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[ Read Online The Eighth Day ☆ m-m-romance PDF ] by Dianne K. Salerni á In This Riveting Fantasy Adventure That VOYA Called Absolutely Necessary For Middle Grades, Thirteen Year Old Jax Aubrey Discovers A Secret Eighth Day With Roots Tracing Back To Arthurian Legend Fans Of Percy Jackson Will Devour This First Book In A New Series That Combines Exciting Magic And Pulse Pounding Suspense When Jax Wakes Up To A World Without Any People, He Assumes It S The Zombie Apocalypse But When He Runs Into His Eighteen Year Old Guardian, Riley Pendare, He Learns That He S Really In The Eighth Day An Extra Day Sandwiched Between Wednesday And Thursday Some People Like Jax And Riley Are Transitioners, Able To Live In All Eight Days, While Others, Including Evangeline, The Elusive Teenage Girl Who S Been Hiding In The House Next Door, Exist Only On This Special Day There S A Reason Evangeline S Hiding As The Descendant Of The Powerful Wizard Merlin, Her Magic Is Highly Sought By Corrupt Transitioners Who Want To Use Her To Destroy The Seven Day World Torn Between Protecting His New Friend And Saving The Human Race From Destruction, Jax Is Faced With An Impossible Choice Even With An Eighth Day, Time Is Running Out Be Sure To Check Out The Inquisitor S Mark, The Spellbinding Second Novel In The Eighth Day Series I went to college with this author so I wanted to see what she was writing She became a local teacher, however, I really haven t been in touch with her besides facebook, twitter, and the occasional run in As I began the book I was thinking, wow, Dianne wrote this By the time I finished it, and the other two books, the fact that I know the author was nowhere in my thoughts It is just a really good book and series I am hoping it gets picked up for additional books I really want to learn even about the characters These books are great for middle schoolers I am hoping one day I can get my high school kids away from their activities to read them, but I am not holding my breath because neither reads much for fun.
what a shame too.
it s not like I don t read enough in front of them

I ve been wanting to read this book for a LONG time, and I finally did it Love the premise so unique and compelling I enjoyed the ins and outs of what would happen with an extra day of the week squeezed in, and the Arthurian Merlin background that caused it It s supposed to be a middle grade novel for ages 8 12, but it reads on the higher end of that range it could almost be a lower end young adult read It s adventurous and the pacing keeps perking right along And the characters are great to spend a few hours with.
Imagine a day between Wednesday and Thursday, in which people are trapped, put there centuries earlier by King Arthur and his allies These are the Kin, King Arthur s adversaries and they are imprisoned in The Eighth Day to keep the rest of the world safe Imagine, too, people called Transitioners, who can move between the Normal world and this Eighth Day and who have enhanced talents to protect and help them And last, imagine a group of people who are plotting to break The Eighth Day spell, to exact revenge on King Arthur s descendants, obliterate the people of the Normal world and release the Kin in their place.
This is the central conflict in The Eighth Day, an exciting fantasy adventure by Dianne K Salerni It s a story with a simple beginning that explodes into global proportions Jax Aubrey has just turned thirteen and his parents are dead His guardian, Riley is eighteen and does not seem up to the job Jax doesn t know what to think when he wakes up in The Eighth Day, but he soon learns there is a lot going on that he doesn t understand All this starts with Evangeline, the mysterious girl next door, who is trapped in The Eighth Day All heck breaks loose when they become friends and Jax unknowingly puts many in danger.
The Eighth Day has many characters with blurred alliances and motives that cross between good and bad Despite the complexities, you don t need to be an expert on King Arthur and the players during that legendary time to enjoy this book Salerni does a great job explaining the plots and subplots and recaps the complicated developments in a way that does not seem repetitive, but is definitely appreciated.
The characters are propelled to the story s ultimate conflict in a huge battle for control of The Eighth Day Many plot twists drive the story s sometimes misunderstood characters to an exciting and shocking finish.
Although The Eighth Day is a Young Adult fantasy adventure, its themes carry adult messages Salerni poses questions of honor, loyalty and sacrifice throughout the book In addition to understanding how opposing sides work together for their own benefit, the reader must consider the question of whether it is right to sacrifice some for the survival of the masses.
I enjoyed this book very much I was glad to have it on my Kindle because it made it easy to search names and places But that s because I m many years beyond being a Young Adult