Trailer à The Control Book PDF by à Peter Masters

Trailer à The Control Book PDF by à Peter Masters Peter shares many insightful theories on the nature of control and how to manage it in the context of a D s relationship As a newbie, this resource has been eyeopening The only thing I did not like was that he never provided any answers to his own questions It would have been valuable to get his perspective than leave the reader guessing.
The Control Book Is About The Fine Art Of Taking Control Of Your Partner It S About The Processes Involved, About Taking Control, Using Control, About Ensuring That You Have Control, And Importantly About Giving Control Back Once You Are Done With It The Book Discusses How This Works The Psychology Of It And Looks At What Can Go Right, And At What Can Go Wrong And How To Fix It It Considers The Role Of Authority In The Equation, And Looks At How To Manage The Control You Have Over Someone So That It Is Both Effective And Rewarding For You Both I Believe That A Very Large Part Of The Activities Which We Include Under The Umbrella Of BDSM Rely Explicitly Or Implicitly On Control Being Asserted Over One Person By Another My Goal In This Book Is To Talk About Control, Explain What It Is, Demonstrate It, Show How To Take It, How To Give It, How To Manage It, And I Want You, The Reader, To Be Aware Of The Ebb And Flow Of Control Around You And Through You No Just no.
I understand there are people who want to be controlled, and that such relationships are consensual.
But I still think it s a pathological condition to want or need to control and manipulate other people It s dehumanizing And it probably stems from a deep form of trauma.
Maybe at some point, control has been taken from those people, and they felt utterly helpless, and now need to compensate for this feeling by controlling others In any case, they should try therapy.
This is one to be re read in a couple of months Much to think about How kinky Not particularly Many do consider and define the psychological aspects of BDSM to be kinky, but you aren t going to find anything in here about any kink except the titular How sexy Not Quite dry and academic Exactly what can be expected from such a volume How informative Very The introduction does say that it s not a book for beginners, but it sure reads that way at times A lot of the info was very basic That said, it does have a lot of info that may not be commonly known to even some experienced players, so there is an argument that it is for Controllers of all levels Subs may not get much out of it, except to suggest it to their Doms Or perhaps Masters, rather than Doms, as it is very much M s based as opposed to D s How engaging Fairly The first chapter which I will go into later is slightly off topic, shall we say After that, the book is quite engaging, and I read it quickly and hungrily to the end How well executed Fairly Again, the first chapter was unnecessary and ill advised The remainder of the book is well considered, relatively thorough relative to some other texts I ve read on the topic , and I think it will be helpful to any who choose to follow it Overall reactionSorry, the first chapter really put me off A lot of theorising and posturing about Jungian psychology and neuroscience Unnecessary, as I said, and ultimately bad form If you skip the first chapter the rest is worth an extra point, but since it is included, I had to downgrade my rating read this book if you have an interest in exactly how to take control of a sub slave, how that is achieved, and how to maintain the power exchange It s exactly the scope of the book, and it does deliver, if you pay attention.
CHECK OUT MY OTHER REVIEWS wanted it to be good unfortunately pretty basic.

This is a very hands on, how to do it, why it works detailed instruction book with thought provoking questions at the end of every chapter This is not a new area of thought for me, but still there were interesting points raised in the discussion of the various chapters regarding training I d recommend this for someone just starting out as well as someone with some experience under their belt.
An insightful and clear consideration of the practicalities of Dominants dealing with control sensitive submissives in a D s relationship.
Masters writes from experience and deals with many aspects in seperate chapters The tone is never preachy Masters never claims to have definitive answers or a guaranteed way of handling any situation Instead, he sets out the area, e.
g communication puts forward how he believes the situation stands and finishes the chapter by posing general questions to provoke further thought between the Dom and their submissive Masters says he is writing for male dom female sub as that is his background, but the ideas and siturations are generic and can apply in any form of D s relationship.
Definitely one of the best self help books on this aspect of sexuality