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[Sarah Courtald] É Illustrated Tales of King Arthur (Illustrated Stories) [mary-i PDF] Read Online ô Very nice book Illustrations are colorful Better than I was expecting My son loved the book.
My oldest children, 9y, 5y, and 3y, all girls are all enjoying this book as a nightly read aloud PLEEEEEEASE, can we read just one chapter The illustrations are pretty, the story is not too mature or gory, and we appreciate the character sketches in the back to help keep them organised in our heads The 9y has already read ahead and finished the book and gives her thumbs up Beautiful book I love all the Usborne illustrated collections this is the 12th one I ve bought for my kids library The cover and printing is of a quality that reminds me of the way things used to be made, not cheap like so many books are nowadays.

Disappointed that there are so few illustrations, which is okay for children 10 12 years or older, but not as captivating for younger readers or adult storytellers.
Stories read easily But, illustrated is an exaggeration We also have the Greek Myths and Stories from Dickens, both of which have pictures on every page King Arthur has an illlustration at the beginning of each story, and is very sparse in the middle So, five stars for the readability and no stars for its darth of pictures.
I bought all these books for my 4 year old Arthur and Dickens arrived yesterday, and we ve read the entire Oliver Twist three times already but could barely drag through the first story in Arthur The Greek Myths we ve had almost a year and she just devours it to the point where I hide the book when I just can t stand to read another myth I think she would like Arthur just as much if it had the promised illustrations.
My goal has been to expose her to great and important stories while I still have some influence I think she will enjoy Arthur at about age 8 or so, when pictures become less important, but what a shame she cannot also enjoy the book now Plus, I could have bought something else with the money I spent Below are photos of three successive pages Boo on Usborne for this.
The Much Loved Legend Of King Arthur Is Brought To Life In This Stunningly Illustrated Collection, Featuring Stories Including The Sword In The Stone, Excalibur And The Last Battle Legendary Characters Such As Lancelot, Guinevere, Merlin And Are Brought To Life In Stories Specially Retold For Children