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[ Read Online The Death List ☆ harlequin-desire PDF ] by Paul Johnston ☆ Revenge Is Sweet Unless You Re The TargetWriter S Block Is Nothing Compared To The Sinister Assignment London Based Novelist Matt Wells Has Just Received A Chain Of Seemingly Innocent E Mails From A Devoted Fan Turns Deadly When Matt Discovers The Correspondent Is A Cold Blooded Killer With An Agenda For Murder And His Family And Friends Are Among The Scheduled VictimsUnder Close Surveillance, Matt Is Plunged Into A Plot With Twisted Than Anything He Has Used In His Novels This Is The Real Thing, And With Each Killing, The Man Known As The White Devil Tightens His Grip By Incriminating Matt At The Murder Scenes Cast Not Only As The Ghostwriter Of His Persecutor S Terrifying Story, But As The Victim, Matt Needs To Risk Everything To Protect His Loved Ones But With The Police Closing In And His Friends Being Picked Off, He Is Running Out Of Time The White Devil Is Out Thereand He S Watching REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS The Death List, written by Paul Johnston, oh boy, where to start.
This book was such a slow boring read, I couldn t believe it took me nearly 2 weeks to get through it The main character Matt just does the most illogical things given every situation he s put in As another review on here has mentioned, Matt s friends that he formerly played rugby with all happen to be beyond believable One is a super hacker, one is a multimillionaire and the other is a former SAS member The millionaire in particular greets the door mentioning how much he hates Matt and his friends, but sure he can come in and stay as long as he wants, use his cars, put his life in danger, no problem.
Matt very quickly becomes a suspect to the killings that are taking place, and not only does he give the police the run around and do nothing to help But he actively incriminates himself and his friends No one acted like real people would, which I found was an issue the entire way through the book Least of all the police officer Karen Oaten Her first brilliant policing was when a list of suspects was brought to her, two of the suspects on the list had past histories with the law and she immediately rules them out because they drink So naturally they shall not be investigated Then she is dead set that Matt can t be guilty of these murders because she thinks he s attractive, even though he was by far the most likely one to be doing all the crimes The kills couldn t hold my interest, no matter how shocking the author tried to make them Even when the author basically went so far as to say Look how shocking and gruesome these murders are, no normal author could come up with anything like this It was just a horrible mess to get through, I found nothing enjoyable except occasionally noting down all the worst parts I found in the book The twist ending if you can even really call it that seemed forced The explanation for why the accomplice was working with the guy was just nonsensical Overall, thoroughly did not enjoy this book I couldn t in good conscience recommend it to anyone My personal rating for this book Plot 2 5Characters 1 5Overall 1.
5 5 A grisly read A psychopath forces a struggling writer to fictionalize his killing spree, framing the writer to take the fall.
Under threat of death of people he loves, the novelist, sent the killer s notes, crafts them into a slasher tale Then the killer s hit list starts to expand The author s acquaintances start to die, and enlisting a band of feisty pals the writer rallies a team to fight back.
As page turners go, the story is great With every death explicitly drawn, fans of torture murder scenes probably claim it merits a five But one candle stick sodomized gruesome corpse would have been than enough for me.
A pretty basic book overblown emotions, often stated way too obviously, dumb assumptions, horrendously ham fisted romantic allusions, way too much mates would do anything for each other stuff.
Reads like it was written by a 15yo, TBH.
I love books about writers While I ve never read anything by this Scottish author before, I grabbed the book while working at the Can library because it was about a mystery writer who gets caught up in the antics of a fan turned serial killer As a writer myself okay, mostly a journalist and a wannabe author I feel a connection with books about writers, and find them particularly fun.
The story takes place in London, and is full of fun for me at least slang and colloquialisms and bits of British culture They don t detract from the story as happens sometimes, when you re trying to figure out what x means, but give it a nice richness that modern who dun its sometimes lack I find it charming when oh my god a character produces a gun So shocking in England, the land of few handguns We have very few here in Canada either, but growing up in the US gave me a jadedness about guns in crime novels that did make me laugh at this point, particularly at the shock of another character in seeing it.
I ll admit that I had the mystery accomplice figured out by a quarter of the way through the book, but that s not uncommon for me and didn t detract from the plotline either It s rare for an author to put one over on me for very long, and I don t hold it against them I did find the twists and turns in this book exciting and interesting, and it kept me up reading late into the night a couple of times, because I just had to know what happened next While this book isn t anything intellecutally engaging, it s very, very entertaining.
The Death List by Paul Johnston, published by Mira.
Category Mystery Thriller Publication Date July 2007I am often asked to recommend a British mystery This is a British mystery, but quite unlike Agatha Christie s Miss Marple.
Matt Stone Wells is a mystery writer of some fame, until he set his mysteries in Albania and no one seems to care for the setting or his characters He starts to receive fan mail that sets him on a dangerous course of murder The course is so devious that Matt cannot take his problems to the police for fear of endangering those he loves.
The White Devil has a Death List and not only includes people he would like to murder, but also friends and enemies of Matt The murders start to resemble some of the scenes from Matt s books In fact, they are almost copycat murders that are easy to spot due to thehorrific manner in which the murders take place, again not your usual mild British murder mystery There is no shortage of torture or blood.
Matt must call on his buddies to help him get to the White Devil before his friends become victims This includes his mother, his estranged wife, his daughter, and his girl friend It becomes a race against time as the White Devil has ingeniously found a way to bring all these people together in one place.
In a harrowing race against time, Matt must find the fiend before it is too late The end holds plenty of suspense and some unexpected surprises.
A good British mystery, not in the British tradition.
I am one of those people who are always looking for cheap books at stores like Dollar Tree, usually you end up with a flop but sometimes you find a real gem The Death List by Paul Johnston is one of those gems.
The book is a mystery Thriller and a real page turner I couldn t put it down its about a mystery writer named Matt Wells who is having a hard time selling his newest series He starts getting fan mail from a man going by the name of The white devil who has a death list of people who had done him wrong and also Matt s friends and family if Matt turns the While Devil into the police , and he wants Matt to write a book of his murders I don t want to give anything away, but its definitely worth a read This was a good mystery novel, but too gory for my particular taste That says nothing about the author s rendition of the story, but about my sensitivities as a reader I found myself skipping entire paragraphs that contained detailed descriptions of the injuries inflicted upon the tortured victims But I did keep reading because I wanted to see how the book ended.
I realize that this is fiction but fiction still needs to make sense And this book often did not What was supposed to be heroic I assume , I found to be ridiculous Many characters behavior was questionable at best The writing kept me at a distance I was never able to latch onto the characters and experience their emotions For instance, if a character whose viewpoint I m reading from is being tortured prior to being murdered, I expect to feel something But this read like a newspaper account I figured out the twist at the end about halfway through the book And way things came together at the end, I thought, was just plain silly This story had promise, though it never delivered.
This book is pretty action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat but it is also very gory and gruesome in some parts.