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[ Read Online The Witches of Sea-Dragon Bay ↠´ m-m-historical-romance PDF ] by Sandra Forrester ✓ This Third In A Series Of Magic And Adventure Novels, Stars Young Beatrice Bailey, Apprentice Witch, On Another Of Her Exciting Adventures The Witches Of Sea Dragon Bay Takes Beatrice And Her Friends Cyrus, Ollie, And Teddy To A Very Unusual Beach Resort, Where The Waters Are Filled With Sea Serpents And Monsters As In The Previous Beatrice Bailey Novels, Beatrice Is Continuing On Her Mission To Break The Spell Of Dally Rumpe, The Evil Sorcerer Whose Dark Powers Extend Over Many Different Realms Beatrice And Her Friends Travel In A Hot Air Balloon To The Eastern Part Of The Witches Sphere, Where Sea Dragon Bay Is Located Their Balloon Mysteriously Deflates, And They Need To Be Rescued By The Ghost Guard Several Other Ordeals Follow, All Of Them Having Mysterious Causes They Include Ollie Being Trapped In A Cellar Flooded By Rising Tide, And Beatrice Being Stalked By An Army Of Ferocious Rats Young Readers Will Keep Turning Pages Of This Fast Moving Tale, As Beatrice Meets And Overcomes A Variety Of Mysterious And Sometimes Humorous Challenges Ages MUCH better than the first book The author has found a clearer voice I could still spot a few holes in the plot and overall story, but I am considerably older than the target audience.
Genre YA, somewhat urban fantasyBook 3 in the Beatrice Bailey series More of the same At least in this book there are some new villains introduced with believable, reasonable motivations for understandable actions.
I thought the book was alright.
If you love witches,this book will be definitely for you The detail was pretty good and I could see the pictures clearly in my head.
read this when I was much younger and really enjoyed it don t remember much of it now it was a touching storyi felt i was right there on the spot watching it all happenedwhen they were in some kind of danger i felt i was also in danger fearing everything along with themI must have almost read 80 books But from all the books this i loved the most