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✓ Read ✓ Stoic Strong: Become Mentally Unconquerable With the Ancient Philosophy of Stoicism (Confidence, Mental Toughness, Mindfulness, Happiness, Self-Discipline) (English Edition) by Marc Wolf É I have just finished reading Stoic Strong I thoroughly enjoyed this book and have decided to read it again and again This is a small book but it is packed with information and advice on what Stocism is and how to attain a peaceful and calm state of mind through the practice of Stocism It is filled with encouragement to take action and control of your mind by slowly changing your thought processes in this regard.
A quote from Socrates came to my mind on completing this book Employ your time in improving yourself by other men s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have laboured hard for.
In my opinion, Marc Wolf has done the hard work here and I have benefited from it.
Not long ago I read a book about Marcus Aurelius and wrote an article about the Stoics, besides my formation as a philosopher Consequently, I felt very familiar with the subjects involving the Stoics It is a quite interesting book, not a historical one, even though it brings a bit of history It too isn t a philosophical book The writer took some of the precepts of Stoicism along with some interesting quotes from Marcus Aurelius to write a self help kind of a book Upon each Stoic principles the author developed a self help step so that the reader feel encouraged to read and apply something from Stoicism It is a very easy book to read.
Timeless Stoic Philosophy on livingInteresting I found myself reading a book on the Stoic way of life the first day of the 2018 New Year Last year I was introduced to the Stoics by way of Ryan Holiday s, The Obstacle is the Way During the end of 2017, after reading Holiday s modern day context of the ancient masters I was intrigued and began my own journey by reading works by Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius At times I was inspired and at other times I was confused Hence when Marc Wolf requested I read and review his short book 36 pages on Stoic Strong, I was hopeful forcontext, clarity, and possibly enlightenment.
One should approach Stoic Strong as a guidebook, a tool for understanding acomplicated philosophical body of work While the book is chocked full of quotes from Marcus Aurelius Meditations, Wolf makes a good attempt to contextualize the work with methods to adopt a stoic mindset by incorporating several principles in everyday life The promised rewards of practicing the 10 principles cited in the book are happiness, contentment, and a fulfilled life of living on purpose.
My favorite quote by the author is When you discover your purpose, pursue that goal and achieve it so you can add meaning to your lifeFiguring out your purpose in life will take some time and so will clarifying your core values Keep trying new things Keep thinking about what s important to you Give yourself the gift of time and be patient as you work to figure these things out.
If you are pondering exploring the Stoics and their philosophy, I recommend you first read, Stoic Strong it is short and insightful.

Reading Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus, I was drawn to their brand of philosophy I have tried other authors, but kept coming back to Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus I could never put my finger on the reason for this That is until I read Marc s book Stoic Strong Marc has put into words the feelings and thoughts that were hard to describe or grasp for someone newly drawn to stoics I have a much better understanding of the meaning and thus, actions that are to be put into place and constantly honed in order to be stoic strong I highly recommend this book for anyone looking for information on stoic philosophy It s a quick read, but don t let that fool you It couldn t bepacked full of use full information Marc has done very well in his research and writing and has put together a very clear and concise book that one can put into daily use immediately.
It Is The Power Of The Mind To Be Unconquerable SenecaWe All Need A Philosophy To Live By A Collection Of Values And Principles That Guide Our Daily Existence Some People Turn To Religion Others Turn To Society Unfortunately, The Vast Majority Of Us Wander Through Life Blindly We Have Nothing To Guide Us On Our Journey And So We Feel Lost We Crumble When Adversity Strikes Because We Have No Weapons To Fight Against It Today Than Ever, We Must Arm Ourselves With Stoicism It Is A Philosophy Of Strength It Is The The Kyrptonite To All Our Weaknesses And Insecurities Only Once We Internalize Its Principles Will We Become Stoic StrongDiscover ThePrinciples Of Stoicism That Will Make You Mentally Unconquerable Stoicism Has Been Road Tested In The Human Mind For Thousands Of Years It Has Survived This Long Simply Because It Is Effective It Gives You One Of The Most Important Things A Person Can Have Perspective What Really Matters And What Doesnt Today Than Ever, It Can Give You A Massive Competitive Advantage Because So Few People Embody And Internalize Its Principles Set Yourself Apart As One Of The Strong Become IMMUNE To Adversity, Negative Thoughts, Fears, Emotions, And DesiresIn This Book, Youll Learn What Is Stoicism And What Does It Mean To Be Stoic Strong The Fundamentals Of StoicismHow To Become A Master Of Your ThoughtsHow To Become A Master Of Your EmotionsThe Importance Of Mindfulness And How To Practice ItTheGood Emotions In StoicismThe Power Of Embracing MinimalismThePrinciples Of Stoicism That Will Make You Mentally UnconquerableDownload Your Copy Today And Become Stronger Than You Were Yesterday