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Trailer ☆ Million-Dollar Love-Child PDF by ¾ Sarah Morgan Kimberley was absolutely pathetic she actually got back wid luc who had used her and rejected her 7 years before I was so annoyed when she confessed dat she had been wid no OM since him How pathetic can you get He did not even believe her when she told him about their son and the blackmail What had she done to deserve this Der was no misunderstanding instigated by evil mama or OW.
Heroine annoying as heck She dragged the enjoyment of this book down to 1 star She gives into instalust while her child is threatened This isn t really a romance cause the romance isn t convincing rather it s a lustmance The story takes second seat to the hero heroine s lust If one is looking for a deep romance pass this by If one is looking for a short lustmance this is the book.
Kimberley Townsend S Little Boy Is In Danger, And The Only Person Who Can Help Is His Father, Brazilian Billionaire Luc Santoro Luc Doesn T Know His Son Even Exists, And Believes Kimberley To Be A Lying Gold Digger However, He S Prepared To Give Her The Money Provided She Sleeps With Him Only Kimberley S No Longer The Naive Virgin He Bedded Years Ago And She S About To Make Him Lose Control In Ways He Never Imagined This book is somewhat sillier than most Seven years ago, Kimberley had an affair with billionaire Luc It ended, she was pregnant, and he refused to take her two phone calls or see her that one time she showed up at his office So she went home to London, bought herself a flat and a bunch of nappies with the credit cards he d given her, and settled down to raise her secret baby.
As the book opens, Kimberley has received a kidnapping threat for her son, along with a demand for 5 million dollars She flies to Brazil, and this time actually manages to get a meeting with billionaire Luc, who is still cranky about how she cleaned out the credit cards, because that was just rude Ladies spend the money BEFORE the relationship ends, not after Billionaires cancel the credit cards, THEN break up with the girl Then you could have this kind of cruel but funny scene where girlfriend goes to pay for something and the payment is declined, and the shop assistant shows her the cancelled docket and it reads declined code dumped There are probably loads of banks that would offer a credit card product like that, because rich means endless customisation opportunities and banks are jerks.
Luc doesn t believe the stuff about the son, and Kimberley s attempts to convince him are pretty half hearted, really She has a threatening letter, but it probably looks pretty amateur, so although he doesn t come out and say it, he appears to think she s written it herself Kimberley s very pretty and has red hair, but she s not too bright Although neither is Luc, really However, Luc is prepared to give Kimberley her 5 million, in exchange for some sexy times.
Kimberley spends too long being outraged by this suggestion 5 million is really a lot of money and when you say that you re prepared to do anything for it, surely you must have had some idea that anything might turn out involve sex Maybe even some quite freaky stuff that could be anything from mildly uncomfortable to downright unpleasant I mean, it would make sense if she was pretty surprised by the whole thing, given the way the breakup turned out, and maybe she d gone in there thinking that she could come up with some sort of repayment plan, but have sex with me on my private island for two weeks is actually a pretty light sentence Plus several pages of outrage after you ve flown 12 hours and are convinced that this the only way you ll save your son A better answer would have been fine, on the desk or on the floor Kimberley and Luc enjoy their 2 weeks of sex and a little bit of mild kink The whole point of their relationship is that all he really wants to do is go to bed with her, and I m never really convinced that he finds anything else about her interesting Luc s the type of guy who barks out commands and listens to about one word in ten, and gets away with it because he s rich and hot There s also this kind of innocence behind his simplistic view of the world, and there s enough hints that he s into her than he realises for this to be vaguely endearing rather than completely irritating.
Kimberley s frustrated that he won t talk to her about his past because she thinks that knowing how he grew up will help The magic of backstory Revelations equal intimacy A sad childhood not only explains but excuses all the bad stuff She s all about how she s in love with him and miserable because he doesn t want anything else but sex, and she can t resist him because the sex is just too good, even though she should resist him because that s all he wants and she wants Honestly, I can get this emotionally fraught about whether or not to buy an ipad mini, so I m not really convinced that her anguish is such a big deal.
When the two weeks are up, Luc takes Kimberley back to London and is completely flummoxed to discover that the son does in fact exist They then have a repeat of the conversation from the beginning of the book about how she should have tried harder to tell him, because having his baby and not telling him is a big deal There s one excuse for a secret baby you ve been impregnated by Darth Vader If a romance heroine is seriously convinced her baby s father is going to raise the child evil, then she is duty bound to keep it secret If she somehow finds out that he s not Darth Vader, she should apologise, and attempt to reasonably point out how she came to mistake him for the villain, without coming across as too insane and defensive.
Anything else is pretty tricky to justify, because discounting all the other important stuff about family and relationships, secret baby is bad manners Sure, a heroine can be massively irritated and not tell him for a little while, but not telling him at all, or waiting until the child is in danger or needs a blood transfusion or something that s pretty low If the hero is not Darth Vader and has really cut off contact, then some sort of vague form letter, sent at monthly intervals to his last known address, is probably sufficient evidence that she s at least made an attempt Something along the lines of Dear X, we have important unfinished relationship business that must be discussed, but that I feel should not be disclosed in this letter Please contact me at address at your earliest convenience Sincerely, Y sent at regular intervals would barely fulfil the obligation.
