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[ Read Online The Duck Song Ù zen PDF ] by Bryant Oden µ This is a hilariously told story of a duck who continuously tries to get grapes from a lemonade stand Oden s story would be great as an introduction to rhyming words, perhaps in kindergarten The story contains rhymes, which make it entertaining and easier for children to remember It also comes in the form of a song, which adds a musical aspect to the lesson The students can get up and have a chance to dance to the song while also listening for the rhyming words in the story.
Colorful, child like illustrations and a catchy musical component guarantee this book will be loved by a generation of kids An irrepressible duck badgers the man at the lemonade stand day after day asking Got any grapes At first, the man s response is polite, pointing out that they only sell lemonade His good humor erodes after being asked the same question every day After threatening to glue the duck to a tree, he relents and takes the duck to a store to buy him some grapes But the duck mischievously asks for lemonade instead This rhyming picture book provides loads of fun The large illustrations are perfect for a group Story Time or one on one sharing The deftly rendered pictures portray the man s range of emotions and the little duck s audacity as it continually quips Got any grapes and then waddles off Kids and parents will be humming the tune for days Every public library should stock a copy of The Duck Song on its shelves A CD is also included in the back of the book with a wide range of fun songs a lot of entertainment in one attractive package Popular books, The Duck Song Author Bryant Oden This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Duck Song , Essay By Bryant Oden Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You Okay, you know how children are attracted to repetitive and silly songs Yes, I m sure if you work with children or have children you know what I mean Even as adults we can t escape these songs, because they get stuck in your head for days The Duck Song by Bryant Oden does just that, and that s why I love it The illustrations in this book are so cute, they look like they are drawn by kids Forrest Whaley was only 14 when he animated the video I thought that was amazing I especially love the different emotions that pass over the owner s face as he gets increasingly annoyed with the duck Adorable Emerging readers will be smitten with the illustrations, and will be able to pick up on the story quickly because of the repetition.
Ready for the best part It comes with a CD Yes my friends, this is a song Your children can learn the song and then sing along with the pages in the book What is even better is that the CD holds 11 other silly songs for kids, all of which are hilariously sweet If you have children, work with children, or are just a big kid at heart, you need a copy of this book.
A duck comes upon a lemonade stand and asks if he has any grapes day after day the same thing The man always tells him no even threatens to glue him to a tree Until one day the man laughs and takes the duck to a store to buy him grapes only to have the duck tell him he doesn t want them and that lemonade sounds good It is very cute the way it rhymes and the illustrations are very colorful and bright A CD comes with the book and the first song on it is The Duck Song includes 11 other songs which tells the same story in a sing song voice Very cute You can also press a button on the cover and listen to the song.
This book came in the mail and became an instant hit in my home Not only does my 6 year old son love it, my 11 year old daughter does as well I have to admit that The Duck Song is an adorable book that I have enjoyed reading to my son many times He also loves the song it is very catchy After the story make sure to look in the back of the book for the section that explains why the duck asks the man at the lemonade stand for grapes I think that was actually my favorite part of the book The illustrations are so cute and I was impressed to find out that Forrest Whaley was only 14 years old when he animated the music to The Duck Song.
If you have little ones in your life I think this would be an excellent addition to their library I know I plan to to spread The Duck Song around this Christmas.
Author Bryant OdenIllustrator Forrest WhaleyFirst Published 2010Okay, it s the Duck Song.
That s it.
A youtube sensation transcribed into a colourful, fun children s book.
But do you know what s truly great about it It s still funny.
A Dad joke made into a youtube clip and now a book.
Our copy of the book comes with a CD containing the three Duck Songs which makes Daughter very happy and Dad leave the room.
Still, it s a funny song and a funny book.
Age read aloud 2 read yourself 5 CR I love, love, love, this book I found this book to be really cute The pictures were drawn just right I had my daughter read the book and between the song and the pictures it really pulled her in She laughed as she read it It is about a little duck who wants something that he cannot get and is so presistant about it, that he winds up making the guy selling the product upset I think this is a book that every child should have on their shelf.

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When offered the chance to review The Duck Song by Bryant Oden, I accepted because my nephews not quite 3 and almost 5 love books, and they are always appreciative when I bring them something new The book looked cute, and fun, so I was pretty excited when I got my copy I didn t know that it had originally been a bit of a big deal on youtube.
Once I got my copy, I read through it once and then brought it to my sister s to read with my nephews I was quite pleased with the book The words are repetitive and move well, making it interesting for kids to listen too and the illustrations which I understand were done by someone around 14 are bright and easy for kids to understand are something they will enjoy looking at.
My nephews are at the stage right now where they are a little bit indignant if you try to read them the same one than once When I try, I get an exasperated, We ve already read that one Ash We need a new one Get us, umm, nine It s about the same with the bed time stories They need long periods between readings So, imagine my surprise when I finish reading this one and get an immediate, read it to me again Ashley That s pretty impressive, coming from two kids under 5.
The only thing that saved me from a third read through was the CD that came with the book It has 12 kid friendly tracks on it, including The Duck Song The whole story is a song It was a song and a youtube video before it was published as a book, and apparently pretty popular on youtube It s a fun song to listen to, especially if you have kids, but I m going to warn you It has a really catchy tune and the story is simple enough you ll probably pick it up after one or two read sing throughs, and it s really hard to get out of your head once it s there Included with the book was information on the condition of the finished copies Apparently, they sing to you I think it s a great way to make the book fun for kids, especially as a way to begin reading The lyrics to the song are almost exactly what s printed with the addition of a few waddles here and there and kids can read along with the book as it sings to them How great is that So, got any grapes Mr Lemonade Stand just wants to sell some lemonade A pesky duck keeps walking up every day asking him for grapes How long will his temper hold out Will the poor, pesky duck ever get his grape I am in love with this book I found myself giggling through it from the very first page The ARC copies aren t furnished with the sound component for the book so I wasn t able to check that out, but I m betting it s as wonderful as the rest of the book In the back of the book there s a CD with several songs on it I found myself youtubing them so that I could share with my Facebook friends Though the book and songs are directed towards children, I found them hilarious and enjoyed them just as much as my son I believe I m going to be walking around singing I Gotta Pea for a few weeks From a child s perspective, the illustrations really make the book They re bright and goofy and really draw your attention There are a few sentences on most pages and they re easy enough for young readers to make out My son, who s four, loved me reading it aloud to him We enjoyed this book together than we have any other It brought smiles to both our faces.
I strongly suggest this book to any of you with young children The price is a bit much, but that s due to the sound components included as well as the CD It s a hardbound beautiful book that s well worth the price Also, they ve installed a compartment so that the batteries are replaceable, prolonging the life of your book There isn t one thing I could think of to improve this book