Trailer æ The Compleat Conductor PDF by æ Gunther Schuller

Trailer æ The Compleat Conductor PDF by æ Gunther Schuller Whatever valid points he makes are blunted by awkward writing, constant repitition, and a You kids stay off of my lawn tone I found it especially laughable that he recommends The Maestro Myth as a supplemental text when it, too is poorly edited and full of errors I haven t heard anything conducted by Schuller that stood out in a good way My personal feeling is that he wrote the book just to be rude to better conductors.

Schuller has got an ax to grind here, citing laundry lists of incorrect tempi from the pantheon of conductors Abbado is too fast, Bernstein too slow, Boulez too fast On and on and on, like he is piling corpses,referring that everyone is wrong, yet he is right Schuller is arrogant as well, claiming Brahms never meant that tempo,claiming how stupid conductors have been by not following what the composer had indicated If we did that, there would be little to listen to of interest within the classical canon The grand masters knew nothing of performance of their new works, they guessed at tempi many times, it has only been through continuous performance up through today that such a thing as tempi has come to be affix in a somewhat loose way Schuller knows his orchestration however with a focus upon blending of winds and strings and the problematics, like in the opening of the First Symphony of Brahms.
I had wished he would have included a new work, even one of his own would have been fantastic to discuss,i.
e the conducting problems of a new work Ravel s Daphnis Chloe is a great example which he utilizes here That work with string harmonics and virtuoso wind writing in multi layered textures is again a great example I suspect the editor perhaps cut out a chapter on Ligeti or Boulez or Babbitt He should follow up this book with another strictly devoted to music after 1945.
I am totally overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of this man s intellect and grasp of so many diverse facets of music I want to learn as much as I can about his life and work Essential Assignment for any conductor or musician read the first 100 pages at least Very opinionated, daring, but informed expos Gunther Schuller Is One Of America S Leading Contemporary Composers, Conductors, And Musicologists He Has Become Increasingly Dismayed About The Way Contemporary Orchestra Leaders Have Been Ignoring The Composer S Intentions In Playing The Basic Concert Repertory From The Mid Nineteenth Century To The Present In This Controversial New Book, Schuller Puts Forth His Own Principles Of Conducting, And Then Analyses In Detail Several Classical Masterpieces, Comparing The Composers original Notation To The Way Conductors Interpret Them Showing Ways In Which Current Orchestra And Conducting Standards Can Be Radically Improved, This Book Is An Indictment Of Contemporary Musical Trends And An Incisive Study Of The Dialogue Between Composition And Performance