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» The Baritone Wore Chiffon ↠´ Download by é Mark Schweizer Another funny volume in the Liturgical Mystery series In a small town in N Carolina Hayden Konig is a wealthy man who also happens to be a police chief, the choirmaster and organist at the local Episcopal church, and such a huge fan of Raymond Chandler s writing that wants nothing than to emulate his hero and is the author of truly atrocious noir mysteries The humor comes from all three of these threads As police chief he deals with some fairly oddball locals And hijinks always occur at the church in this one the church has a temporary priest whose valet is a dwarf who becomes the verger , who replaces the altar guild with a feng shui group, and who conducts a clown eucharist and an Edible Last Supper.
Then there is the murder of the baritone in York Minster which Konig is called to investigate for the Church I read this for my 2017 Reading challenge read a book recommended by a librarian PopSugar.
Hilarious I read the first Liturgical Mystery The Alto Wore Tweed , and I thought it was a cute, fun story, but this one had me laughing out loud than once Hayden s mystery novel was just spectacularly bad in this story which, hilariously, plays a part in the later part of the book The actual mystery in the story was a whodunnit surrounding an American in England, a missing diamond, a cross and a circus The actual mystery was, in my opinion, better than the mystery in the first Liturgical Mystery too And definitely not without it s humor.
The best part of the entire book was the new priest, education director, and Feng Shui Altar Guild The scene with the donkey on Palm Sunday was hilarious but even better was the Clown Eucharist The parody on Crown Him With Many Crowns had me laughing so hard I was crying If you re looking for a light hearted mystery read, this one definitely fits the bill If you ve got a background in music, it will be even better St Germaine S Police Chief, Hayden Konig, Returns In This Hilarious Sequel To THE ALTO WORE TWEED He S Beginning To Write His Second Chandler Style Who Dun It An Effort That Is Not Going As Well As He Might Wish , When He S Called To England To Help Solve A Murder At Yorkminster As The Season Of Lent Begins, There S An Interim Priest At St Barnabas A Priest With A Wife, And She Has An Agenda If The Edible Last Supper Featuring The Mary Magdalene Coffee Bar , Wasn T Enough, Hayden Also Has To Deal With A Clown Eucharist, Snakes Loose In The Church, The Fung Shui Altar Guild, And A Dwarf Verger Named Wenceslas As Easter Approaches, It Becomes Clear That The Murder In York Has Repercussions Far Exceeding The Borders Of England Two Dead Bodies And Counting Now Hayden Has Some Real ProblemsHayden Konig S Nd Mystery The Baritone Wore Chiffon It S Not What You Expectit S Even Funnier A wonderful satire poking at both the Episcopal Church and the genre of noir mystery fiction Hayden Konig is the organist and choirmaster of St Barnabas Episcopal Church in a small town near Ashville, North Carolina He is also the Chief Police Detective in St Germaine In this outing, Lent is approaching and Konig gets ready for the liturgical season by listing to the St Luke Passion of Penderecki which he feels is the musical equivalent of having your wisdom teeth pulled without Novocain But, he feels if he can make it through all 90 minutes, Lent will be a piece of cake Due to the unfortunate loss of their last interim priest see The Alto Wore Tweed , the new bishop has sent a replacement He s a retired lawyer who has just gone to seminary and is about to begin is new career saving souls The new director of Christian Education has also just been hired from a Presbyterian church and between the two of them, chaos has just begun at St Barnabas The new priest hires Mr Christopher to fung shui the church and moves the altar to the East Transept where the flow of energy is better There is an unfortunately death during a clown eucharist Peppermint is found dead with a balloon weiner dog in his mouth and the Edible Last Supper gets out of hand During all this, Konig is involved in an investigation that takes him to England, there is police work to be done in St Germaine, and he is trying to write a mystery on the same typewriter used by a famous mystery author A totally fun read.
OH, toooo funny A temporary priest takes over during Lent I can t say without spoiling it but I laughed out loud, almost to tears.
The second in Mark Schweitzer s series of liturgical mysteries is even funnier than the first, and just as engaging This is the sequel to The Alto Wore Tweed and its popularity convinced Schweitzer that he must carry on the sacred tradition of poking fun at the foibles of the Episcopal Church in a series of murder mysteries To whet the potential reader s appetite, this one features an altar guild which adopts Feng Shui as the principle for arranging the furniture in show Another hilarious story This one is complete with the Edible Last Supper Do not read this book while eating or in a quiet place you will laugh out loud

My guilty pleasure reading.
I don t want to spoil anything, but the part with the donkey had me crying, I was laughing so hard This marks the third book in this series I have read I read Soprano Wore Falsettos out of order and I have loved each of them As an Episcopalian singer myself, I can relate to much of the church goings on, which makes the books all the entertaining.
I love this series.
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