That was really painful.
I felt this was a good book, and it really did get me involved The ending is bittersweet but hopeful as they make a commitment to love each other for the rest of their lives.
I d actually give this book 3.
5 out of 5 stars.
Usually I like Craven s work, but this is the second book that I don t like The forced sex is always put me off The heroine is such a prude that she claim he didn t want him when in reality she enjoyed the sex And the way she behave, like she was forced to marry him, when in reality she s just dumb enough to defend herself She acts like she s a martyr but just play half of the role I think she is like a petulant child who won t deal with the consequences of her behaviour.
The hero is lack in control of his lust, both toward his wife and other woman Mistress when he is still married Even if they were separated, it s still unforgivable The story a little elevated towards the end, even if predictable enough But the ending is abrupt for my taste Too little explanation that left me unsatisfied Definitely not in my reread list.