» The Persian: A Historical Novel Set in Victorian England and Persia (English Edition) µ Download by Ï Kathleen Hite Babb

» The Persian: A Historical Novel Set in Victorian England and Persia (English Edition) µ Download by Ï Kathleen Hite Babb This wonderful novel is the first, as far as I know, to deal with the early historical origins of the Baha i Faith in Persia and Victorian England in the latter years of the 19th Century It is not only well researched, but thoroughly enjoyable reading I do have to say the novel is seriously in need of copy editing it contains many spelling errors, mostly of the type Spellcheck does not catch e.
, passed for past interment for internment poured for pored and the occasional odd or inaccurate word usage or sentence construction Nevertheless, it is a monumental achievement I hope it will soon be available in other formats as well as Kindle.
Nineteenth Century England Was A Time Of Empire Building And Discovery Men Found Fame In Naming Things Never Before Named, In Bringing To Light Facts Previously Unknown It Was The Aspiration Of Many A Young Man, And Robert Manning Grayson Is No Different While On Persian Soil, He Comes Upon An Obscure Movement Whose Ardent Belief Is That Christ Has Returned With No Other Motive Than To Apprise His Countrymen Of Its Existence, The Oxford Don Gains Renown As One Of England S Foremost Authorities On The Subject But Not Without Detractors Yet This Saga Is Also About Meredith Emery, An American Who Has Left Home To Pursue A Career In Nursing And To Escape From A Personal Family Tragedy When She Is Confronted With The Possibility Of Having To Return Home, Fate Steps In Meeting Grayson, She Discovers Her Linguistic Ability And Becomes Attracted To The New Religion This Complicates Matters When The Don S Comfortable Indifference Can No Longer Remain Unchallenged What would it have been like to have lived at this time The author explores European interaction with Persia in the 1870 s, discovering the Babi movement and then traces parallel processes of the spiritual journey of the characters and the development of Persia and the Baha i Faith The characters and historical perspectives are realistic, the questions are timeless, the writing is sensitive, seamless and uplifting Well done

Lots of characters to keep track of, but all nicely pulled together with a Victorian voice most appropriate for the many decades covered It will leave you with a sense of the many undercurrents coursing through the Anglo Persian relationship in the late 19th century For those interested in the early beginnings of any major religious movement, the story is a must read as it shows the repetitive ways in which the Old, old story evolves and re presents itself, as shown through the struggles of the protagonists a American Nurse and A British Doctor and their own responses and actions when confronted with the cataclysmic soul stirring possibilities of an emerging social order which few on either end of the faith spectrum could see coming.
This novel has all the excitement of discovery of a new culture, a new religion, and the force of a new paradigm that will make you examine your own beliefs Join the journey with Grayson, Meredith, and Thurston, two English men and an American woman in Victorian England, as they search for a spellbinding truth that changes their placid approach to life to one of adventure, danger, and romance Grayson is judged for even considering giving up his heartfelt desires for success at Oxford for loyalty to those who are persecuted for their belief in a Spiritual leader who is destined to bring peace to the world What will Grayson s decision be Become a seeker yourself Pick up The Persian and you won t be able to put it down.