The son at least gives them something to talk about, so along with the sex it all sort of works out to be a relationship, and he is a billionaire with his own island and plane, which is nothing to be sneezed at.
This book is apparently about how important it is to have college education Heroine is as na ve now as she was when she was eighteen and met hero for the first time She is not able to think straight when it comes to blackmailer and the whole probable abduction situation Who pays ransom for probable abduction That s just ridiculous I m definitely in the wrong kind of business if you can get money as easily as this And how can you transfer money into account when you have no name of the receiver And last time I checked money transfers were traceable And how could Luc made that transfer and didn t see whose account it was Well, may be it is different in Brazil and GB, but I m not buying it Everything seems like some kind of retarded fairy tale As I was not buying that mother didn t have a single picture of a child checked what year the book was published and wondered if there were smartphones around in 2006 even if she saw him everyday No photo shoots in six years Really Especially if you are going to another part of the world to ask child s father for the money Wouldn t he need a proof that you really had him Ok, no pics Why not birth certificate then She arrives at his door empty handed and then complains that he doesn t believe her I would not believe her too if I were him Especially after learning how wealthy he is I now wonder if he was a self made man how old was he I don t remember his age being mentioned but he had transatlantic company with offices in all major cities Was that May December relationship then The blackmailer was another unclear thing Why wait seven years He didn t have anything better to do That must be a big grudge he held, unless he was in prison for those seven years Did Luc put him in prison and not just fired him That could do the trick But he was really stupid Was paid 5M and then came back for after just six weeks He knew Luc was around and Rio was well protected now but still chose to ask for He should have really thought her stupid enough And well she kinda was Couldn t think straight for one minute.
Another interesting question that bothered me how you can buy a flat with a credit card I just can t get my head around that one Shouldn t there be a limit on spending Or how can you pay such a big sum with other person s credit card Shouldn t they ask for your ID He saw her spending so much money and never bothered to check what she spent them on How can you manage that Closed the left side of the bill with one hand and left only numbers Well, all those things just spoiled it for me Even hero being possessive caveman was not as disturbing as all this stuff.
I loved the sexy possessive hero and the love scenes were full of passion I wish there was an epilogue with cute babies.
It was a good read,the story was good,the tension anger Kimberly s desperation,pain hurt love for Rio Luc had me glued till the end,Luc wanted tos mack him in the head with something very heavy his I am squeaky clean fault lies with world attitude frustrated me,from my POV both Luc Kimberly still had to work on trust and understanding part of their relationship cause even after coming such a long way yet again Kimberly hides the blackmailing call from Luc and Luc jumps to conclusion,once his mind is calm he gets to his senses but fact remains he jumped to conclusionFor me the story would have been a lot better if that 2 weeks deal ended soon or in between Luc s finds out about he fathered a child and Kimberly was telling the truth all along and rest book wanted to see Luc grovel but sadly we get no grovelling or even regret from Luc which disappointed me,wanted to see Kimberly stronger Overall i enjoyed the second half of the book Recommend it

It s sort of strange that I hold Sarah Morgan up as a Presents author that I want everyone to aspire to when I don t actually like so many of her titles I think it s because when I get one of hers that I love, it s exactly right, but then when I get one that doesn t work for me, I m actually harder on it than I would have been if it were a random one I grabbed from the library.
Alas, this is one of the ones that didn t work for me at all It s a secret baby book, which I don t always hate, but then the hero blackmails the heroine into sex because he doesn t believe her that she s being blackmailed over the secret baby, and it s just a mess from there Oh well Onto the next.
The h is being blackmailed with harm to her son She goes to the H, who is the seekrit daddy, to ask for help He dumped her years earlier when he was getting too involved with her and when she tried to tell him she was preggers he refused to talk to her and made her leave the country They wind up in an affair again and then he follows her home and finds out about his son He wants marriage, but he has to work for it this time around and the highlight of this story for me was when she hands him an itemized list of receipts for the money she spent while using his credit card, like buying a flat and caring for her son after he dumped her In a heartwarming symbol of his devotion, he compliments her on her investment skills as the flat has appreciated in value He also felt ashamed that his other GF s spent than she did on their wardrobes and she felt she had to keep an accounting Needless to say he proves his true love with bells on and HEA all around Good story and the H comes along nicely from alphaholeness I loved her requirements for his learning new words like compromise, flexiblity and also that he couldn t spend all his time with her in bed.
The grovel and explanation at the end lifted this from a two star to a three star rating Hero was a caveman at the beginning and progressed to human quite nicely SM did a great job with his characterization The heroine on the hand Her six year old son is being threatened in London and she takes off to Brazil to get the ransom blackmail money and stays for two weeks having scorching sex with the hero I just couldn t believe she could park her anxiety and concern about her only child s safety like that So throughout the middle of the story, all I could think of was what about the son Is he all right The other shoe is going to drop.
Probably not where the author wanted my attention focused.
Another mark against the heroine there is no excuse not to tell the hero he has a son until he is in danger of being kidnapped I can see being in a sleep deprived snit for a year or two but six years