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[Soman Chainani] ☆ The School For Good And Evil 3. The Last Ever After [counselling PDF] Read Online ↠´ This book has a printing flaw At page 532, it changes to page 117 This is the same as the original page 117 It continues to page 148 After that, it changes to page 565 Therefore, this book is missing pages 533 564 and has two sets of pages from 117 148 So strange My daughter has enjoyed the book and would love to find out what happens in the missing pages.
Would I have any luck returning it and ordering a different copy or is this possibly a problem with all of the books The Riveting Third Book In The Bestselling School For Good And Evil Series A Darkly Magical Fantasy Adventure That Delivers Action, Romance And Twists Than Ever BeforeFormer Best Friends Sophie And Agatha Thought Their Fairy Tale S Ending Was Sealed When They Went Their Separate Ways, Each In The Arms Of A Boy But Their Storybook Is About To Be Rewritten, And, This Time, Theirs Isn T The Only OneWith The Girls Apart, Evil Has Taken Over And The Villains Of The Past Have Come Back To Turn The World Of Good And Evil Upside Down With The Forces Of Good In Deathly Peril, Agatha And Sophie Must Work Together To Restore Balance Will They Find Their Way To Being Friends Again And Will Their New Ending Be The Last Ever After They Ve Been Searching For If you read this book, your childhood memory will be ruined I am not kidding here this book takes a critical and deconstruction point of view on fairy tales Why the good guys always win Are the evil dudes really that evil What really happens to the good guys after they win in their story, aside from happily ever after Those questions will be answer and let s face it, not all of us are ready.
The story of The Last Ever After LEA takes place where the Evil has succeeded in overthrowing Good and becomes the only faction in the School for Good and Evil renamed School for Old and New It is up to our trio characters to find a way to stop the Evil headmaster from taking over the whole world and beyond This story takes things to a whole new level by giving a lot of exploration on the past of our main characters which was only barely scratched upon in previous books A lot of the revelations are quite shocking and I was not expecting them And even though I still prefer the story to go for the lesbian relationship, I am OK with the ending.
The tone is handled very well, going from dark and gloomy to the usual goofy and fun almost flawlessly Overall, this book is matured than the previous ones and perhaps children might be a bit cautious when going into this.
I love this book One of the best series I have read in years Definitely recommending this.

This book gets three stars exclusively because if you remove Sophie from the series or make her an actual villain, it s a great book Unfortunately, neither of those things are true Spoilers ahead Once again, everyone conveniently forgets that Sophie has done nothing but cause them misery and decides she must be saved from herself Sophie, meanwhile, is convinced she s the one who s been wronged I appreciate the attempt to show that everyone thinks they re the hero of their own story, but believing something does not make it true Sophie is surprise, surprise yet again selfish, manipulative, and impossible to like even when she s being equally manipulated by the Schoolmaster.
What s worse, once again Agatha and Tedros insist on giving her chance after chance after chance, continuing to believe she s their best friend despite all evidence to the contrary The book can tell us Sophie is why they re together all it wants, but the reality is that Sophie has done nothing but try to keep them apart I do not care how many times the narrative goes on about how Agatha wouldn t have been able to open herself up to Tedros without Sophie, it doesn t make up for Sophie caring only about herself It doesn t make her any less of a toxic presence who should be either left behind or at least asked to apologise for her behaviour and treated with a bit of caution instead of welcomed back with open arms.
I love so much of this series Agatha and Tedros are wonderful The side characters are some of my favourites, especially the coven of witches The world is fun and entertaining But Sophie or, accurately, the insistence on acting as if Sophie and Agatha are equals rather than one selfish brat and one girl who has such a low bar for friendship that she keeps going back ruins all of that.
It wouldn t have taken much to make me love this series I am a sucker for stories where the bad guys or the awkward, unloved misfits are shown to be heroes Give me Wicked or Freaks and Geeks or a good piece of meta on Slytherin any day But I cannot accept a series that says a girl who uses all of your insecurities to convince you to let her steal your boyfriend is a friend at all, let alone a best friend I cannot accept a series that allows that girl to be taken back without the slightest attempt to make amends I cannot accept that because some good accidentally came from her selfishness it s all ok If I punch you in the face and it just happens to realign your jaw, it doesn t mean my punching you was a good thing Yet that s what this series and this book in particular suggests with its incredibly flawed morality.
This book is fun, but it is not really edited very well For instance Agatha has the power to hear and grant wishes in the first book, but forgets about it in the second, and only remembers this power in the last book Then the characters slip in and out of focus, with no real depth, the action scenes are badly thought out often giving me a headache because characters disappear for large portions For instance a masked character pops up in the beginning of the book right in front of the protagonist, but disappears for several pages then saves the day What Again a fun read, but be prepared for a poorly edited book with little to no preplanning Feels like the author just sat down and wrote, but didn t go back to tighten up his ideas afterwards.