↠´ The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films: A Comprehensive Account of Howard Shore's Scores, Book & CD: 1 á Download by È Doug Adams

↠´ The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films: A Comprehensive Account of Howard Shore's Scores, Book & CD: 1 á Download by È Doug Adams Howard Shore S Academy Award Winning Score For The Lord Of The Rings Has Been Hailed As Some Of The Greatest Film Music Ever Written Sweeping In Scope, It Is An Interpretation Of JRR Tolkien S Middle Earth As Music An Operatic Tapestry Of Cultures, Histories, Languages, And Peoples The Music Of The Lord Of The Rings Films Takes The Reader On An Unprecedented Journey Into The Heart Of This History Making Opus With Extensive Music Examples, original Manuscript Scores, A Rarities CD, And Fascinating Glimpses Into The Creative Process From The Composer Himself Also Included Are A Foreword By Howard Shore, An Introduction By Fran Walsh, And Sketches By John Howe And Alan Lee This is a fabulous book As a professional musician, I can testify that it s really, really rare to be able to find books that offer genuine insight into the process of composing a film score, especially because most film score manuscripts are under lock and key across the continent or world from most of us I have several books that get bogged down in things that I honestly don t find particularly important or applicable in my own composition work because they spend a lot of time just doing forensics on what are really fairly simple concepts.
This book is packed with insight, though It s got detailed explanations of thematic structure and orchestration as well as firsthand descriptions of why certain approaches, both structurally and on a smaller scale, were taken I think it really benefits from the author s close contact with the composer A lot of the books I have are by film scholars analyzing the work of a composer who is either dead or inaccessible, so you get a lot of educated guesses and often you re readingfrom the perspective of a theorist or an historian than that of a composer As a composer, I always wantinsight into the decisions made in the process of creation, and this book hasthan I could have hoped for.
Great book, though I feel as though some details may fly over your head if you re not pretty well versed in music theory there s printed sheet music that s pretty helpful in understanding the examples the author gives and thematic structure though the author touches upon Wagner s Ring, the whole operatic idea of leitmotifs is pretty complicated in application I m not sure if everyone will fully understand it on the first pass.
Fant stico libro escrito por el aclamado music logo norteamericano Doug Adams que colabor estrechamente con Howard Shore durante la composici n de las bandas sonoras de la trilog a de Peter Jackson.
En el se examinan y se analizan concienzudamente todos los temas musicales de la trilog a m s de 80 aportando numerosos ejemplos de partituras originales, algunos de ellos bocetos del mismo l piz de H.
Shore e im genes de las pel culas y de artistas como Alan Lee y John Howe.
El libro incluye un CD con temas in ditos y alternativos con m sica que no se escuch en las pel culas o versiones demo m sica que realiza el compositor antes de grabar con la orquesta , 74 minutos que suponen un fant stico viaje a trav s de la Tierra Media.
El libro est en ingl s y contiene idioma t cnico musical.
Para m s informaci n I m not a music theorist or a composer, just a soundtrack fan with long forgotten musical experience The author did a fine job bringing me back up to speed on musical terminology and tying musical concepts to story and character elements of the film He lays out motives, how they re constructed, how they relate to their subjects, how they interact, and how they develop throughout the project He also walks track by track through the entire 10 hour Complete Recordings, highlighting motives and story elements as they appear Some of this material appeared in abridged form in the liner notes, but it was collated and significantly expanded here Lyrics, pertinent insight from the composer, notes from the recording sessions, it s all here The included CD isn t absolutely essential, but it s a nice addendum with alternate cues, mock ups and an interview with the composer.
I first found this book for a research project about Shore s score, and I instantly loved it I m glad I finally bought it it occupies a special place on my bookshelf, and I keep it close at hand whenever I watch the movies Other than cataloging most of the leitmotifs Shore used, it also includes lyrics and translations for many of the choral pieces.
It fulfills its advertising Mr Adams does methodically proceed through the music Shore has written Through this, he gives new information that highlights aspects of the music that to me non musician I was not aware of I might not be a musician but am an avid listener of music and the book explains the music and highlights throughout The fact that Shaw wrote the music by theme and not for an event in the film was a major turning point for me to understand the music.
The addition of a DVD of Rarities with the book combined with a strong understanding of the music which was provided by the book was exceptional.
If you like LOR music this is an ideal companion to the music Note Shaw has transcribed his LOR music into a symphony form on DVD, available onI think.
One of the most interesting books I ve ever read the number of connections between themes is remarkable One word of caution Get the Complete Recordings of each movie if possible before purchasing The book follows the Complete Recordings track by track.
Estupendo libro con todos los temas, motivos, an lisis de la BSO.